Off Topic: What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

Very simple question — what did you want to be when you grew up? And did you achieve it? Are you in the process of achieving it, or did you take your life on a completely different tangent?

When I was a kid it changed constantly. For a long time I wanted to be a professional football player — but I was never anywhere close to good enough.

Then I wanted to be a pirate. Mostly because I spent a massive majority of my time playing and replaying Monkey Island.

And finally, by the time I became a weird, moody intense teenager I wanted to be a writer. I feel kinda lucky that I somehow managed to get there in some shape or form.

What about you guys and girls?


    A principal. Or a caterpillar.

      Late serious answer.

      I've always wanted to be a writer but never known what I wanted to write. So high school and university were experiments with different writing styles. Turns out that was all pointless because Doc and Shiggy asked me to write for Potaku and I realised that's what I enjoy the most. :P

      Always be yourself, unless you can be a Unicorn. Then be a Unicorn.

    Always wanted to be a vet, or work in a zoo.
    When I got older and realised how much school I had to do to achieve this, I gave up :P

    I wanted to work in a zoo.... or with food.

    Wish i could have combined the two, but now I'm just lost :P

      Just go to the zoo, stick your arm in the lion's cage, and you've made it! You made it! ;)

    I'm kinda torn between being a game dev, Web designer and a computer repairman.

      I went between actor and game dev. At the moment game dev's the only one i'm making progress on :P

        I wanted to be a game dev since i was 12. Became a game dev and found that I enjoy playing games a lot more than i do than dealing with the politics of game development world.

        Being a system admin and webcomic artist are good enough for the time being.

          I'm making my first game in Unity, It's so easy to learn it should be illegal. I think my first game is very generic and won't be successful at all, but it's so nice to know that I've actually made one (almost)!

          At the moment I'm finding making games more enjoyable than playing them, but that might just be the initial rush of excitement that comes with learning something new.

          If anybody wants to develop games and has no idea where to start, it has never been easier than it is right now to have a crack at it. Pick up Unity, or gamemaker or Construct2 or flash and have a go.

            Well I've started making my first game in RPG maker. It's really easy to use because you don't actually need to know much code. The only thing I've found annoying is that it limits the tile-sets.

            Its definately better to work on your own projects (I still code my own projects). It is much more difficult to work in a team with deadlines and explaining to investors why you are taking so long.
            It is very easy these days for independants to release their games as Apps, or via Steam etc. so there are many avenues to do it.

      I wanted to be a game dev when I grew up.

      I grew up and became a game dev.

      There's not a lot of people out there that can genuinely say they are in the profession they wanted to be in as a kid, but I can genuinely say that.

    To be honest, I wanted to be a game developer, either artist or programmer. Got my dream job at 24, but then the industry kinda died in Aus. So now I'm just a regular programmer, who does game jams on the side. Job stability is nice tho :)

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      Ditto, though it's been super tough having to kind of let go of the dream. Plus I only learnt how to program so that I could make games. It's kind of boring without that end goal.

    When I was a kid, I wanted to be an AFL footballer, then when I was a teenager, I wanted to be a writer...
    Now... I don't know what I want to be....


        I've decided that if my partner and/or family ever die under tragic circumstances while I'm under 40, that's what I will do.

        Hopefully it wouldn't be too long before the realization that vigilante detective work is really risky and difficult and morally unsound kicks in and I'd stop pitying myself and grow up and move on.

          I actually became Batman.

          No super criminals, so it was really really really boring.

            I dunno man. The best part of any of the movies is when the folks playing as you get to show how awesome you are by beating the snot out of and terrifying hapless mooks. I mean, I always figured the hapless mooks are the mudcake in the mudcake, supervillains are the icing; icing being the only part you see from the outside, but not the bulk of the job.

    When I was a kid I had developed a talent for speaking and I liked arguments. I became aware that lawyers made a lot of money, and the applicable job skills seemed to be the ability to talk a lot and be good at arguing. Putting this information together, I decided I wanted to be a lawyer.

    Of course, I was terrible at doing school things, I hated homework, never applied myself, etc. I was tremendously lazy and I'm probably a lot dumber than I think I am. Naturally, I didn't get the grades needed to study law. In fact when I did study at university I continued to fail to apply myself and ultimately dropped out for financial reasons. I hope if I was studying something I was actually interested in I would have tried harder to support myself with part time work and been able to afford to keep studying, but it's hard to know for sure.

    After drifting aimlessly for a few years I wound up in insurance, and now I do liability claims, where most of my job is probably similar to the work lawyers do, just less complex and I don't have to account for my time as stringently. Since a bunch of people who actually finish their law degrees wind up hating the work and fall into insurance anyway, I feel like I'm as close to my goal as I would have been even if I had followed a different path.

    I'd like to earn a shitload more money though.

    Interestingly enough, I was at court yesterday and ran into a guy I'd known at university back in 2001 who was doing a combined Health/Law degree. He's my age (30) and has aleady been a barrister for 4 years now. I congratulated him on his accomplishments, but he didn't seem to think they were all that noteworthy.

    Success is relative, I suppose.

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    When I was a kid I wanted to be a fighter pilot.
    Then in year ten I found out that my eyes were irreparably fucked... & I just stopped caring about school anymore.
    I barely passed year 12, & went to work in retail.

    Now I don't know what I want to do... but it isn't this.

      You have a job?
      I managed to work my way up from cleaning toilets to filing away paperwork.

      I think I preferred cleaning toilets :-/

    When I was a kid, I wanted to be a vet. Until the day I wandered into the back room at the local vet, saw a dog on the operating table, and realised it involved cutting animals open.

    These days the desire (I hesitate to say dream) to do game dev is still there, but I'm not really a fan of the industry and career possibilities. Eh, still work in I.T, just need to start a personal project in my spare time for a bit of fun.

    Archaeologist. Until I meet one, and he was nothing like Indiana Jones.

    I wanted to be... a lumberjack.

      That's OK

        Sleeping all night and working all day.
        Yeah the good life.

      I cut down trees, I eat my lunch... :D



    Or a writer.

      Hellooooo Indy!

        That movie had a profound effect on my childhood. :P

          I wanted to be a time travelling teen with a crazy old scientist buddy. :D

    I wanted to be an artist, but it is difficult to get work in that field. I am currently a civil engineering student.

    My Dad. He was a firefighter and saved peoples lives. Before that he was in vietnam working rescue services. His mate told me a story about how they flew in two rescue choppers to rescue some downed flight crew and were themselves shot down. Said it took ten minutes for the first chopper to circle back around safely to evac them. In that time they had to hide and pray they werent killed. Told me my Dad saved him by shooting someone who was shooting at him. *Edit* My father was not a soldier as per se, just rescue services and not used to shooting at people, it's not something he's proud of but something he knew he had to do being put in that situation *finish edit* It's something my Dads never talked about but my mother and I have extensively. My Dad saved lives all his life in one way or another and has major ptsd hes never let conquer him. At 36 I STILL hope I grow up to be half the man he is to me and my family.

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    Archaeologist. Then after seeing Jurassic Park Paleontologist.

    I wanted to be a cartoonist.

    I'm not a cartoonist but I still draw occasionally for fun.

    I don't think I ever wanted to be something as a kid.

    I guess that would explain my directionless meandering through life.

      Some of the best discoveries were made by accident. Maybe you'll meander your way into something awesome.

        If you look into it, infact most of the major discoveries were in some way shape or form 'stumbled upon' :) it's awesome to find out the ways in which they were. Einstein was a classic for it.

    A storyteller, the medium has varied, author having the most stating power likely by virtue of it being storytelling in one of its purest forms. Still want to be that when I grow up (do we ever stop? :P). I love stories, and would love to impart them.
    And I do sleep science... soooo... not exactly... for the moment.

    Staying power ^
    Off to a good start >_>

    Wanted to be a range of things, carpenter, athlete, movie star, work in games and more. But at 23 still trying to figure out what to do.

      My grandfather was a carpenter and my dad has recently taken it up as a hobby. I was always fond of woodworking and joinery. It seems to be in our blood. Maybe when I'm 50 I'll suddenly throw off my corporate shackles and start handcrafting furniture.

      Hopefully Potaku either opens up some doors or turns into a thing :)

        Id love it to but if it doesn't, I won't be upset because it's been fun the entire time.

          Awesome attitude!

          But seriously, the difference between ShiggyHost in series one and ShiggyHost last series (I'm behind ok> BACK OFF!) is substantial. :D

          You seem to be really happy doing all that stuff which is a good image :)

          Keep at it, man :)

            Thanks bro! Means a lot. When you gonna be doing more comic stuff, I miss it!

              When @doc_what is free to help

                You need my help on articles?

                  Huh? I see. Yeah no. I misunderstood his question.

                The other stuff, as of last night I have free time again so I will look over your stuff!

      Well, if Harrison Ford and Jesus are anything to go by then Carpentry is a pretty rock-solid place to start a career.

    Computer Programmer... got laughed at for that in primary school... haha

    Then changed to wanting to be a Computer Technician... and now I am... lol

    I wanted to be a WRITER \o/

    Maybe one day.

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      But I think some things are more important than vocation. And I think I've always know that. I just wanted to be a good person. While the definition of that has changed from valiant hero-type to decent husband and provider, I think the underlying concept is the same, and I'm by-and-large being true to the dreams of that kid I once was.

        That's really nice. I honestly wish more people had ambitions to just be decent human beings.

        I live by that, being a good person I mean.
        But there is a big hole in my life creatively that I need to fill.

          I couldn't live without my writing, man. That's a science fact.

    I've always just wanted to know how things work and be able to fix stuff. I considered becoming a doctor, but developed a squeemishness in my teens. So I became an engineer and qualified scientician instead. I still wish I knew how more things worked and that I could fix more things, but I'm getting there.

    Paleontologist. Dinosaurs are rad.

    Wanted to do Law for a while in high school because of the Ace Attorney games ;D

      Aren't you studying business?

        And the dinosaurs who wrote our economic principles.

        Yeah but only because I still don't know what to do and Business is pretty broad and general.

      Paleontologist. Dinosaurs are rad.
      Also dabbled with the idea of archeology or marine biology
      But really had no idea so just drifted through high school and ended up with a "Well I might as well do something with computers"

        'Is anybody here a marine biologist?'

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