Oh, Here's The First Ender's Game Trailer...

I know very little of Orson Scott Card. In fact, what little I do know about him is limited to video games — his work on Shadow Complex and a handful of other titles. His Ender's Game series, however, is apparently a big deal. And the upcoming movie based on that series of books will most likely also be a big deal — so I thought you guys might like to check out the trailer.

Despite going in with zero pre-knowledge of the books this trailer, and the premise of the story, seems quite interesting. Also — Harrison Ford.


    Not sure if want…

    I just have a feeling this is going to be one of those "You'll enjoy it more if you hadn't read the books" sort of things.

    Not really seeing anything there we haven't seen before. Chosen one. Alien race. Hard questions over using children for adult tasks etc. Could be a good movie. I keep hearing the books are good? Just the trailer does nothing for me. It probably would had I read the book I guess, but it just felt like an over-cgi'd kids movie tbh.

      The book explores some interesting themes, but I don't know how well they'll carry over to the movie. It kind of is Harry Potter in space.

      The problem is going to be that everyone who's worked on scifi TV or movies in the last 30 or so years has read Ender's Game, and its themes and story twists have been used quite a few times. I have to wonder if the movie is too late to the party, because I don't think anything in it will surprise someone who's watched the Stargate series, for example.

        Which is indeed a more than valid point. A lot of themes from various excellent books have made their ways into other 'original' properties on television now making the original source materials less 'shocking'. Not QUITE the same but The Walking Dead for instance, I told someone about the original Romero movies, we watched Day of the Dead together and they told me 'the walking dead did it better'. I had to bite my tongue, then said 'yes but Romero did it nearly 30 years ago'. However, because TWD now does it on tv (and in the comics) for the mass market on television gaining more exposure than a niche movie (or book in this case, though I get Enders game is probably a little more than Niche) the themes and content are likely to be given exposure a little more and thus diluted a bit more for the audience at large.

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          I had to physically restrain myself from hacking your account, finding out who you are, searching your friends list on facebook for likely suspects and punching them in the face for that 'did it better' comment :P

          Pretty funny though. It really gets on my nerves when something rides on the success of earlier content. Not so much that I have anything against the likes of TWD. More I have something against ignorant consumers. ;)

            lol I agree. Don't worry I lectured the moron on how Romero, Tom Savini and others such as Dario Argento paved the way for shows such as The Walking Dead to even exist. Even down to the extend that without Romero, Greg Nicotero wouldn't be in the industry to work on The Walking Dead and the show wouldn't be around as KnB FX wouldn't be there making it look like it does :) They're a little more educated now lol.

      I don't know how the movie will interpret things but I really don't see it as a childrens story.

        I'm going by the trailer.

          Yeah I know, I just thought I'd reassure you.

            Ah ok no worries :) I've learnt in my old age never to judge a book by its cover, or a movie by a bad or average trailer (my opinion, not fact), so now I prefer to actually see the whole movie instead as I've seen *plenty* of movies that pleasantly surprised me after they have shockingly average or bad trailers in my opinion. So I'll definitely see it.

      Depending on how the movie plays out in regards to the book, it could actually be quite a dark movie, there were a few changes to the book such as teens instead of under-10s probably so that they can explore those themes more fully. The trailer does (in my opinion) a great job of depicting scenes on a far grander scale than the book was able to. It remains to be seen if the trailer represents a desire to take our money or to hype us for a genuinely good film.

      I would recommend getting a copy of the book and reading it through, it is relatively short and while nowadays the themes and story will seem a bit like beating a dead horse, Ender's Game was released before they became overly popularized.

        I'll see the movie first. My little boy saw the trailer and told me he wants to see it. If I read the book first chances are I'll see it and dislike it based on the fact that no movie ever truly lives up to the book unless you're Frank Darabont making a Stephen King movie lol. After we see it I'll read the book ;) Promise.

          +1 to Darabont but yeh, will agree with you on the movie/novel front it rarely works. EG read very much like a blueprint or first draft for future sci-fi themes etc. You can now, in retrospect, see the beginnings but they were indelicately handled through the book and lacked something I can't quite place that today's authors/screenwriters have managed to refine.

          You might want to read the book first to work out whether you want to take your little boy along to that one.

          There's some pretty disturbing/mature themes/scenes that might not be appropriate for certain ages.

            He's 9 years old and has sat through some already hefty movies. It's being rated Pg13 in America, i.e. Parental guidance. We recently sat through STAND BY ME together, which has some heavy as hell tones to it, he asked me all about the movie, from why the boys wanted to see a dead body to why the boy was dead. I think the primary thing a lot of people fail to do when their children watch a topical movie is to talk to them after, this goes for games and books as well, as the childs mind is usually buzzing with questions that need to be answered or sorted.

              I totally agree, just wanted to give you a heads up. If they're faithful to the book in this movie adaptation then I just wanted to make the point that just because this is a story ABOUT children, it's not necessarily FOR children. Harry Potter, this is not :)

                A fair point, I'll read some reviews etc before we do :) Ta.

    Wow. I didn't know if it could be made into a movie, but that looks pretty good. I'll definitely be checking this out.

    Hailee Steinfeld... she was brilliant in the Coens' version of True Grit.

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    getting tired of seeing the same damn font in every movie.

    one of my favourite books - very pumped for this, even though i think harrison ford is miscast.
    cant wait to see the formics up close :)
    i hope they stop at this one though - the rest of the books (except for enders shadow) were pretty crap

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    I had such high hopes for this movie, but that trailer does not inspire confidence... Why does everything have to become a brainless multimillion dollar action blockbuster? Hollywood need to stop corrupting good stories and start writing their own.

    I can't imagine them being true to the book without an MA+ rating. Ender is violent.
    Before he's even made it to Battle School he's beat a class-mate to such a bloody pulp that he never recovers and "accidentally" broken another kid's arm. At Battle School he fights another kid, implanting the kid's nose into his brain, killing him. And this is child vs child violence!
    One of the most important aspects of Ender's character is him recognising himself as a violent monster and being ashamed of it, but feeling he doesn't have a choice about it.
    I just can't see the film doing justice to what is actually a surprisingly adult book.

    Edited for spoiler tags. Sorry. Now go read a 30 years old classic of science fiction already!

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    The Enemy's gate is Down!

    Could you compare the book to something else tonally? It's sounding a bit like the Hunger Games in space from the other comments here, and the trailer kinda supports that. Does that sound accurate?

      I never read the hunger games books, so I can't really comment on those. Ender's game (the book) is definitely a hell of a lot darker than the hunger gaves movie.

      If the movie stays true to the book, it'd probably be similarish in tone to Pan's Labyrinth (the real world parts of it anyhow, less bizarre fantasy) or Children of Men. The hegemony is not a happy place, and the book has brutal violence in it.

    You know, I'm not sure whether I should be pleased that they remembered Ben Kingsley's character is Maori, or annoyed that they apparently couldn't find an actor of Maori extraction to play him.

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