One Does Not Simply Screw Up A LEGO Set This Badly

One of the newest playsets in LEGO's Lord of the Rings line is the Council of Elrond. A key moment in the events of the trilogy, it's notable not just because it brings the Fellowship of the Ring together, but because the internet has transformed one line into perhaps the series' most memorable.

It's crazy, then, that LEGO's set immortalising the Council doesn't include a Boromir figure. I mean, on the bright side, it does include a mechanism where Gimli can be thrown backwards after trying to whack the Ring with his axe, but that's small consolation for the lack of a contemplative Boromir.

Those happy to have Arwen and Elrond in his stead, the set is going for $US30.

The Lord of the Rings 79006: The Council of Elrond [Review] [Brothers Brick]


    one does not simply get charged $30 for Lego in Australia

    One does not simply provide Lego with free advertising and call it "news".

    I for one, would have welcomed a Sean Bean lego man.

      If I got myself a Sean Bean lego man I would endeavor to collect lego again in order to re-enact all of Seans movie deaths over the past 2 decades. I would then need a video camera and recording equipment O_o

    Author seems to have failed to notice that most of the fellowship are not included. Like Gandalf.

    Ah don't be mean to poor Lukey, this article brought to my attention a great injustice. Boromir just happens to be my favourite character of the Fellowship, since Sean Bean is just fantastic. How could these lego makers do something so heinous as to leave him out?
    I'll tell you what: Sean Bean is probably in his mansion somewhere, lord of the rings and Game of Thrones posters all over his wall, an open lego box in front of him. Tears stream from Sean's eyes as he notices there is Arwen and Elrond, but no Boromir. I'm sorry Sean, i'm so sorry they ruined your birthday party.

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