Ouya Will Be At E3 … In The Parking Lot

Ouya Will Be At E3 … In The Parking Lot

Ouya, the crowdfunded Android gaming console, will be in Los Angeles during E3, but it won’t technically be at E3. That’s because its booth will be in “a parking lot directly across from the Convention Center’s South Hall”. Is it this one?

That’s according to a message sent to Ouya developers by the company’s head of developer relations. It’s an offer to them to “provide everything you’ll need to put on a killer game demo — Ouya console … check; controllers … check; TV … check.

“You’ll be able to demo your games to media, E3 attendees, and random people on the street,” she added. “Ouya’s E3 location will be 100 per cent open to the public.”

Ouya’s unorthodox, unofficial E3 presence is part of a trend of big names either ignoring or minimising their presence at North America’s big industry conference. On Friday, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime announced that several unreleased Wii U games will be playable at Best Buy locations across the US during the week of E3, following news that the console maker wasn’t doing its traditional pre-show news conference. 2K Games won’t have a booth at the expo at all.

Ouya Booth to be Open to the Public in a Parking Lot Outside of E3 [Joystiq]


  • Is it just me who think ouya is a very big gamble and highly likely to be a huge mistake?

    • All new ideas and products are a gamble….. if they weren’t, then everyone would be doing them.

      I wouldn’t say that it is likely to be a huge mistake, however.
      A $99 Tegra3 Android gaming console? Which upon launch already has access to the entire lineup of android games and software?
      And keep in mind that many Android games have already surpassed PS2 levels of graphics, and are in between PS2/PS3 levels currently. I’ve played N.O.V.A 3 with a PS3 controller at 1080p with my phone connected to a TV via HDMI, and I will say it is damn near console level of gaming.
      I’m very much looking forward to where this is going to take gaming in the future! [Keep in mind also that N.O.V.A 3 is a $7 game!]

      • Maybe I don’t understand the line up part.

        Mobile phones, we all have them and like you said you are already playing the games now anyway. Are you going to spend another 99 bux?

        If by line up you mean ready to play don’t need to pay, then I see the appeal, though what about future releases?

        • First, yes we all have mobile phones but we *don’t* all have phones with HDMI out and PS3 controller support. [In fact, I don’t either any more…. last phone was a Moto Atrix, now have a Nexus 4. Additionally, PS3 support requires root, but I digress].
          There are many games coming out now which are quite good, but I think, gee, this game either/or doesn’t work with touch controls or would be so much better with a controller and a TV.

          Also, we cannot look at the Ouya from the standpoint of “a phone without the *phone* part”. While yes, currently Google Play is an app store which runs on phones and tablets, it doesn’t *HAVE* to be like this.
          Most importantly, what the Ouya is is a gaming machine which happens to run Android and takes advantage of the “App store” way of doing things.

          The argument of “I have a phone, why should I buy the Ouya?”, while technically valid, is sort of missing the point of the unit. That being, it’s not supposed to replace/compete with phone gaming, it’s, in a way, supposed to replace/compete with console gaming. It just so happens to run the same O/S and hardware as many phones.

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