Patton Oswalt's Amazing Star Wars Episode VII Rant, Brought To Life

The totally improvised, seven-and-a-half minute filibuster from an episode of NBC's Parks & Recreation last month, in which Patton Oswalt outlines his vision of Star Wars: Episode VII (with Marvel crossovers) could not possibly have been more perfect, could it? Well, yes, it could, actually...

YouTube video uploaded by iZacLess


    This is done by a friend of mine on Facebook, will make sure to link this to him! Should get a kick out of this :D

    *Edit* Just posted it on his fb page, thanks for putting this up Kotaku!!!

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      Our main man Isaac, one of the original GG forums finest. Top bloke to boot.

        Yeppers indeed :D the GG forums may have turned to shit, but us oldies live on :) You're on the TWT facebook page?

          Yeah, but I don't really use it much. Will often pipe in with a comment/joke on an image or something that catches my eye.

    This is really good for improv.... But my inner nerd wants to point out so many issues with it

      What are you talking about? If Disney doesn't do this, they're clearly insane.

    I like how deadpool sneakily pops up when he's talking bout greek gods.

    This couldn't be worse than the planned one movie per year thing.

    I would legit pay money to watch this at imax, in 3D, with a large number of beers.

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