PC FIFA Won’t Get EA Sports’ Next-Gen Engine

PC FIFA Won’t Get EA Sports’ Next-Gen Engine

Sorry, Master Race. That superduper Ignite Engine that EA Sports is bringing to its next-generation games? Yeah, it’s not going to power any upcoming PC version of FIFA. That’s per FIFA community manager Rob Hodson, who had this to say on Twitter.

Naturally, PC gamers did not react well.

The truth is that PC has been a dying sports constituency for years, primarily in North America. Of licensed sports simulation titles, the ones folks commonly associate with the genre, F1 2012, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, FIFA 13, NBA 2K13 and MLB 2K12 published for PC last year. (MLB 2K13 did not have a PC version this year.)

Madden NFL elected to stop publishing on PC back in 2008, a choice that’s marked the platform’s declining relevance in sports. Since then what strength it does have in the genre lies largely in management simulations like Football Manager, Out of the Park Baseball or Sega’s MLB Manager Online.

FIFA 14 on PS4 and Xbox One uses the fancy new Ignite Engine – but the PC version doesn’t [Eurogamer]


    • “The truth is that PC has been a dying sports constituency for years, primarily in North America.” Opinion from the article but pretty relevant I’d have thought.

      Have new feature. New feature costly to implement. New feature not likely to recoup costs of implementing on chosen platform. Do not implement new feature.

      • …a new feature that has been built from the ground up to work on PC architecture (what the two new consoles are based on). it’d be more expensive to continue working on a 2nd version of their engine than it would to just release the same game across all 3 platforms.

        Edit: too many words.

        • They’ll just be using an old version, presumably. And just because the two consoles have intel-based architecture (dunno about the One, skipped that article) doesn’t mean a lot when you write code at a high level, which is what the engine will mostly be at. And when you factor in how different computers can be and how much testing is involved with something completely new and cutting-edge it’s pretty pricy for something that PC gamers seemingly don’t want.

          • Not intel-based architecture, they are using the x86-64 architecture. Itself, is *technically* known as AMD64.

            Technicalities aside, the processors being used in both systems are AMD APU’s, with 8 cpu cores plus an ATI/AMD graphics chip.

            And being on the same architecture *will* make cross-platform development easier. It’s not as simple as changing a flag in the compiler, but it does make low-level coding and [importantly] optimisation a lot simpler.
            What this won’t effect, however, is the marketing teams. Yes, MS owns Windows and Xbox, but it is in their interests if their customers purchase the same games on Xbox. MS gets money for every title sold for xbox through licensing. No such system exists for windows. You only have to look at Remedy to see MS pulling strings to push for xbox exclusivity or focus.

  • I’m predominantly a PC gamer, and I’m not that into sports games. I do like a bit of FIFA. It’s always struck me as a console experience, I don’t know why. That said, I’m still playing FIFA ’08 or something (which replaced FIFA ’01).

    I don’t quite understand why they aren’t using the same engine. Surely it would make porting between the three easier, especially given the fact the the Xbone and PS4 have a PC architecture.

    • Let’s just get this clear, just because a console is using an Intel chip doesn’t mean you can just slap some Windows code in there and it’ll work. PC development is costly for big businesses

    • And you know this because you work for Sony or ms? People sit there saying they have PC architecture that’s a throwaway word these days an excuse devs used to make crappy ps3 ports I’m sick of people cowering under that blanket, pure and simple EA hate pc and wii u because it makes them less $$$

  • We ran tests of Ignite 2 on the PC and the results weren’t promising. Ignite 3 won’t be coming to PC.

    No.. wait, i’ve heard this before…

  • Last FIFA-title I played was ’97, so meh.
    I can see how this is a console-centric genre, esp now that graphics are getting half-way decent there.

    • Half way decent for now. They were half way decent at the beginning of the 360/ps3 cycle too. In 5 years time, the Xbox One and PS4 are going to seem archaic compared to what PC’s will be pumping out.

  • Lol, EA. The only news regarding them I’d be interested in:

    “We’re going to sell our shit on Steam again, and we won’t have online-only single player, or throw microtransactions in your face”

    “We’re making a new X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, aimed at hardcore nerds with full 6DoF flight control support”

    “We’re going out of business”

  • But even as a PC gamer, I acknowledge that sports games are one of two things I prefer on consoles, along with driving games.

    • And by Driving games you mean arcade racers? The only reason to prefer a “racing” game on a console is if you don’t own either a wheel or a decent pad for your PC.

      • Actually, for me racing games are one of the few things where I prefer to chill back on the couch with the big screen, rather than sit near. I do have Dirt3 and Grid on my PC, though.

  • Noticed that their Ignite Engine is not going to be on the current gen consoles either or it will be a stripped down version for them…Sort of like when FIFA 13 where the PS3 and 360 versions were in their full glory, the PC version got the FIFA 12 engine (I think) and the PS2 version was running on the ye olde I think the FIFA 08 engine

  • Join us next week at comedy gold when EA flip flops yet again in an effort to appeal to everyone.

  • Well I am an avid PC gamer, and play a lot of sport titles and driving simulations. I have also used 2k series for basketball. I have the latest Fifa, but the support shown to the PC community is terrible. There are a large number of gamers who would prefer to play this stuff on PC. This is just a kick in the guts. It leaves the door open for Pro Evo or 2K sports to fill the void I guess. Just disappointing that they don’t support us PC gamers in the ports areas. I speak to many other PC users regarding sport titles, and the delays and missing features are a real sticking point with them. Its not like we will go and buy it for a console because we cant get it on PC, we just wont buy it at all. I remember the massive push for AFL Live to come to PC, it finally did, around a year and a half after it came to console. When it did come to PC, a lot of my friends and myself picked it up, even tough it is pretty shit. I would say to EA, release it on PC, properly. Something is better than nothing.

  • I don’t really see the issue. Any serious player either uses Sony or Microsoft platforms when it comes to FIFA.

    The PC versions have always been inferior and for good reason. FIFA is still a very social experience that reigns supreme in the living room. The PC goes against the nature of the sport with its isolation. Even from a spectator perspective, huddling around a small PC monitor with a group of friends is hopeless. A living room atmosphere is most suited to the nature of this game. This point also applies to other sport titles as well.

    And for the record, I own FIFA13 on both the XBOX360 and PC. It’s a far more enjoyable experience on the couch rather than up in my computer chair.

    • its not that its better on console or PC.

      its the principle of it. why are they holding back new tech from the PC market?

      • Simply because the PC market isn’t the main demographic for this particular game/series (and never has been at that matter). Gotta cut costs somewhere, I guess.

    • So a PC hooked up to a projector in a theatre room with Xbox controllers doesn’t count? I’ve been using that set up to play NBA 2K games on the couch with friends for years. There is no reason for them to gimp the PC version except to push sports game lovers to the new consoles. I think it is despicable.

  • I was honestly expecting them to also say it wont be on PS4 due to them not being able to block used game sales and generally screw us.

    • I wish my wallet-voting counted more for how passionately I feel on the subject. 😛

  • I love sports games, but never even considered buying them on PC. It just doesnt seem right. Like RTS games on consoles.

    • Yes, but when you have the exact same controllers on your PC as the consoles have then it really isn’t all that different.

      (NBA 2K/Pro Evo player here with a wireless Xbox 360 pad)

      It’s frustrating getting skimmed down versions, particularly NBA 2K, we missed out on the All-Star weekend and accessories market last year along with some interesting new multiplayer modes.

      This would be really sad if it is a continuing trend. Things like mods and such can be incredible on the PC and if everything starts to be console-only that will be no more.

  • Fifa PC has huge sales in areas of euorpe where high end pc’s that can run ignite are not as cheaply available. Keep in mind that it is targeted on 64-bit os’s where fifa pc is used on both 32-bit and 64-bit Os’s.. Im sure this will change in years as the entire world slowly shifts into everyone running 64-bit os’s.. Geez, you all have such negative opinions yet dont take key factors into choices that companies make. It would help if people where better informed and did at the very least some research before taken it upon themselves to comaplain about what someone does, or doesnt offer. Just my opinion though.. take it for what it is..

    Peace out players

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