Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity, Summed Up In Five Panels

Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity, Summed Up In Five Panels

The ever-wonderful Castle Vidcons nails it. If you bought into Molyneux’s hype and were expecting something better from his mobile “game”, you only have yourself to blame.

Comic #106- Ye Gods! What’s Inside! [Castle Vidcons]


  • I’m surprised anyone expected anything different out of Curiosity. It was a Peter Molyneux game after all.

  • Was a very weird experiment, not anything I would’ve spent my time on.
    I like that the actual reward could actually be a very big deal to some people.
    I’m mostly just glad the prize wasn’t just advice from Uncle Moly or something.

  • The prize was the role of God in the game Godus, and a cut of all the profits from the sale of that game. That’s hardly something to shrug at.

    • Especially since people like me will be buying it out of nostalgia and the longing for a decent ‘god game’. There is a drought of such things! Oh, if only…. a Populous with more direction/story, Black and White without the tutorial fuckers and more freedom, From Dust with more interaction with the worshipers… One day, one day my prince will come.

      • From Dust had so much potential, only to be let down by being so overly simplistic. I sadfaced hard that day =(

        • I really dug that game, it reminded me of digging in the sand at the beach and creating channels and paths for the water. So much fun

  • Part of me hopes that who ever won is going to be the most horrible god ever.

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