Peter Molyneux's Curiosity, Summed Up In Five Panels

The ever-wonderful Castle Vidcons nails it. If you bought into Molyneux's hype and were expecting something better from his mobile "game", you only have yourself to blame.

Comic #106- Ye Gods! What’s Inside! [Castle Vidcons]


    I'm surprised anyone expected anything different out of Curiosity. It was a Peter Molyneux game after all.

      Am more surprised anyone even bothered at all.

    Was a very weird experiment, not anything I would've spent my time on.
    I like that the actual reward could actually be a very big deal to some people.
    I'm mostly just glad the prize wasn't just advice from Uncle Moly or something.

    The prize was the role of God in the game Godus, and a cut of all the profits from the sale of that game. That's hardly something to shrug at.

      Especially since people like me will be buying it out of nostalgia and the longing for a decent 'god game'. There is a drought of such things! Oh, if only.... a Populous with more direction/story, Black and White without the tutorial fuckers and more freedom, From Dust with more interaction with the worshipers... One day, one day my prince will come.

        From Dust had so much potential, only to be let down by being so overly simplistic. I sadfaced hard that day =(

          I really dug that game, it reminded me of digging in the sand at the beach and creating channels and paths for the water. So much fun

    Part of me hopes that who ever won is going to be the most horrible god ever.

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