Phoney Iron Man Fighting Urinary Tract Infections In China

Iron Man? More like Medicine Man. Or, in this Chinese TV spot, Kang Zhi Ba Man. In China, Kang Zhi Ba is a brand of pharmaceuticals, and this commercial is for Norfloxacin capsules, which are used to treat urinary tract infections as well as typhoid fever, intestinal infections and gonorrhoea.

As recently noted by MIC (first by ChinaSmack), the commercial debuted earlier this spring, around the time Iron Man 3 was released. In it, the Iron Man inspired character fights bacteria that are plaguing a family. Hope the old folks don't have gonorrhea!

The spot is clearly inspired by the Marvel superhero. The suit's colours aren't just similar, but the commercial also references numerous iconic Iron Man scenes.

Since first airing, the commercial has racked up nearly 800,000 views on Youku, China's version of YouTube.

While Iron Man is popular in China, Iron Man 3 made some Chinese moviegoers totally unhappy. This super hero will hopefully make them healthy.

白云山制药总厂 — — 抗之霸15秒 [Youku via ChinaSmack via MIC]


    That headline was so WTF that I couldn't not click it!

    Looks a little reminiscent of Isaac Clarke with that helmet.

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