Play A Demo Of The Crafty PC Stealth Game Gunpoint Right Now

Gunpoint, an upcoming stealth game by PC Gamer writer-slash-game-designer Tom Francis, earned a "this is pretty cool" judgment from our own Luke Plunkett. But you don't have to take his word for it: the PC game, which comes out next week, has a free demo you can play right now.

If you're curious how Gunpoint works, you can also check out the video up top, in which Francis walks through a level. I haven't played the demo yet, but this looks pretty fun.



    Im pretty sure I saw this nearly a year ago.

      Possibly in a preview but it's not out yet. In a few days it will be.

    Just finished the demo, fantastic little game, will be playing it for sure!

    I played the demo and preordered straight after, it looks great!

    Don't do what I did and order through Steam though. I found out after buying it that he is selling Steam keys plus a DRM-free copy for the same price through his website, and he gets a larger percentage of the profit from there.

    I would have definitely taken that option if I knew about it beforehand! That way you give the dev more support and you still get a Steam copy. No negatives there!

    Steam should just have direct access to my bank account at this point.

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