Play The Monster In A Horror Movie, Scare The Crap Out Of Your Pals

Damned sounds like every second horror movie you've ever seen. Only instead of helplessly watching the four people trapped in the haunted house get eaten/torn/slashed to death, you can take control and try and get them out.

Or take control of the monster trying to kill them. Either or!

The developers call it a "randomized online horror game", because instead of just having to get out through the same exit, levels will be objective-based, and these will change every time you play.

What sounds really cool, though, is the stuff you can do while playing the monster. Instead of just hunting the humans, you can also turn invisible and "haunt" them, triggering spectral effects and creepy sounds designed to scare them and throw them off their goal.

Damned: A randomised Online Competitive-Cooperative Horror Game [IndieGoGo]

Damned [Steam Greenlight]


    hahahahaha at 2:04 he said 'fleshlight'

    Sounds like he said fleshlight.......

    The HIdden, with a few more options. cool.

    Like the idea, but that clip was boring.

    Its pre-alpha footage. Its not meant to be amazing. Its giving you an idea of what to expect.

    You know what would be really good? A new Haunting. Probably the best game I've ever played.

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