Pokémon X/Y Sure Looks Like France

As with past Pokémon games, the latest one, Pokémon X/Y, takes its visual cue from real world geography.

For example, in the last big Pokémon titles, Pokémon Black/White, the in-world map was apparently modelled after New York City. This time, the game appears to be modelled after France.

Have a look at how the entirely new region, dubbed "Kalos", and its central hub Lumiose City stack up against France and Paris:

Though, this being Pokémon, it's certainly not an exact copy by any stretch. But still, what's up with Pokémon Spain? Pokémon Italy? And Pokémon Germany? They're really brown.

And in case you missed it, check out the game's latest trailer.

フィールド画面が進化しすぎ [2ch]

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    All of a sudden, I want to know what the tower where the gaulish villiage from the Asterix books is.
    Or is that the little location where there's a wooden-walled compound? Might be a bit more appropriate.

      This is kind of off topic, but I always thought a Dynasty Warriors style game using the Asterix license where you get to smash your way through hordes of Roman soldiers would have been really awesome.

        Musho mode when you take a swig of the magic potion.

        Especially Obelix with his menhir crushing groups in one swing.

    So ... can we run from trainer battles now?

      what for?

        Well the couple times I'm tried the nuzlocke challenge that would've been damn handy.

        Plus stereotypes about french being cowards

    Very droll... I do not think. Now run along or I shall mock you a second time.

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