Princess Peach Will Kill You In Precisely Seven Levels

The Ring girl crossed with Princess Peach is a terrifying thought. Consider your childhood memories — and every console connected to a screen — forever ruined. Or at least ruined for the next seven days, after which you realise you were being ridiculous.

C'mon, guys, seriously. The Ring girl isn't real! ...Right? Um, I'll be in my bunker for the next seven days.

[Naolito via Gamefreaks]

Also credit to CrazedLunaticEsquire for my headline joke!


    That is all sorts of awesome!

    If the ring girl only kills precisely within 7 days. Why not just hide that 1 day. Or is it anywhere between day 1 and day 7. Anybody got her roster?

      I think Scary Movie 3 might have tackled that in some way...

    She only works on Sundays, but apparently she makes a killing!

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