Pro Evolution Soccer 14 Is The First Game On The Fox Engine, And It Looks Fancy

Quick question: what is the first game being made with Konami and Kojima Productions' much vaunted 'Fox Engine'? The answer may surprise you. It's not Metal Gear Solid 5, it's actually Pro Evolution Soccer 2014.

I was surprised when I was told that, but then I got excited. It seems insane now, but when I started writing about video games for a living, Pro Evolution Soccer was the undisputed kingpin of football video games and FIFA was... a little bit dreadful.

Above is the first teaser trailer for Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. It doesn't say much, but it does seem to herald a certain change of direction in tone. At least, that's what I'm hoping. For a while now PES has been slowly repositioning itself as a game for the football connoisseur and this footage, complete with classical music, black and white footage, close ups, etc. All the regular cues for hoity toityness.

I think it's clever. It's a good idea. It'll be a long time before PES is able to challenge the commercial juggernaut that is FIFA, but it can still retain that super core fanbase.

Also this:

Choo choo.


    Jah baby

    Aaargh, I haven't even got my Master League team into the Premier league yet ... maybe time to turn down the difficulty a notch.

      I just started my second season in the top division as my struggle to take Newcastle to their rightful spot at the top of world soccer continues. It's bloody hard. Max difficulty is the only way to go, though - I started at a lower difficulty but after a little while it gets too easy, and you can't change difficulty without re-starting. I ended up scrapping my first Master League game after 1 season and started again at the highest difficulty. It's harder but a lot more satisfying when you do start putting it all together.

        If you go under system settings within Master League you should be able to change the difficulty, but I agree, the AI gets too easy to predict after playing a couple of games on lower difficulties!

    Here's hopin! I still have a soft spot for the PES of old.

    I'm going to guess this will be on current and next gen consoles? I miss the old days of Pro Evo tournaments with mates so might be grabbing this

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