Remember That Brilliant Xbox One Round-Up? Microsoft's Official One Isn't Quite As Funny...

TV. Teevee. Sport. Calladoody. Dog. If you saw the video we posted yesterday about the Xbox One conference, you'll know precisely what we're talking about. Now Microsoft has released its own two minute round up of the conference and it isn't anywhere near as funny.

And of course it's not. It's not supposed to be. I'm just poking fun here — Microsoft's video is a perfectly acceptable, functional two minute summary of the Xbox One reveal — but when I clicked on the link I was truly, truly hoping that Microsoft had a good enough sense of humour about itself to actually post the brilliant joke summary that everyone watched yesterday.

But nah, just a regular round-up. We can't embed the video here, but you can click here to watch it.

Never mind. We'll always have the GIFs.


    Someone please stop them.

    They are so out of touch with their consumers it's awkward and it makes me feel icky.

    Last edited 23/05/13 2:22 pm

      Well. It's not like they could get up on stage and say, "Hey gamers! Everything you feared and hated is TRUE!" They also couldn't get up and lie about it either.

      Unfortunately, they then had a bunch of VPs and developers and techs all being asked about everything we feared and hated, and some saying, "True," others saying, "Not true," yet others saying, "Sorta true. It's complicated."

      It may have been better to stand on stage and say that everything we hated and feared is true, but maybe try to massage the message a little. That's if they were talking to us in the first place. They weren't. Reveal Day was Reach-Around For TV Execs Day.

        Reveal Day was Reach-Around For TV Execs Day.

        Quality comment.

      Their consumers don't play Call of Duty, don't enjoy sports related content, and don't watch TV? Are you nuts? They know their consumers very well.

    Can't embed it? The video comes from their YouTube channel and has an embed code:
    < iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>< /iframe>
    Or does it not work?

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    That canned applause hurt my pancreas.

    Last edited 23/05/13 3:28 pm

    My god.. that gif... it was so amazing! :D

    I know it's entirely absurd to congratulate a company for having both male and female presenters of stature within an organisation at a press conference. It's an occurrence that shouldn't need provocation or reward. However, following the mild sensationalism and outcry over Sony's male-centric conference, I think some recognition and positive reinforcement for Microsoft being relatively normal is in order.

    OT, That was a very dry 2 min. Was it too much to expect some detail in that period?

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