Remember, We Have A Lot More Than Los Santos To Discover In GTA V

At first I thought we were getting a subtle glimpse of San Fierro in Grand Theft Auto V, but now I'm not so sure. The bridge in this shot, one of a dozen screens Rockstar released yesterday, doesn't bear enough of a resemblance and the location is out of whack.

Hell, I was hoping that colonnade at lower left was a rebooted Jizzy's Pleasure Dome. Alas. That said, have we heard anything about San Fierro in this game? Hell, if Rockstar was saying this world would be bigger than the worlds of Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV and GTA San Andreas combined, you've got to figure S.F. joins the discussion at some point.

Check out the other 11 screens below, and get to speculatin' on any hidden meanings or ties to the old San Andreas you see. I spent a lot of time in that game, but I stink at spotting these kinds of clues.


    After GTAIV Las Venturas is going to be AMAZING. Can't wait for this game

    Shot no. 4 looks very similar to the highway in GTA:SA, that led west out of Los Santos towards San Fierro, around Mount Chiliad. In fact that may be a slope of Mt Chiliad right there in the screen.

    The screen of the drive-by shooting shows a Grove Street Family member (CJs gang) firing at some Ballas-members. Second to last shot is South Central Los Santos.

    The characters on screen 2 and 6 look like they are on a robbery-mission very similar to one with Tommy Vercetti in GTA: Vice City, they wear pretty much exactly the same masks and grey workwear used back then.

    PS: The screen with the black sports car...that may be the general area of Las Venturas, the radar dishes in the background are extremely similar to the single radar dish in a similar location in GTA: SA. Both are a homage to the real VLA in New Mexico.

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      Yeah, shot no.4 does look like the highway that's North East of Ganton (CJ's place) that leads North to LV. Take that road South (in the same direction as the screencap) and you'd eventually hit the pedestrian bridge and palm row in shot no. 3 which ends with the oil refinery on the right as the road bends right towards the airport. Shot number 1 looks like the bridge you cross to get to the national guard post in the mission 'Stealing from Uncle Sam' where you load the boxes into the truck with a forklift for Ryder. There were two bridges that led to the LS harbour that crossed over the highway that ran past the airport, they look similar to this (though much shorter). I reckon that's the case here, just on a larger scale, rather than it being SF. Since there were barely any missions at the LS harbour (or none that made it in to the final release), players had no reason to go there really.

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    Will September never come?

    Also announce a special edition, i want to pre-order this game, i probably should at EB and just upgrade when it comes avaliable.

      Forget EB, get it from somewhere like Ozgameshop, or somewhere that'll charge you about $30 less than EB, JB, or the other retailers. I mean, unless you like getting screwed. Hey, no judgements pal. :p

        I normally do that but I think with GTAV I won't be able to wait. Hopefully JB or Big W will have it at a reasonable price.

          I think you can preorder through Oz. I'm not sure, but I've had the option with just about every other title I've grabbed from them.

            You can preorder but it might still take a week to get here. I want it on launch day!

        If you're the sort of person who is preordering a game because you want to play it as soon as it comes out, don't preorder from Ozgameshop. I made that mistake with Bioshock infinite, and it was more than a month before I got to play it. At least it was a good price...

          I suppose that's the difference. Pay more to have it now, pay a lot less, but get it later. Though, it's only ever taken them a few days for me, a week tops, after ordering. But I'll only order if it's in stock. I dunno, I just think paying $99 for something that is only $59 in the US is BS and retailers here are just screwing us.

          Disclaimer: I do not work for Oz games. I just don't believe paying retail prices other countries don't pay. Cost of doing business here, my arse.

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            Many games are launching from eb and jb hifi from somewhere between $59 and $100. While i do my share of online shopping for the same reasons, i don't think i've paid upwards of $80 for a new game in Aus for nearly a year. We are getting screwed but the $99 price points have all but disappeared, the only one i've noticed lately is GoW Ascension. I wouldn't bem surprised if became an exception though.

            Agreed...started to order on Ozgameshop, never looked back. They do take a little while to deliver, but hey - first world problem. Still pick up games in shops, if they are a reasonable price (which means, mostly older titles), but they rarely are. Got Fallout 3 GOTY at EB very reasonably priced two years ago. If the difference is only a few dollars, I do like to choose retail shops over online. But I wont let them screw me over just to preserve their existence.

              Usually the price drops by $10-20 at JB the week or so before a release. Lets be honest this isnt going to be sold out on release day so maybe wait and check prices on release - buy from whoever is cheapest (JB or Big W most likely)

    why is there a police car in that farm feild in the air plane picture? or is that another combine harvestor?

      Thats a police cruiser. from the shot it looks like they are in pursuit of the red car, including the helicopter. Probably came off the road or tried to cut off their target. Interestingly this kind of maneuver tended to happen quite often in a similar spot (see comment above) in GTA;SA, when police was after me. Usually ended with police rolling at least one or two of their vehicles.

        hmm i see, i was half hopeing they added the combine harvestor back in

          I am pretty sure, they do. These are just a bunch of screens, showing only a few vehicles. Scope seems to be a theme with this game, so I dare guessing, their vehicle range will be expansive.

          Personally I am hoping for the Jump Jet to return. Loved that thing. And plenty of motorcycles please.

            oh yes deff motorcycles, and planes, i hope there is caves under the city to scub/sub through, looking at that bottom pic, check out the sweet road beside the creek, that would be great to motorbike through

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    Sadly, that top shot isn't San Fierro. There's a building on the right with Los Santos on it.

    I'd much rather Los Venturas though. With money playing a bigger part in this game, being able to own casinos would be great fun! Along with having a swish penthouse overlooking the strip ^_^

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