Retro Studios Close To Announcing Its New Title

This is the definition of a 'non-story' but as an unashamed Retro Studios fanboy, I often find it hard to contain my excitement. Retro Studios hasn't yet announced what it's currently working on for Nintendo — but they will. Very soon, according to Nintendo's Hiro Yamada.

When asked about Retro's absence from the development of the Donkey Kong Country Returns port for the 3DS, Yamada said the following...

“We wanted to use Retro’s development resource for another new title, so we talked to Monster Games about porting this title."

Retro Studios did a bit of work on Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS but its last major title was Donkey Kong Returns. I'd argue that game was the best 2D platformer of last generation, particularly in terms of level design. Then there was the Metroid Prime series. You all know how I feel about Metroid Prime — it's one of favourite games ever made.

It's all a bit obvious — of course Retro Studios is working on something, but it's good to be reminded of that fact and it's good to hear that some sort of announcement is on the horizon. Whether it's a reboot of a known franchise, another Metroid game — whatever. I expect to play and love whatever these guys put out. Just hurry up and tell us what that thing is!

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D interview - Retro are impressed with the remake [ONM]

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    Oh please be a Metroid reboot to releave ourselves of that last, horrible game.

    Haha, I initially read that headline as "Retro Studios to close"!?!?!

    But it's all OK now.

      Same here. I guess we hear so much bad news about studios closing we just jump to that :(

      Yeah my eyes did that too. Like @jellyarrow said, we're so used to seeing game studios closing these days that our brains have adapted to read it like that.

    Chances are it's another Metroid Prime game, wait and see I guess.

      It'd be awfully safe instead of a 2.5D metroid that everybody wants and would certainly inject some life back into the series, but I'm guessing as long as it's a competent sequel, it'll be better than Other M.

    This is doing the rounds this morning, and I feel I have to point out that this is an announcement of announcement with no set date.

      I feel I have to point out this is RETRO. RETRO.

      I would probably tuck that feeling somewhere private.

    I don't care what it is. Retro have already sold at least one copy.
    They're one of the most reliable studios in gaming.

    Hang on, Donkey Kong was the best 2D platformer of *last* generation? Isn't the Wii considered part of the current generation? In which case, Rayman Origins would probably want to have a word.

      Wii U would be current gen now I'd say.

        Nintendo sure has made the current / next / last generation distinction confusing. :(

          How have they? It's quite clear that the Wii is last gen and the Wii U is current gen.


          The Wii U is the successor to the Wii, and the Wii U is now out. That makes Wii U current gen, and Wii last gen. What's confusing about that? Were you confused when the Xbox 360 launched a full year ahead of the PS3 and Wii?

          Regardless, we'll probably have both the new Playstation and Xbox by the end of the year anyway.

            It's confusing in that:
            - It's not actually next-gen hardware
            - It's a year before everything else
            - The 'current gen' for almost all current games refers to the 360 and PS3.

            It's the current gen for Nintendo but Nintendo aren't the only platform in games.


    Finally a new game featuring Nintendo's most beloved male bounty hunter!

    Retro F-Zero.

      I so hope it is f-zero (but I reckon it will be Prime 4) - it's about time for a new iteration.

        I would put money on it not being Prime 4. They've said plenty of times that they're done with the Prime series. I doubt it would even be a Metroid game at all.

        My dream scenario has Retro giving us an F-Zero game as balls-hard as GX (but hopefully more metal like X) and Nintendo handing the reins to Star Fox over to Platinum.

    Retro traditionally handles franchises that are gone, but not forgotten, though they did have a few other projects for the Gamecube that were ultimately cancelled.

    I'm thinking there's a 30% chance one of those will be the basis of the new title.

    The lack of new Starfox and F-Zero titles could indicate that one has been in the works for a while. And it's always possible they're taking a completely dead franchise like Ice Climbers and giving it an overhaul.

    I really want a Donkey Kong Country Returns 2 that does to DKC2:Diddy's Kong-Quest what DKCR1 did to DKC1.
    I really, REALLY love DKC2. The pirate levels, the lava levels, the swamp levels, the bee hive levels, the themepark levels, the haunted wood levels, the haunted mansion levels, the ice levels, the castle levels, THE THORN LEVELS, OH LORD THE THORN LEVELS.
    And the music. Such a great soundtrack, I would love to hear some of those redid in a DKCR2.

      I couldn't agree more..
      DKC2 is a masterpiece.

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