Rockstar's Most Notorious Game (No, Not That One) Hits PSN Next Week

Rockstar North's decade-old Manhunt game — the game that made their Grand Theft Auto series seem tame — will be downloadable on the PS3's PlayStation Network for $10, according to the Rockstar Newswire. In this game, you're a death row inmate who is being cajoled to kill people in the most grisly ways possible.

Sounds a bit much, yeah? Well, smart people that I know swear by the excellence of this game.

Chime in below to share your memories and insights about what makes Manhunt worth playing. A lot of the appeal had to do with the audio, if I remember correctly.

[Rockstar Newswire]


    I will be very surprised if this hits the Australian PSN, given that it has never been re-rated since its initial banning years ago.

    I would live a chance to play it to see what all the fuss was about.

      thats why Stephen Totilo is writing this. IT IS COMING TO THE AUSTRALIAN PSN, if he was talking about the American one he would say so since this is the AU kotaku.

      But either way the game play isnt really that good.

    I got a copy before it was banned for PS2 - I didn't think it was all that great. Just violence for the sake of violence.

      I got it on Xbox, played a lot better on that than the ps2 version with the refined controls. The first few stages were great but then it just became a lame shooter in the last few stages, so yeah, agreed.

      I got a copy before it was banned for PS2 - I thought it was pretty great. Just violence for the sake of violence. The idea of using the PS2 microphone to make noise and cause distractions was also kinda innovative for the time, as was having the director talking to you through the headset. A gimmick that made it into many games that use the Wii remote some years later.

    Hopefully this gets the Australian censors to re-release it since the R18+ rating has come into effect. May not be the best Rockstar game but I don't believe adults should be told what to and what not to play or watch in their homes.

    i loved this game back in the day. im not usually a fan of stealth games but the brutality of it made me want to see how far they could push it with every weapon. and brian cox as the director guiding you through was great. excellent actor that man is.

      Same here, not normally a stealth fan, but i loved both manhunt 1 and 2, finished them a few times.

    needs to be played with headset and mic. the host that eggs u on talks through ur earpiece and u can use ur voice on mic to lure ur victims in. it really adds to the gameplay. especially when u swear while stuffing up a kill and shitloads of the bastards come running, all the while that douchebag keeps whispering in ur ear....

    Hah, still got my PS2 copy.
    Is this going to be a 'HD' version, or just a straight up port?

    I wouldn't mind getting it as I don't have a PS2 anymore, but I'm left wondering if it'd be better to just get the PC version nowadays.

    Loved Manhunt so much in its day, big stealth fan, plus the psychotic nature of the game lured me as well.

    Managed to 5 star every level except the last three... I can't even count how many times I played each level over and over and over. Loved every second of it.

    This is the game I lost my virginity to (kinda). When it got banned, instead of pulling it off the shelves my local Harvey Norman store just sold them for half price! So I grabbed 2 copies. I kept one for a few years but sold the other one straight away for $150, happy days!

    do you wanna sell it?RADGUY...

    I played it with a killer headset, the audio is just sublime in this game. Sneaking behind your victim, your arm raised ready to strike while hearing starkweather (biran cox) screaming in the headset " Finish him!".

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