Scavenging Is Tense And Dangerous In Sir, You Are Being Hunted

Looking for supplies is all fun and games until the robots spot you. From then on, it’s all about running for your life.

The above gameplay video for Big Robot’s tweedpunk survival game Sir, You Are Being Hunted shows what that looks like. (Spoilers: really exciting.)


  • Lazy comparison, but does kinda come across as single player DayZ with robots.

    Does look interesting though.

    • Before even looking at the comments, and whilst watching I thought the same thing. The idle chatter of the robots seems cool and the top hat of the lead robot is boss!

  • Maybe I’m missing something (like an intentional artistic direction), but I feel an increase to the polygon count (and texture size) of pretty much everything in this game would have been very welcome. Is it being built to run on smart phones?

    • Nope, it’s being designed by a two man team, and everything on the screen is proceduraly generated. And I think the chunky aesthetic is perfect for the murky, foggy British countryside they are trying to recreate.

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