School Cleaner Wins Internet With Amazing Zelda Drawings

Most claners are satisfied with keeping things clean. This high school custodian might be too, but he also has a hankering to do something else: draw incredible pictures.

Spotted on a school cafeteria whiteboard, these awesome drawings depict things like Link from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Here's Midna and Wolf Link from Twilight Princess.

These aren't just eye candy! There's also a friendly reminder about recycling one's rubbish.

Bravo, Janitor Artist. Bravo. You've impressed more than the lunchroom. You've impressed the whole damn internet.

This was in the lunch room yesterday [)(-EY GURL] the janitor at the junior high drew these in the cafeteria [Daves of Our Lives via Obvious Winner]


    Why is this guy a janitor? someone give him a job as a designer

      He is a graphic designer, school custodian is his second job. Amirite?

    Was he beaten by his foster parents as a child and then taken under the wing of a fields medal winning art lecturor only to find happiness in the arms of a british exchange student thanks to the theraphy of Robin Williams?

    That's Twilight Princess Link, not Skyward Sword.
    Awesome, nonetheless.

    Copying other people's work is not really for designers,

    quite sad that someone with this sort of talent has to spend their day cleaning up after other people

      nobody said he wasn't working two jobs. Some people want a bit more income!

    A master of the custodial arts and a talented illustrator!

    Really awesome, plus thats Link from Twilight Princess.

    I'm just wondering if they take the cost of all the used-up markers out of his pay.

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