Schoolgirls Blame Their Vandalism Rampage On A Comic Book

Schoolgirls Blame Their Vandalism Rampage On A Comic Book

All the chairs and desks were over turned. On the chalk board, the kanji character “shi” or “death” was scrawled. But that wasn’t all.

According to reports, police picked up two 13-year-old schoolgirls for the school’s vandalism as well as breaking and entering.

On the night of February 4, both of them allegedly broke a first floor window at Sakawa Junior High in Kanagawa and entered the school. Then, they supposedly went on a rampage of destruction: The faucet on the fourth floor was left on, flooding the building. Lights were destroyed. Computers and other equipment were busted up. Damages neared the equivalent of $5000.

According to Yomiuri, one of the girls told authorities, “Got the idea from a manga [we] were reading that had the same scene.” Yomiuri did not mention which manga that was.

This destruction apparently inspired at least one other junior high school vandalism in the same city.

「漫画見て」学校水浸しにした中2女子2人 [Yomiuri]


  • Well, even Japan has some delinquents. Stuff like this never happened in my school, but it happened quite frequently at some of the smaller, poorer State schools. If this had happened almost anywhere else in the world, no one would have cared. But in Japan, I suppose such things are still rare.

    • It happened in mine once or twice, but when it did the students quite literally got their asses kicked. Only it was three students, not the whole class, who trashed the room. The teacher came in, backhanded all three over the back of their heads, made one of them cry (good) and called their parents in to see the destruction they’d caused. When the parents all got into the school, the teacher actually had to step in and STOP the father from beating the son to a bloody pulp it got that bad. I know this because I was one of the kids friends (I didn’t trash the room but I was outside watching the result of it all). It was unbelievable. This was back in 1993, when teachers could actually do things like this to get situations handled, call in the parents, involve the parents and get things done. Nowadays you cannot do that. Nowadays there’s all sorts of excuses that go hand in hand… all sorts of ‘reasons’ why society would be to blame for a child acting out and doing this…

  • And then the parents taught their kids to take responsibility for their own actions and everybody learnt something valuable… right?

  • Hold on, hold on. . .
    As gamers on a gaming site why should we care about a few school girls in Japan doing some petty vandalism at their school? Wow, they overturned some desks and left a tap on.
    Why is this being reported here?
    Can anyone make a browser add-on that blocks Bashcrafts articles?

    • Because when I’m browsing Kotaku I look for articles I’m not interested in then complain. Brian Ashcraft is obviously here to make sure you get all your anger out by writing articles you specifically don’t find interest in. Move on

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    • Actually I remember once coming across a greasemonkey script designed to block out Tim Rogers articles on Kotaku, so there very well could be such a thing.

    • I used to be a complainer like you, then I took some common sense to the head.

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      Also, there’s this AWESOME thing to avoid Bashcraft articles, it’s this incredible macro the internet supplies. It’s called DONT CLICK THE ARTICLE. You start off by NOT CLICKING THE ARTICLE.

        • lol isn’t that the point though? 😛 Don’t make me take away your crispy outer shell mrtaco…

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  • Bashcrafting: The act of bashing Mr Ashcraft’s articles at any opportunity and pointing out their pointlessness.

    Not sating I agree or disagree, just wanted to give it a name and maybe start an annual convention.

  • Damages were somewhere in the vicinity of $5000 when computers and other equipment was involved? Either they used some very old and outdated equipment and computers or that estimate is just a touch low.

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