You know, a couple of people were close yesterday, but I don't think it was good enough. I need specifics. I need a specific game title. Who can give it to me?

In fact, that's your clue.

Someone was close yesterday. I need specifics.

That's all you're getting!

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    By the power of the Clue, He-Man: Power of Grayskull?

      I was thinking that. The GBA He-Man looks the most likely (if it is He-Man).

      I can hear Mark snickering from here.

    Aladdin's Cave

      I'm on that train o' thought too.

      Disney's Alladin
      Legend of Alladin

        * Alladin *

          isnt it Aladdin?

            I guessed it yesterday and it wasn't right...

              i was referring to the spelling. But as Mark said several people were close but he needed us to be more specific. And the only multi-discussed topics were He-Man and Aladdin. Since he said "several of you almost got it" it means its likely one of the two and while there was an Aladdin game on the SNES/Sega/etc there were also other aladdin games.

            I maintain that I don't know how it's spelt outside of google.

            Which tells me.

    The Jungle Book on Snes!

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