See Inside A PlayStation 3 Factory, Watch Consoles Being Built

Sony recently announced that it would be building some PlayStation 3 consoles in Brazil, which would for most of us have been a fairly inconsequential piece of news, if not for the fact there's some video of the factory floor, showing Sony workers putting the machines together. And it's fascinating.

While I've never seen how the majority of PS3 consoles are put together in China — and likely never will — there's a surprising amount of hands-on work here.

The clip's in Portugese, but the language of "hypnotic footage of PlayStations being made" is universal.

Sony inicia fabricação do PS3 em Manaus [YouTube]


    I do find it interesting [sincerely] how certain aspects of the Brazilian the government operates.....

    They slap on massively huge taxes on imported goods, to the point where for a lot of companies, it is cheaper to setup shop in the country and manufacture the goods locally. This has happened with basically every video game console, as well as most cars and other consumer goods.
    On the plus side, it keeps manufacturing and jobs strong in Brazil, though there are plenty of downsides too. Protectorate economies rarely produce a high standard of living across the wider community.....

    Bit off a bit more than I can chew starting this comment I think...... haha......

    So yeah, PS3 production! woo!

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