Silas Greaves Of Gunslinger Really Loves Shooting Guys In The Face

Case in point: a four-minute (!) launch trailer, consisting of Mr Greaves shooting people in the face with a wide variety of weapons. While Techland's latest entry into the Call of Juarez brand of shooters is looking better by the minute, I can't help but be wary after The Cartel. We'll see.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is hitting PS3, Xbox 360 and PC tomorrow. Let's hope it's as fun as it looks.


    Doesn't take itself too seriously, which I see as a good sign. Looks like legitimate good fun. A shame there's no multiplayer Bound in Blood style, I actually quite enjoyed that.

    I so badly want this to be good. I love the western genre, but it's not often done justice in games.

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