Sim City Officially Getting Theme Park DLC

Sim City Officially Getting Theme Park DLC
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Yay? It’s hard to be positive about Sim City in the wake of its disastrous launch, but I’m going to be fair — the new theme park DLC that’s just been announced looks pretty cool.

As someone who always enjoyed tinkering with the game Theme Park, I’m excited.

After the game was accidentally shown on Green Man Gaming, EA has come out and given up the ghost: the theme park DLC is coming on May 28.

CVG has a few screenshots of the new content that you can check out here.

The DLC allows you to create your own theme park and choose your own rides, meaning that it’s a little more complex than simply building a ‘catch-all’ park. There will be a fair amount of options available — the parks themselves will be customisable to a point.

It all sounds fairly interesting, but you have to worry about the timing. Has the public really had enough time to forget about the launch? Are people really ready to give EA more money for Sim City content? I’m not sure.

Simcity ‘Amusement Park’ expansion confirmed – screenshots [CVG]


  • Although this sounds very cool, wouldnt their time have been better spent fixing the issues currently in the game (although the patches to date HAVE fixed alot of the issues).

    If this was a “4x the city size” expansion pack i would get it in a heartbeat.

    • Are you silly? Fixing their broken game would be far less profitable and more difficult than giving us things that were most likely already made during the production process!

    • If you’d play the game you’ll know that frequent patches are released. I own this game and do not find it buggy at all.

  • They are going to charge for this 0_0
    You think they will hand out some free DLC before they start asking or money considering we only just got v3 which was ment to fix the world over…

    • I thought they already did hand out some free DLC. You know, those ads for Nissan and uhm… Macleans?

  • So another thing to cram onto our tiny blocks of land.

    Not interested. Give us what we want…. BIGGER LAND PLOTS!!!.

    • I would have figured you’d all want the game fixed with zero bullshit excuses outlining why the game is broken. But I forget this is EA, you gotta be realistic with your expectations I guess…

    • Yep, I was immediately thinking the same. How are you supposed to place a Theme park in city areas where it’s already a struggle to find a spot for stuff like a tram depot. There’s no way I’m going to touch this game again until they increase the plots a lot. On the other hand, I’m still having a blast at Sim City 4 which I’ve restarted playing with lots of mods.

  • hmm a new stand-alone Theme park game would be great actually. Good fun of course creating ridiculous roller coasters playing the original.
    Dev’s, get to it! Wake me when it’s ready, not as an add-on for SimCity pls 🙂

  • I already own Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platinum; Being in the true spirit of Bullfrog’s Theme Park, it’s a better theme park sim than anything EA can tack on to the new Sim City. And at AUD$30 on steam, it’s not a bad purchase.

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