Skyrim Gets Giant Monsters Courtesy Of Fantastic Mod

Of the literally thousands of mods I've seen for Skyrim over months, this is probably my new favourite, by virtue of the fact it adds giant monsters, turning the game into a very Nordic Shadow of the Colossus.

Each mythical beast has its own lair - a location on the map you can fast travel to - and each is enormous. There are giant crabs, giant fish, giant ice beasts and...giant horkers. As you can see above.

There are quests, salty old sea captains who whisper about the giants of the's the kind of thing that should have been an amazing expansion, but is now even better, because it's free.

Here There Be Monsters [Steam Workshop, via RPS]


    "I saw some mudcrabs by the water recently. I steered clear of them."

      Disgusting creatures. I hope to never see another.

        One time I stole a horse and rode out of town. I still had a bounty on me so I checked for signs of pursuit - nothing. I stopped by a riverbank and was attacked by a Mudcrab. I killed it with one swing and as I did the game displayed the message "Last witness killed".

        Damn snitch Mudcrabs.

    ...giant crab. Strike its weak point for massive damage.

    The giant horker reminds me of this

    I have never tried a Skyrim mod... today I think that will change.

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