So The Xbox One Reveal Screwed With Some People's Kinects

In preparing the big reveal for the next Xbox, it seems Microsoft forgot all about how the current one works, because reports from Twitter show that a lot of people ran into problems today when they tried to watch the show on their Xbox 360.

It seems that for some folks, every time an executive said something like "Xbox" or "Xbox Live", those with a Kinect experienced issues like having the stream paused or being kicked out of it altogether, because they're the same terms the peripheral uses for its voice commands.

Some examples:


Xbox 360’s Kinect causes trouble for users during next-gen livestream reveal [Polygon]


    Thank god I don't have a Kinect

    Oh wait It'll be forced down my throat with the Xbox1, yeah no buy.


    The perils of voice recognition:
    Kinect: WAT. I'M BEING REPLACED? F-THAT! *disconnect*

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      Note to MS: Add "self aware" to list of features.

        The secret list they don't want consumers to see :P

          It's not a bug, it's an undocumented feature!

          Also on the list:
          - watches you sleep
          - knows your routine
          - has compromising pictures of you

    So! I'm calling it now. During a CoD match with this new console, someone will muffle out the reciever on their Xbox, then shout very loud over their mic "Xbox off" and watch as everybody else leaves the match because their Xbox heard someone saying it through their TV.

    Also used by Ragequitters.

      They actually showed that the new kinect will filter out in game noise (and presumably other people's voices). I hope this would work for TV, youtube and movies too.

      Why the current one doesn't do that is beyond me. Seems like a pretty big gap.

      That being said... If I had siblings I would be yelling out "Xbox off" whenever I walked past.

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    The image is a nice touch.

    Yea, Xbox One is truly the Harbinger of despair. Like some grim, corporate Angel of Death it shall fly over all our houses to kill our firstborns. It shall mash up the bodies into a slurry of child-flesh and parental tears, which it will force-feed to the misbegotten spawn of Cerberus. Nourished with a taste for suffering, these misshapen helldogs shall be loosed upon the earth to track and devour any who dare to attempt to use their console to play used or shared games, and to brutally maul those who try to play games without first connecting online to phone home and prove that they are not wretched 'stealers/borrowers of games'.

    (Edit: I wanted to fit in some bit about the hellhounds pausing by the homes of silver xbox live users to drench their gardens in sulfurous piddle, but the analogy is already almost as tortured as most xbox devotees are probably feeling today.)

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      Edit: Ummm. No. You could have probably done without all of that.

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