Some Of The Best And Worst One-Liners In Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon


Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, came out last week. If you played it, you may notice that it’s main character, Rex “Power” Colt, is an unstoppable, one-liner army.

In the supercut above, I assembled some of Rex’s funniest, stupidest and most groan-worthy zingers. See how long you can go without cringing, giggling or saying “I see what you did there!” to your monitor.

Head’s up: the above video above has very mild, pun-centric spoilers and contains swearing. You’ve been warned.


  • I still consider Arnold Schwarzenegger as the king of one-liners. With such classics as…

    “Don’t disturb my friend, he is dead tired” – Commando
    “Here’s your Subzero.. Now he is plain Zero!” – The Running Man
    “Consider that a divorce” – Total Recall (After shooting his wife)
    “What’s the matter Dillon? The CIA making you push too many pencils?” – Predator
    I could go on..

  • Did you see Patricia’s article where she interviewed the devs and asked them about a homophobic comment, and they were all paraphrased as, ‘Uh… what? Wait, really? Where? We’re like… full of gay guys here, that seems incredibly unlikely, considering we’re pretty sure we tried to slip in some gay innuendo without spelling it out…’

    The developer’s contention that they were funning around and have gay writers themselves makes a lot more sense now.

    Searching those quotes in the video above for anything that might be giggle-worthy in a gay context:

    “I had my eye on him.”
    “It’s raining men.”
    “I really stuck it to him.”
    “I gave him the shaft.”
    “Just the tip.”
    “Guess I’m coming out of my shell.”
    “He said blow me… So I did.”
    “I don’t have time to give you my name.”

    And let’s not forget
    At 1:45, Rex says, “That’s my kinda blow job,” followed by the walkthrough dev saying, we’ll now “slot one in the back entrance.”

    These guys aren’t homophobes to my mind, they’re having fun with it.

      • Well, my point is that it’s not. And that’s why the developers were confused about being accused of homophobia when they probably thought they were funning around as much as possible. That’s the stance I’m talking about, not Patricia’s.

    • Have you been drinking Patricia’s coolaid? Trying to stretch any of those into homophobic slander is a huge stretch.

      • Man, how do I have to reword this? I’m saying these aren’t homophobic things, these are things the devs (many of whom are apparently gay) put in while funning around with the potential for a gay Rex Colt, which is why they were surprised when Patricia called them homophobic.

          • You weren’t the only one. I clearly communicated poorly.

            Also, I’m not funny. This fills me with shame and regret and a burning desire to try harder. I wonder if I can get a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle from Amazon…

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