Sonic The Hedgehog's 'Ultimate Life Form' Doesn't Deserve This Statue

Has First4Figures really explored both the modern and classic eras of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise so fully that all they're left with is Shadow the gun-toting misstep? Where is Amy Rose? Where is Cream the Rabbit? Heck, I'd even take Silver.

To be honest, I really like Shadow's design, with the striking black-and-red colouring and the mildly-evil eye points. He makes for a rather nifty statue, which will look lovely next to Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Metal Sonic and the other statues in First4Figures' Sonic line whether one opts for the $US214.99 regular edition (1500 pieces) or the glowing $US229.99 exclusive (600 pieces).

My issue is the fact that there are so many other characters I'd rather see added to the line, especially the ladies. Rogue the Bat really needs a statue. Also, Blaze the Cat. And that little bee guy. And the human girl Sonic makes out with in that one game. All of these, then Shadow.


    Really? I thought Shadow was great back in Sonic Adventure 2, long before he had any guns or other nonsense. Certainly better then half the characters listed above (Silver, the bee lol). Maybe it was just because I was younger when I played the game (I haven't played it since dreamcast) but I always like Shadow, ignoring everything that has happened with him since then anyway lol

      Outside of the kinda awful script and voice acting, I quite liked what they tried to accomplish with Shadow. My biggest gripe is how they went from Biolizard as a failure to Shadow as a success, there should have been some middle ground similarities and I would have been sold.

    Shadow was cool back in the day, he just should've stayed dead after SA2.

    Shadow was freakin' epic.

    Only in Sonic Adventure 2 though, all the other games are crap. As a character he is epic though.

    I find it ironic that after many years of everyone spelling "Rogue", "Rouge", the one time it's supposed to be Rouge, it's spelled Rogue...

    As far as I'm concerned the only characters in the sonic universe are sonic, tails, knuckles, robotnik, metal sonic and the miscellaneous robots/animals bad guys.

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