Sonic's New Move In His Nintendo-Exclusive Adventure Is... A Wall-Run?

This year's Nintendo-only Sonic game, Sonic Lost World, looks like it will feature 2D and 3D gameplay, similar to the other recent pretty-good Sonic games. IGN just ran the game's first trailer, which you can see here. The trailer hypes Sonic's new moves.

I see a wall run, Prince of Persia-style.

What jumps out to you?

Sonic Lost Worlds Debut Trailer [IGN, YouTube]


    Looks cool, looks like Sonic Generations game with Super Mario Galaxy level design.

      This was my feeling it. It looks more like a Mario Galaxy game than a Sonic game... tbh, I think this is a fantastic direction to go; since ever since the move to 3D, sonic games have fell pretty flat. No shame in copying a formula that *did* migrate to 3D perfectly.

        I think the big difference was in the difference between Nintendo and Sega's approaches to bringing their flagship characters to 3D. Nintendo focused on distilling down the major aspects of what made Mario games work and then converting that to 3D in a way that was cohesive and fun. Sega, on the other hand, took one aspect of previous Sonic games (speed; not nearly the most important aspect) and threw out the sense of control, exploration and momentum-based gameplay in order to facilitate it.

        Throughout Sega's numerous stumbles since bringing Sonic over to 3D gameplay, they've slowly managed to work towards reintroducing these missing aspects, but I think taking a new approach like they are with Sonic Lost World, rather than building upon what they've done with Colors and Generations (solid as it was), may prove to be more beneficial in the long run, particularly with Nintendo's guidance.

    At some points in Sonic 06, you could... kind of wall run? I mean, when you weren't running into things.

    The Sonic Cycle was broken with Colours and Generations.

    Looks like an awesome game and I love me some Sonic! Is this a WiiU though? The graphics weren't overly impressive for a "next gen" title, might just be the low res vid.

      I think it's more that the art direction is going for a play dough-y kind of look, rather than having hyper detail. I don't really care, this game actually looks kinda fun!

    It reminds me of the cancelled Sonic Xtreme.
    Also I love the "Exclusively on Nintendo Consoles", never thought I'd hear Sega say that.

    What the...?! Is it just me or does this resemble the early prototype for Sonic Extreme?!

    Go home Sonic, you're drunk.... Again

    I gave up on sonic after the black knight, he is unfortunatly the proverbial dead horse by this stage to me

      Then you missed out on some solid games, my friend. I'll be the first to admit that Sonic games have gone through an extremely long rough patch, but both Colors and Generations were great (excluding the 3DS version of Generations, which was pretty bad), and fairly cheap now if you've got the consoles to play them. Sonic 4 Episode II wasn't half bad either.

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    bring on another sonic adventures already!

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