Sony President Trolls Everyone

For the past few days, passionate PlayStation fans have been waging a campaign to convince Sony not to restrict used games on the PS4. They've taken to Twitter, posting messages with the hashtag #PS4NoDRM — an acronym for Digital Rights Management, which has become the common term for technology that limits how digital products (like video games) can be used.

The campaign's goal: to ensure that we can buy, sell and borrow games on the PS4 without restriction.

This morning, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, one of the few Sony execs who is active on Twitter and hasn't addressed the campaign yet, responded in the best way possible: by trolling everyone.

Sony business development manager Shahid Kamal Ahmad joined the fun too.

Well played, Sony. The good news is: if Sony executives are joking around about this stuff on Twitter, chances are they don't have anything super-restrictive planned for the PS4. Because if they do, and they're still trolling people... well, those people will riot in the streets.


    A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down as well. I can imagine them thinking DRM as medicine.

      Sony are all about region locking so I can't see why DRM is going to be any different.
      I remember they tried to implement DRM on CDs at one point.

        yet the PS3 was 100% region free, as was the Vita?

        edit: thanks for telling me guys, but the question was rhetorical xD

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          I think so. I've only found confirmation from the Web.

            As far as I know there's only P4A that is region locked on PS3, although I'm sure there would be a handful of others. Nothing significant.

            Yeah the PS3 is region-free. I imported Mortal Kombat from Hong Kong after the whole banning issue and it worked here no worries.

          yeh i recently brought a Vita game when i was in japan and it worked on my AUS vita ..

          so region lock free my friend !

          PS3 and probably Vita have region capabilities, but i believe that on ONE game was ever regioned on the PS3...DLC is regioned BTW, there are SLES AND SLUS game versions(the serial on the side of the case) and DLC will only usually work on your local versions

          But here is Persona 4 Arena article....region Locked

          Check out the Sony BMG root kit scandal from 2005-2007 for some background on Sony's previous attempts at DRM.

        lol Sony all about region locking...haven't region locked their consoles in about 10 years.

    "Shahid Kamal Ahmad joined the fun too."

    Or didn't get the joke in the first place.

    Bit disappointed, thought this was an announcement for a sequel to Ecco the dolphin :(

    Making light-hearted comments =/= Trolling

    Certainly is an epic troll, expectations to be kept in check of course, but it might be possible that Sony is going to be playing nice in a couple of weeks.

    Whether the campaign was the reason is irrelevant, as long as it doesn't happen.

    Sony are angels aren't they? *cough* cinavia *cough*

    Can you imagine the stiffs at MS being this cool? Nope

    Microsoft: "DRM? *chuckles awkwardly* Noooo we don't have that it is a Playstation exclusive.. NEXT QUESTION!"

    So based on the fact that Sony high ups are making fun of this campaign it clearly means they are either NOT going to bring in some ridiculous DRM (yay) or they are complete fuking assholes.

    They are either laughing with us, or at us...

    I dont believe there is middle ground?

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