Sony's Stock Jumped Up During Microsoft's Xbox One Reveal


    Not surprised. Human behaviour is usually judges from looks at first and I can tell you from the first glimpse it doesn't look that impressive, but we have yet to see. maybe their marketing teams will come up with something clever. I don't know.

    my honest opinion: they could've gone with a better name. I remember last time people asked why 360, now people ask why 1. They will say all in 1. The design looks rather shitty, but will have to wait on the game line up to judge, it'd not like I Starr at my current Xbox when I play my games on it.

    still need to see more.

      I can see the jokes now:
      XBox One: 359 steps behind our last console.

    Sony are probably waking up this morning with a big sigh of relief.

      I don't know. Recently the way Microsofts been going, I wouldn't really say that.

      I hope not. Never underestimate your competitors and all that.

      I'd like to think that too but whenever there has been a console reveal, rival stocks spike up.
      Investors have always reacted this way to new hardware.

    I'd like to expect the stock price to tumble after release but the fan boys will keep it to a slow decline

    Ha. Brilliant. The exhale of global disappointment, quantified in graph form.

    YES! But what I want to know is how many WIMMENZ were presenting at the Xbox 1 reveal!!!!

    Rabble rabble rabble....

    The best thing that can possibly happen for gamers is that the One and the PS4 are evenly competitive. You want good prices, better games, more R&D then you want competition. I think Sony have learned from their mistake.

      But it looks like this may well be Microsoft's PS3...bit too much hubris acquired during the last generation...

      Of course, that is said less than 24 hours after the reveal, and 6 months before release. Take a few spoonfulls of salt with my comment.

      I have to disagree with this, I think with the screw the consumer attitude microsoft has displayed their console needs to be destroyed quickly so the industry realises we will not tolerate this kind of nonsense.

      Someone will surely come to take their place.

    The rise in Sony stock is more likely a result of rumours of the spin-off of the Playstation brand.

    If there was genuine dissatisfaction in the market with the xbox launch then you are far more likely to see a drop in the MS stock price.

    Sony's stock also dropped when they revealed the PS4.
    How quickly we forget.

      Yeah but it is all just talk for the sake of it.
      Anyone can find trends to suit their purpose.

      I hope Sony do well and I hope all this MS anti consumer crap turns out to be an over reaction.
      Going by the recent past though, Sony is stepping up their game while MS is loosing its way (I am talking the whole brand not just PS/XB)

    Sony had no hardware to reveal back at their launch. That's the only reason why they got bad press. Microsoft has announced actual core features and is getting slammed for them. That's a huge difference. Sony came into this debate saying "we are here for hardcore gamers. If you are not hardcore, get lost".

    That is now a very powerful message to the gamer community. All Sony really needs to do now is have more powerful hardware, and decent game selection and they can walk this home. I suspect Sony wanted to get it out that they have a new console, but didn't want to show hardware so they could have more options. It wouldn't surprise me if Sony have a PS4 media/social network/online edition and a PS4 hardcore gamer edition so they have multiple launch options. I suspect now that Xbox One has been revealed they'll choose which system to launch based on consumer feedback to Microsoft's launch, as well as their own Playstation Launch.

    I expect the new Sony console to do at least half the media stuff the new Xbox does, but Sony won't hype those features much, expect 1-2 slides in their presentation on cloud, and expect 99% of it to be hardcore games for gamers. Aka their core/target market. It'll be interesting to see if Sony keep the social media features or not. Personally I would like to see dualshock 3 controllers working on PS4. Because rebuying controllers every generation is wasteful and stupid, but I can understand if they keep that tradition going. E3 is going to be very interesting this year. The stakes are a lot higher now, before I was expecting two pretty even competitors going in but now Microsoft's focus on media may have thrown Sony an advantage. Playstation 3 tried to be a do-all machine with tv tuner, media streaming (admittedly rubbish codec support) and Linux/Use it as a computer support at launch (the rumour for otherOS that I heard, was they approached Apple about PPC Mac OSX support for PS3, but Apple declined). They tried to do too much, and were never able to make any of those addins must-have features. I think Sony wants to refocus on core brand this time around.

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