Sony's Weird "Break-Apart" Controller May Actually Become A Thing

Though not from Sony. Despite reportedly toying with the idea back in 2008, the platform holder has to date never followed through with the idea of a controller that can break apart into two pieces.

In 2013, third-party peripheral manufacturer Mad Genius wants to. It's launching a Kickstarter campaign for its pad, which in addition to serving as a standard pad, can also be broken apart and used as a PlayStation Move-ish controller.

You can see a demonstration video above.

Just when you thought the days of waggle and motion were over!

Mad Genius [Site, via The Verge]


    Neat tech, not sure if I want this for games though. I can imagine this being used for presentations, for 3D sculpting - for many things... but do we NEED this for our games? Does it add anything for games?

    I'm always a fan of tech, and I don't want to diminish what these folks have worked hard for, but I'm not sure gaming is the best utilization of this technology.

      Perhaps it could work well with the Rift? I always hear peeps who have used it desiring motion controls of some kind.
      This could be a good solution giving accurate motion controls for immersions sake while still having regular buttons/sticks for when you need that kinda thing.

        It looks as if it were meant for the rift. The separation of the controller is neat. But the motion tracking stuff is really unconventional. Moving around while still focussing on the TV is not a good idea. It works for the Wii, because you don't necessarily have move off the spot unless you want to look silly while bowling.

    Finally! I have wondered how SONY so completely missed the mark with its Move controller. Each handset should have been identical - with triggers, an Analogue Stick and 4 face buttons (UDLR/∆X□O) respectively depending on which hand the device was in. Ah well its all a little too late. I cant really see this device becoming popular but I'm glad that there are some user customisable control options out there!

    terrible idea UNLESS it's totally wireless. in which case, i like it!

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the original design (and as far as I know, this one) is just a Wiimote and Nunchuck that can physically clip together?

    It's pretty much a razer hydra. Or a hyrda with a wii/kinect thing going on. I'm pretty sure each hydra controller has full 6 DOF tracking so the visual camera motion capture is not required.

    And as stated above, (and this goes for the hydra too) it needs to be wireless

    So sony have finally managed to rip of the wiimote and the nun chuck? A few years too late for this bandwagon.

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