Spintires Plans To Take Off-Road Driving To A Whole New Level

Oovee Game Studios took to Kickstarter to ask for help with creating their off-road driving game which, while nowhere near done, already looks amazing.

Oovee' Spintires will feature missions taking place in eighties Russia where you, as a truck driver, are tasked with driving cargo from point A to point B. The better you do (the less fuel you use, the less you damage the cargo, etc.), the more resources you get to improve your truck. There's some spectacular physics involved in all this. The above video, which doubles as a trailer, really, shows off what the actual driving will look like.

At the time of writing, Spintires' campaign has twenty-nine days to go, and is hovering at about £2,500 of a £40,000 goal. There's also a really cool tech demo available, which lets you experience the technology first-hand. If you're a fan of off-road driving, I'd urge you to check them both out.

Spintires — The ultimate off-road challenge! [Kickstarter]


    I've seen other games that look very much like this, but their names escape me.

    I'd probably get into it if it was cockpit view and supported steering wheels.

    Yeah looks pretty cool - they'll need to add a lot of value to the gameplay if they want to avoid another Microsoft Train Simulator though heh!

    MotorM4X: offroad extreme is similar, i know the mud looks like this game as it deforms...

    cabela's offroad adventure 2 is good too... i really want a good 4x4 game...

    It looks kinda fun actually! I could be interested.

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