Stab Up Close And Personal With Dishonored On Oculus Rift

And so the onslaught of Oculus Rift game videos continues with another game that I'd love to play with the thing: Arkane's excellent first-person stealth game Dishonored.

Here's Vaecon walking through the first 15 minutes of the game, all in ultra-immersive first person. I sort of wish he'd moved it along to a more action-packed part of the game, but it's still pretty cool to see what the game'll look like in VR. Man, I bet this makes leaning a whole new thing.


    How do these videos show us what it will be like in VR? We can have no real appreciation for it unless we are seeing it in 3d ourselves, not a dual fisheyed image.

      It's not about taking what you can from the visuals. The general idea of these sorts of videos is to learn from other people's experiences, similar to the marketing of the 3DS.

      You can almost mimic what it'd look like similar to those funny hidden images in an image thing. Full screen the video. Get closer to it so that when you go cross eyed the images blend. But be warned, this probably isn't the best for your sight :)

        Yeah, I was doing that but it doesnt really give you a 3d image like a properly prepared stereoscopic image does.

          If you're going cross-eyed to view Rift videos, you're doing it wrong. By going cross-eyed, you're effectively sending the wrong image to each eye, so the depth information is reversed (ie. it'll still look 3D, but things that should be going into the screen will be coming out and your brain will do weird things with it). To view them correctly, you need to move your focal point behind the image rather than in front.

          The best way to train your eyes to be able to do this is to play the video in a small window (the smaller the better really), move your face very close to the screen - almost touching, then slowly back off, gradually bringing your eyes back into focus. Once you've nailed it a few times, you wont need to do that, you'll just remember how to focus your eyes appropriately.

            Was just trying it to see what effect if any it had. I'd rather wait to get an occulus rift that bother with all that :D

            Thankfully I know how to focus my eyes, just gotta try your technique :) Thank you.

        I held my monitor up to my face but it didn't turn into anything like a 25" Oculus Rift. :(

      You do get a fair idea of how the head control works, shows how subtle & variable it is.

    The bigger news is that Valve has given Half Life 2 official Oculus Rift support.

    I stupidly thought... This just looks like two images. Maybe if I put my face really close I'll get the effect... Nope, just gets real blurry

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