Star Trek's Commander Riker Was Amazing At Sitting Down

You walk into a room. You're standing up, feeling pretty good. You're master of all you survey. But now it's time to sit down. How to sit while maintaining ownership of the room? Try Commander Riker's tried-and-true technique. It's amazing.

We all know I prefer to stand up, all things considered. But now that I've seen Riker in action, I might have to sit more often. This video, uploaded by WeirdHat and spotted by Tim Norton, documents Riker's moves:

- Lift the leg, go over the back. - Sit. - Resume eye contact. - Carry on the conversation as if you didn't just sit down in the most boss way possible.


    Bahaha that's genius, i'm going to start doing this constantly without saying anything and see if people notice.

    Though, i'm not sure everywhere has such lowback shairs. Ah scifi, is there no way of sitting down you cannot make possible :

      ^ Not going to edit. If anyone asks, I meant to write shairs and you're the stupid one for not knowing what that is.

      Seriously, get it together.

      Just be careful. You won't make the impression that you want if you nad yourself and have to go fetal to recover.

    Saw this on IGN earlier today... had me wondering if I should go back and check every episode over the next few months just to see if he's done that every ep now lol. Must have a bad crotch rash or something...

    I see there are no armrests in the future... They must've banished them when Riker tried his Riker-manoeuvre on one of them, and slipped right off the entire chair.

    I've always noticed this, it is the coolest method of sitting down that man has discovered - it's like he's a dog cocking his leg in order to mark his territory!

    Bah - Tall people. If I tried this I'd hit the back of the chair with my gut.

    When this was posted on Reddit yesterday someone had a theory of why he did it, which was then confirmed by Wil Wheaton

    Original comment:
    Frakes had a back injury, caused by having a job moving furniture. The result is the "Riker Lean," where you often see him on set leaning on chairs or consoles, or with one leg propped up on something. You can also see his body is tilted a little when he's standing up straight.

    I'd guess this has something to do with that. For each time we see him sit down, he probably had to do that same move dozens of times for each take. Just lifting one leg and sitting right down was probably easier for him than turning, contorting his back, and squatting down over and over. It's the same thing with the Riker Lean: he probably had no problem standing up for a few minutes, but shooting that show probably resulted in standing on set for hours on end. Dude had to find a way to work around his injury by leaning on things, or he wouldn't have made it.

    Wil's response:
    Source: I served on the Enterprise with Riker for 5 years.

      way to ruin a good joke with facts, guy.


    Pretty awkward when you see the screenshot, pretty badass when you see it in motion.

    lol wish I was that tall to go the Riker Sit Down. Don't try this with swivel chairs, it's bound to end in crotch grabbing disaster that is not covered by work cover.

    I don’t think I really noticed, the only times I noticed him sitting down was when he sat down with the chair backwards or with his legs a bit too far apart and you got a 4:3 screen full of 1980’s ballsack.

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