Star Wars Meets Mass Effect In A Crossover Dream Come True

It's not the first time we've seen an artist combine the two sci-fi universes, but it is the best time. These pieces by artist Zarnala aren't the only amazing works in her portfolio either.

There are dogs and cats in there that will make your day.

Zarnala [DeviantArt, via Uastis Again]


    Favourite article ever.

    I've always felt that the Mass Effect series is the Star Wars game we never got to play.

    Thank you so much for linking this. Serious Friday win.

      Mm. Makes me wonder why Bioware never made a star wars game with Mass Effect style dial-- oh. Hm. :)

    Best thing I have seen all week!

    I will be a party pooper and say: I didn't ask for this....

      Then why did you open the link and read the article?

      I'm sure the writers at Kotaku headquarters are very sorry they did not consult you on each and every article they wrote.

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