Subscribe Early To The Greatest E3 GIF Thread Of All Time

I love GIFs. I just love them. I especially love E3 GIFs. They perfectly encapsulate the hype and inevitable disappointment that comes with the press conferences. Without doubt the best ones are either created or on display in the annual neogaf E3 thread. I suggest you subscribe to this one early. Dis gon' be gud.

I've just spent the last 30 minutes trawling through them. At the moment it's mostly just reposts of classic GIFs from years gone by, but they're all amazing nonetheless. For me this is what E3 is all about, so I'm excited for the GIF worthy moments to come.

I didn't want to post them directly onto the site because a) it's worth heading to the thread itself to bask in the GIF glory and b) some of them are pretty massive. But my personal favourites are this and this.

Amazing stuff.

Head here to check out the thread in full.


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