Sydney Is Currently Covered In A Layer Of N64 Level Fog

I grew up in Scotland, so I'm used to fog, but in Sydney? It's a rare occurence. So when I rocked up to the Kotaku office this morning, located in Circular Quay, in the midst of a fog so dense I couldn't even see the Sydney Harbour Bridge it brought back memories. N64 memories.

I'll never forget loading up Turok: Dinosaur Hunter for the first time. 'What the hell is this,' I remember asking myself. 'Why can't I see five feet in front of me!' Then I sort of just tried to justify it to myself. 'This is dinosaur times,' I told myself. 'Of course the entire world is doused in a permanent fog.'

Sydney sort of looks like Turok: Dinosaur Hunter this morning. In the opening pic you can barely make out the iconic Sydney Opera House. Barely. Normally it's as clear as day at this range, but today it's just the barest of outlines.

And believe it or not, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is supposed to be in this picture. How is that even possible? I've never seen the likes.

I guess if we just walk a little closer the textures will pop in to view.



    Mind the velocitor raptors Mark. It is so hard to strafe with the face buttons and knowing the Sydney crowds...

      It's cool man, I have the Cerebral Bore.

        Hits me right in the nostalgia.....

        Turok 2 had the most amazing weapons... Remember the landmine that blew enemies legs off? Awesome. As for the fog, as long as no Silent Hill type monsters are roaming North Sydney, I'm happy.

    Nice link to games ;-)

    Haha, I can't believe I've never made the link to N64 before.

    ...would that make it a mist opportunity?

      I'm having a Haar time not making a pun myself (one for Mark)

    You should take a few snapshots of the Sydney morning crowd, put them together in a jumpy glitchy gif (jif?) and say it's Superman 64

    Someone's never been to Melbourne...standard everyday fair from May-October.

      Bloody Victorians!

      Honestly do you have to one up anything Sydney related?

      Can we not have a foggy day without a Melbournian saying "we got better fogs than Sydney, we've got derpy AFL fog with more culture"??

      Yeah but unlike Melbourne, in Sydney they regularly get this thing called "THE SUN" and it's not just a newspaper!

      Last edited 28/05/13 12:36 pm

        Less sun for no Alan Jones on the radio? I'll take that trade.

    Turok's cheat codes actually made it for me.

    Haha! I saw it on the news and thought that render distance was terrible!

    looks like you've never seen fog in melbourne either

    Is it just me or when Turok jumped, it sounded like the guy from Quake64??

    I can't believe they don't have the Vivid lights turned on on the bridge this morning. It'd look stunning.

    turok 2.. loved that game - ah the memories of corridor fog

    Darn it Mark! Now I'm going to have a hard time working all day today as I wonder where I put my N64, :-P

    mario kart 64's banshee boardwalk - misty as all hell as well

    We had this in Adelaide on Sunday. Couldn't see beyond my back fence. Was expecting Thomas Jane to burst into scene, screaming poorly written dialogue, shooting at vaguely obscured creatures.

    Psh, no Silent Hill reference makes ezk a sad man.

      Man, hit up twitter. You won't be disappointed!

        I don't do Twitter.
        That place makes me more sad. :(

        Hope you're a fan of fake milestones, I just became your 4000th follower.

    I got a call from one of my managers at work today and he meantioned the fog. Then he meantioned not knowing what he was doing, and then I said he probably couldn't see his screen. He paused for about 10 seconds, and then I was know, cause of the fog. Good times were had by all.

    Welcome to Silent Hill.
    we've been expecting you...

    Made for a good drvie to drop my Dad at the airport this morning thought

    No Persona 4 references? I am disappoint. For about half a second this morning I was terrified that I was too late in saving a victim inside the Midnight Channel.

    Relevance to Gaming <------------------------------/14 parsecs/-------------------------------------------> This Article

    Keep clutching at any excuse to post something guys, Real good work.

    White Walkers are coming :|

    Clearly you need the Expansion Pak...That Extra 4MB of ram Makes ALL the difference

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