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    How do you chase away the morning blues?
    My suggestion: Poptarts.

      Chocolate milk and cruisy music.

      A poo at work

        Sandy! You're back!

          Sandy actually posted on last weeks TAY. Everyone ignored him. XD

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            Edit: Whoa, wait, this didn't say Sandy before. Where? I missed it.

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              End of the first page! (Yeah, I edited after phrasing that wrong. :D)

      Jumping out of bed and killing the monster in the closet...

      Once the meds wear off I usually realise Ive destroyed yet ANOTHER teddybear of my sons...

        The monster did that, you saved the rest of them

      Poptarts sounds like poopfarts.

      Also, do self aware pop tarts eat poptarts for breakfast?

      /my contribution

    Meat Write-up thingie! Directors Cut Re-release Edition

    -I arrived just in time for dinner (best timing)
    - The dinner was amazing, I got some Garlic stake, haven't eat anything that good in ages!
    - I (Finally) learnt how to use chopsticks properly. (DC gave up on trying to use them, I can sympathise)
    - After dinner we decided to play that D&D board game.
    - I started the adventure off with running in a random direction everyone (except me!) taking one damage.
    - @dc ran the opposite way and got everyone in the party poisoned by spiders.
    - @dc gave up pretty early into the game.
    - Mrs Freeze decided she would be better off running away from the party and summoned a spider queen and some kind of giant troll thingie..
    - I summoned a dragon and then rand away!
    - @sughly and @freeze died heroically battling the dragon, then I ran in and killed it with an arrow.
    - After D&D we watched some movies!
    - First up was Drive, great movie (I had already seen it)
    - Next up was District 9. Man, that was such an amazing movie. SO.DAMN.GOOD
    - The following morning @dc and I talked about Fallout New Vegas and how damn better then Fallout 3 it was (HINT: it is heaps better)
    - Eventually everyone woke up so we went out for some awesome breakfast and looked around at EBGames (Their was no EBGirl for @dc).
    - We headed back to @freezesperston's place and he showed me Retro/Grade. Such an awesome rhythm game, I completely fell in love with it.
    - After we all decided to head off!

    TL:DR: (You monster!) @freezespreston threw an awesome meat. \o/

      Fallout NV is inferior to Fallout 3. It is known.

        No way, dood. No way! :)

        In terms of bugs on launch, yes.
        But I hear in terms of story and characters and meaningful choices, NV is far superior.

          I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of LIAM FUCKING NEESON.

      Director's Cut that's exactly the same:

      I just don't understand why anyone thinks 3 was better than Vegas.
      Someone actually mentioned (maybe on TAY, no offence chum) that they preferred how sparse it was in 3.

      For me Vegas looked better, played better, was written better and felt more fun overall.
      (I waited for the Ultimate Edition so I had a mostly bug-free experience)

        Matter of opinion, I guess. I finished Fallout 3 and all it's DLC three times on two systems. I finished Fallout NV and promptly sold it afterwards. *shrug*

          Well, you've played both more than me. I finished both and did some of 3's DLC and got bored.

          With NV I am stuck because I am too shit. I finished the main story, did a bunch of side shit then tried the survival horrorish DLC. I am bad with a knife...very bad.

        I personally felt 3's location was far superior but NV had a better plot and gameplay. If the two could be merged? Ungggggggh...

        Add to that NV was the real fo3 due to its direct connections to 2.

          It could have been superior, but they didn't pull it off as well for me.
          I've never been to either location irl but yeah...

          I can see what you mean though, with all the monuments and shizz.

            I went to D.C. in 2011 and kept on mentioning Fallout 3 wherever I went. XD

              " I killed a super mantant there once!"

              I used to do the same thing at China Town with mentioning Jackie Chan after seeing First Strike. :D

        I think Fallout 3 had some of that difficulty scaling that Oblivion had, and while that is not the best thing for gameplay it actually worked out great for me because as soon as I left Megaton I just spent hours wandering the wastes. I ignored all my main quests and just went exploring, and the game let me do what without bumping into any overlevelled 'hey you're not strong enough to be here yet bro' enemies.

          That's true, NV blocked your path with those insanely powerful enemies forcing you to go in the other direction. I liked following the story any way, though. :D

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          Oh yeah, I did that too. With Vegas though I was enjoying the story more and kinda liked the idea there was an area I was too shit for.
          I can see both sides to the argument though, if you just want to fuck around (which I did in 3) you can in 3. If you did in Vegas (I didn't) you couldn't do it nearly as much.

          I think that kind of helped the world building though. It felt special getting inside the Roman camp because I earned it, you know?

          But, I always prefer Metroidvania style over sandbox, that's just my bag :)

          I literally headed in the opposite direction to Megaton the first time I played F3 :D

      Thanks Freeze for an awesome weekend!

      I could see D&D was fun, just didn't feel like reading cards and doing math in my head. (In some ways, I'm a lazy guy. :P)

        There's maths involved!? I don't blame you for bowing out!

        Unless I'm allowed to use a calculator :P

          Really, really basic maths. Like 8 + 12. Haha! I was just feeling kind of lazy. :P

    Fahrenheit is $3 on GOG today!

    Game's got many a-problem, but is still all kinds of great for a large chunk of it.

      I played that on PC up until the bit where you have to make the face pic with the lady and it hung for over an hour loading, I came back then it crashed and screw PC games.

        It was otherwise a decent game :D

        Aw man, I could never give an accurate drawing anyway, but I convinced myself it's just because I wanted to protect Lucas' identity and not because I was terrible at it. :P

    Repost: COs I forgot about new TAY

    I watched District 9 last night then jhad an Alien Invasion dream.

    It was wierd and scary and fun and there was a time-jkump which my brain explained to me be showing me the PS4 was out.

    It was interesting though, cos I went on my usual walk home after the invasion and saw all the changes that happened.

    I blame @dc for mentioning he watched it, thus reminding me I hadn't :p

      so scenario for all TAYbies if time travel is involved

      "Oh man, I'm in the future! OH GOD, ALIEN INVA- Hey I wonder if the new consoles are out"

        Wait, I didn't mean there was time travel, I meant time had suddenly passed. Like the start of the dream was the invasion and the end was a few months after.

          Scenario B

          "Oh hey the PS4 is out"

    How's everyone doing? Should I try eve online?

      I'm a huge scifi fan, but EVE Online terrifies me. (Not that I've played it though. Haha!)

      Hey man! Hope you're well...

    Ding! Hit level 30 today.
    Still deciding what to spend my skill points on. Wondering if I should put points into dexterity or wisdom. Thoughts?

    To celebrate this occasion my family got me a WiiU, so thats very cool.

    But I got something else for my birthday, what was it again? Oh that's right, MONSTER HUNTER!!

      Happy birthday, my friend! Hope it's a good one! Hope you get licked by many a-puppy today!

      Be sure to get the Rayman Legends Challenges App from the eShop and add us all on TAYnames! :D (It's best to do that through MiiVerse and not the friends list.)

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      Dexterity is over-rated. Spec up wisdom first and use any remaining points on charisma.

        That's a fair call, although if work gets too nuts today I may change my mind and dump all my points in to melee weapons.

        Everyone knows Charisma is a dump stat, on character creation you should have subtracted points from Charisma and put it in another stat.

          No, Charisma lets you talk your way out of doing stuff! Hermits like that!

            You just put all your skill points into speech everytime you level.

              I'm talking streamlined RPG where there's no speech ones. :P

      Happy Birthday. Now buy 30 games for your Wii u to mark the occasion or kill 30 monsters :-)

      All strength, all the time. Ladies love the gun show.

      Happy birthday pupppylicks
      Sounds like some nice loot you got there

      Welcome to the best decade of your life, or as someone put it when I turned 30: The Dirty Thirties. :D

      Happy Birthday Plix!

      Remember to add us through MiiVerse for some huntin' !

    For all of you who (like me) view the 90s as the pinacle of human awesomeness, reference the below playlist that someone posted on reddit:

      While the 90's was great the 80's was the best, as evidenced by Blood Dragon.

        I wasn't around for the 80's, but they seem like a pretty cool guy.

        Honestly, if I could travel back in time, I'd go to the 80's - "Hot Tub Time Machine" convinced me.

          I was there man. Neon, neon everywhere.

            I was born in 77... in the 80s hot pink was 'tough'. Hot pink midriff shirts on men with mullets and cutoff denim shorts... thats for real I swear.

            You only see that at the mardi gras now lol


              We're not supposed to dress like that now?


        I much prefer 1940-2013 :p

          You're older than I thought...

            1940 is when superhero comics started...

      It seems your finger slipped and hit 9 instead of 8.

      You should fix that.

        You sir, are wronger than Matthew Wrong was in 1918 when he wronged the Róng writers while wringing his hands free from a rong on a ladder.

    Good morning to you!

    I'm still chugging along in Fire Emblem. Loving it. I've been taking the story missions slowly and training up my 'B-Team' on Risen maps (for no real reason because I don't use them :P It's fun though).

    Spoilers for units that I've paired-up (no story spoilers)
    I've been marrying units based on how different they are, they seem to have better conversations that way :P Donnel/Maribelle is my favourite at the moment in a rags to riches way (they're also unstoppable in battle now that Maribelle can attack as well). Miriel/Gregor is also a good one.

      Exotic Dancing Olivia and ignored Kellum sounds like a imperfect harmony, make it happen!

        I won't pair up Kellum, simply because that is his destiny.

          Poor, invisible Kellam.

      And so the pairing discussion begins

      Donnel/Lissa, because you know what's better than Owain, the best kid outta all the children? Overpowered Owain. Miriel/Libra and Gregor/Nowi. Yep, Gregor/Nowi. It's uncomfortable as all hell, and even their kid calls him out on marrying Nowi. So, y'know, worth it.

        I paired the player avatar with Lissa. Birthed Morgan as a cleric, who I promptly changed to a tactician. Now, as a grandmaster, she's my most powerful character by a long shot. Her attacks with lowest level magic beat out my higher levelled avatar's attacks with arc-magic. She's OP.

          Morgan is always one of the best characters, granted you don't derp too hard. My MC paired up with Cordelia; so my Morgan has Ignis, Luna, and Galeforce, as well as.. 50 or so speed and skill? along with a brave sword.. 4 hits on one enemy, every hit a guaranteed Luna or Ignis, and a bonus turn after the kill. It's ridiculous.

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      I've just been pairing them up in groups that feel 'right' to me. Didn't have much of a choice with Morgan since I have a female avatar and ended up paired with Chrom, though I'm not too upset about that. Lissa ended up with Lon'qu since the pair seemed to work pretty well - I advanced Lissa to the battle cleric class and the two are fairly competent at fucking shit up. I put Maribelle with Frederick and reclassed her as the mounted mage type (Valkyrie?) and paired up they're absolutely beastly. Plus it amuses me that the most refined and cultured pair of characters in the game could have such a delinquent son. I ended up having Nowi with Vaike - most of the options for her feel really off, but at least in his case his conversations were centered around giving her a purpose in life once he was gone. She's probably my second strongest character now, she's halfway through a second pass through the Manakete class and most enemy attacks just bounce off. The avatar fucks shit up more effectively but because of Nowi's seemingly lower level, the AI tends to target her. Which isn't a good idea.

      Gameplay question: if you class change to a class that can't use a certain weapon type you've got proficiency in, does it reset proficiency forever? Eg if I had a mage, got to A in Tomes, then shifted to Cleric, got A in Staffs, then shifted to Sage which can use Tomes and Staffs, would they have A in both to begin with? Or would the Tomes be reset back to E?

      Also skill building: when are skills unlocked? I was moving all my characters to advanced classes once they hit 10 or so in the base class, should I at some point move them back to a base class and stay there to 30? How long should they stay in the advanced class? Aside from being able to respec to another advanced class is there any reason to get them all the way to 30 before changing? Aside from stat inflation is there any major advantage in putting them back into the same class at level 1 once they hit 30?

        Proficiency does not reset.

        Skills are often unlocked at levels 5/15, with a few classes having skills unlocked at 10 (but not much.)

        Maribelle and Frederick amuse me, considering Frederick is a battle butler. Vaike is.. uh... vaike. Lissa and Lon'qu work pretty well, I can dig it.

    Haven't played it in a couple of days. Am in Tomb of the Giants, about to face my first skeleton dog thing. Any tips? I hear they're not dangerous at all. I'm thinking of charging in unarmed, without armour, and try to punch it in its stupid bony snout. Any improvements on this plan would be welcome.

      Seriously I found them to be real stamina killers, dodge rather than block when they attack and never let them corner you.

      Pain in the ass to kill I either do two things, zerg in with a spear and try and kill it before it kills me but that has mixed results, another is pyromancy usually 3 fireballs kill it and you can strafe its hits.

        Yeah, thinking my fully upgrade pyromancy flame might see some action at last.

      Scream a lot, then try strafing a bit.

        Hahaha, I'm yet to perish in this place, but I've bought totally into the hype that it's the worst place ever. Like I did with Blighttown before I didn't die there too :P

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          It's annoying, but it feels more like lazy design compared to Blighttown. The dog skeletons are really the only problem with the place, I found.

    Ohhhhh lordy - She & Him have a blondie cover in the new album.


      Zooey's finally won your heart? :D (Or do you pretend it's not her. Haha!)

        That's right, that's the band with Zooey Deschanel, isn't it?

        I've always been a fan of her singing, just not her acting. That, and M. Ward is amazing

    *first Ico/SotC better arrive today post of the week!*

      It won't!

        Why not? 2-4 day delivery in Australia for Brisbane. Shipped on Tuesday. :S


        Optimism, my friend!

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      Here's hoping Fire Emblem arrives this week for me.

        You need that game in your life.

          Me too, but I went and ordered other games :-/
          I'll get it in July I think.

    I had a massive weekend, so I haven't watched Strip Search. I'm not ignoring your comment, I just can't read it yet. Expect a response tonight. But probably in this TAY, not the last one.


      I LOVED Drive. Different from what I expected (more stylized and all that), but I really liked it. Also I can see why you guys love that synthy opening song, fits the scene perfectly. Got the impression Mrs. Freeze wasn't a Drive fan though. :D


        Yeah, Drive is a completely different movie than anyone expects it to be.

        I remember sitting in the cinema with my mouth open when Blanche gets blasted in the hotel room. To go from all the super tense, slow build up to that was just ridiculous. Great movie.

          That elevator scene too... Eeeeeep! Loved that scene on the beach too, with the lighthouse light sweeping into frame every couple of seconds. So beautiful!

          Edit: Also didn't expect Christina Hendricks to get killed off so quick. D:

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            Note to self:
            @dc finds creepy masked men drowning old men to be beautiful. Stay away from him as you age.

              *shakes fist*

              I was talking shot composition, I swear. Headlights over cliff. Waves crashing. :D

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                The screams, the fear in the eyes, the last sigh of life

                *Smiles, nods and nervously looks for the exit*

    Fringe. Spoilers.

    Finished season one last night, and BELL IS LEONARD FUCKING NIMOY.

    That is all.

      That s1 final reveal is still a great OH SHIT moment

        It took me a moment, it's panning out from the window and I'm waiting for the city to be on fire or look majorly different..... then I realised - OH SHIT WORLD TRADE CENTER.

    Hola Tayberinos

    DOS DIA!

    Pretty much all packed. EXCITED!

    Last day at work today. AMAZED!

    Played a bunch of Monaco on the weekend. TENSION

    It's great, pick it up. RECOMMENDED

    Multiplayer is frantic. CHAOS


    Mine is Heat, of course!

      I dunno, I can't remember any.
      What's a list of good Heist films?

        Off the top of my head?

        Ocean's 11 & 13 (12 was terribad)
        Italian Job (original, but remake was competent)
        Lock Stock I suppose could be a heist film
        Usual Suspects

          Well, from that list...I'd have to say Lock Stock.

          I can't remember Sneakers because it's been so long.
          I only saw bits and pieces of both Italian jobs :-/
          Ronin's car chase went on for too long, but was good.
          Usual Suspects DVD I hired had a scratch and kept skipping and I still haven't seen more than 5 mins.

      When does your adventure start? I'll miss you Red! :'(

      Soviet arcologies!

        I was gonna say I'd miss you, but after that crack I won't. Wednesday 6am!

      Does Reservoir Dogs count?

      If so, Reservoir Dogs.

      If not, fuck your rules, Reservoir Dogs.

      Ariel. Note: it's only a 45 minute film, and it's not a film, it's an episode.

        One of my favourite Firefly's ever. A rare glimpse at the 'civilized' colony worlds. :'(

          Out of Gas

          My top 3 Firefly episodes, in no particular order.

      Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

      The hell you mean it's not a Heist film?

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      Does Snatch count as a heist film? I guess it doesn't really, but I'll say it anyway :P

        Sure it does! And it's a great one too.

      I really like Nine Queens. It's an Argentinean film, so it may be hard to find if you want to watch it. I also like The Bank Job. Based on a true story, stars Jason Statham. Pretty good movie imo.

      I think the only "heist" films I've seen are Oceans Eleven and The Italian Job, and while they're pretty close I think Edward Norton is too good a villain for me not to give Italian Job the nod.

      That said, The Score was equally excellent.

      Inception's the only thing that comes to mind at the moment, but I loved it!

        Oh maaaan. I love that film. 1 of only 2 BDs I own :D

          Was the first Bluray I bought when I got a HDTV. :D

      I'd go with Heat and Reservoir dogs, for entirely different reasons. Reservoir dogs is a heist film, but I think Heat is more the serious variety. Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. Epic.

    Too much Beyond: Two Souls stuff on Kotaku. Media blackouts are tough. :'(

      I especially liked the bits where

      I wonder if @dc will click on this if I tag him.

      I wonder if he'll keep clicking

      despite the increased risk of spoilers with each new tag

      Nah, don't worry DC, I wouldn't spoil you

      Or would I?

      I might still be harbouring some secret frustration about your reaction to Dark Souls


      Did you close that last tag in a panic?

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    Most of this weekend all I did was play CiV and wallow in my own filth.

    I got my learner licence on Friday, first time I've held any kind of license since I let it expire when I was 17. Now I just need to get some driving lessons.

      Good luck, man. I got my L's when I was 24 or something and didn't care for driving at all. :D

        I haven't cared whether I drive or not, but since we have a car it's not fair to make my wife do all the driving. I would have had a licence already except right before my Ls expired my mother borrowed the money I saved for the test and didn't pay it back in time.

        She then bitched and moaned about how "if you could drive you could do this [pointless errand, like buying cigarattes] instead of me" from when I turned 18 till I moved out shortly after turning 21.

        So anyway. Driving. My wife thinks I am downplaying my excitement at being able to drive. It's been like... 13 years since I drove legally, ten years since I drove illegally, and I have given it no thought since. I really am not that excited.

        Got mine at 20 and I thought I was the one leaving it late lol.

          Actually, when I was around 24 I told myself I'd wait til I was 25 since after 25 you don't have to do the logbook nonsense.

          So I did give it SOME thought.

          But still, it took another 6 years to make anything happen.

          I'm 31 this year. Got my learner's at 29...still don't have a license.

      Going for auto or manual?

        I took lessons in a manual when I was 16 but I can't be bothered. I'm sure I'm a disappointment to my father, but i'll stick with Auto. Manual is just a hassle.

      I did lessons late last year, I hated it.
      My wife keeps pushing me to drive, I really need a license, it would make life so much easier. But I hate it.
      Really horrible feeling.

        Imagine tryign to pick up Chie on your pushbike??

          Hey! I can ride a scooter no probs. Cars though *shudder*

        I was an alright driver when I was 16, I don't imagine my skills have atrophied, really.

        If you'd never driven til you were 29 I can understand why it wouldn't be something you take to well. My wife's aunt also just got her Ps last year and she's still really nervous - none of it comes natually so she has to overthink everything and stress herself out.

        She lets her husband do all the driving when they're together, even when it's a long drive and he's practically falling asleep at the wheel!

          Long drives are worse for me! I dunno why. Maybe cos I'm busy driving in small streets but on a long one I feel like Im gonna veer off into oncoming traffic at any moment

          It's weird

      Got my L's as soon as I was 16.

      Got my P's when I was 16.5.

      After passing driving test mum says "thats fine that the instructor thinks you can drive, but now you have to convince me!"

      Don't drive until I am 21 :(

      Looking back on that part of my life, I don't undertsand why I allowed myself to be pushed around so much :(

        Ugh. See my mother was ok with my driving and expected me to just be able to take over some of the driving for her, but she didn't want to take the time to give me any lessons or help me with them (I had to pay for them all out of my own pocket), then she cockblocked me from being able to pay for my Ps.

        I really should have a full licence by now, not just learning. I've had plenty of time to go get it since then but I've always felt a bit like "what's the point, I'm already (20, 25, 30...) etc.

    *crashes through the ceiling*

    HI TAY!



      I'm hearing this a lot lately.
      Also - split screen local multi?

      I think I need to get this game... Once I set my PC back up in a week or two.

    Morning TAYbies. My baby sister got married on the weekend. It was such a great weekend, everything ran so smoothly, nothing went wrong the whole time. They head off on their honeymoon in a couple of weeks.

      Congrats! Did they book their honeymoon through you? :P

      I got married in 2008 and *still* haven't been on a honeymoon :-/

        Send me an email, I can put something together for you :)

          Booking a honeymoon isn't the problem.
          Finding the time is.
          We've been overseas and interstate muliple times since getting hitched, nothing I'd classify as a honeymoon though.

          Thanks for the offer though ;-)


      Wait, you meant 'baby sister' as in 'younger sister,' didn't you? Right, that makes more sense