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    Guten morgen klasse sieben.

      Why seven?

        Because our year 7 German class had a CD that said that every time :D

          So you couldn't remember any other german number? :P

            ALL LUCKY SEVENS!


            No, it's just that particular phrase stuck with me because it was played so often :D

            eins, zwei. drei, vier. funf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun, zehn, elf, zwolf, dreizehn etc. (spelling errorz)



    I had a chance to re-read The Lesser Evil this morning (received a digital proof for the omnibus edition!). It's not as lousy as I remember it being \o/ but I genuinely can't decide how I feel about the new cover. I don't think I like it.

    @virus__ haven't heard from you re: the silk The Living End banner I have on offer. Want it?

    @dc (and Spec Ops folks), I have started playing Spec Ops. Unsure how I feel about it so far.
    Played about three hours of this last night. It's tough. Keep dying. I suck at shooters. I'm currently stuck at the bit where Walker has fallen from the top of the skyscraper and is now unarmed and surrounded by guys hunting for him. Only weapon in reach is a damn shotgun :P

    Don't know if I've made any choices yet. The CIA guy was edging away from me while talking, and I thought he was up to something, so I shot him in the leg to stop him moving. My guys took that as a cue to open fire :\ (guess I tried to make a choice the game wouldn't allow... but I kind of suspected that blood was inevitable there)

    And the hostage situation right at the start. I opened fire. The guy ended up dead anyway. Unsure how scripted that was, because I'm pretty sure no one actually shot him :P

    Last edited 06/05/13 8:36 am

      I did the same thing with the CIA guy. I wonder how common it is. With the unarmed situation you can melee one of the guys and take their weapon

        Hahahaha, oh man, I really suck at these games. Here's something I just found out from the internet:

        I'm not actually unarmed. I have a full pistol :P
        I was misled by the "0" indicator. Keep forgetting it's zero spare bullets. But I still have a full clip.

          Are you serious!!!???
          I went through that ENTIRE section trying to steal a gun!!!
          Bes tthing to do is to take the shotty, hide behind the car and take at people as they approach - just make sure you watch both flanks. It took me about 15 tries. Super frustrated. lol.
          But seriously - keep playing - such an amazing game :D

      The gameplay is a bit clunky and the game is really tough, even on lower difficulties.

      I consider this to be part of the narrative experience. There is a bit near the end that will feel like you are beating your head against a brick wall, but please, please get through!

        Damn it, I should have picked "easy" mode :P

          Pretty sure you can change it on the fly, can't you?

      Hey man, I haven't been getting @ mentions or notifications for people responding to my comments.. So sorry!

      Uh, I would like to say yes. But alas I do not have any space to put it =/ So I will have to say thanks, but no thanks cause if I can't hang it I would feel guilty! I have to find room (I won't) for a place to hang my signed Living End poster from the retrospective tour =/

    Just clarifying, as I'm sure this isn't the case.

    But our "arguments" about the specifics of games ect don't piss you off do they?
    I'm pretty sure they don't since you keep coming back for more, but the net is a strange and wondouros place and I've pissed off people for less.


      Yeah stuff you Jimmy, for something something something. :P

      Course not Jemu :)

      But I don't quite understand your last point :P. That's what I'm saying - Fire Emblem and P4G are both excellent in their own genres so it's hard to compare them :). And it's a bit unfair for you to compare them since you haven't played both.

        I played the demo, that was enough to show me I'd never like it as much. I just like the playstyle of P4G more and that's before you consider the social aspects let alone the art style or anything else.

        I do understand what your saying and normally I have that kind of thinking but in a special case like this I can compare.

          I'm pretty sure I will like Faih Imblim btw, just not as much ;-)

          I've never attempted writing a top ten games of all time, but I'm loving P4G so much that atm it is prolly on there.

          (one day I will, one day I'll write a top ten!)

            I'll help you.

            1. Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Ed (360)
            2. Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Ed (PS3)
            3. Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Ed (PC)
            4. Demon's Souls
            5. Dark Souls (360)
            6. Dark Souls (PS3)
            7. Dark Souls 2 (360)
            8. Dark Souls 2 (PS3)
            9. Dark Souls 2 (PC)
            10. ...


              I have to respectfully disagree here. Surely DS: PTDE (PS3) is superior to the 360 version!

                Indeed. It's the version that has "YOU DEFEATED!" back in, after all. :D

              Demon's Souls: Black Phantom edition.

                Time for an EDIT @shane

                  What. I don't edit my posts.

                  Last edited 06/05/13 9:31 am

                  Is ok, @shane
                  Game of "fuck" is pritty phunn :p

                  Last edited 06/05/13 9:33 am

            I'm not sure about top 10 but P4G is really up there for me... ok, maybe it's in the top 10 :)

            Definitely top 10 JRPGs though!

              I can def say that JRPGs are in my top 3 genres with 2D platformers


    Also, a general apology to everyone for my appauling spelling.

    MS Word has ruined me, you should see my handwriting *facepalm*

      No need to apologise. :)
      I'm just happy you're around again. I don't really care about your spelling.

        I'll only be back as long as I sit at a desk where the monitor faces the wall.
        (and evenings)

      You only need to apologise to Paul for using his name in vain.
      Not to me. It doesn't bother me.


    Last edited 06/05/13 12:30 pm

      Third times the charm.

      So.. A straight man..?

      That's generally just called friendship.

        Or kidnapping!
        It's how I meet new people!

        Friendship, fuck i already have too many friends, i have been meaning to cull some of you but I can't bear the suffering it will inflict on you people.


            Nah i need you as part of my "rocketman is cultured as fuck initiative"
            also because "I'm not racist, a yellow guy is a good friend"

      "non lesbian, non gay man" you have a date with a straight man then?

      Edit: goddamn it BDKIAF....

      Last edited 06/05/13 8:45 am

        Ooooo. The early bird gets the platonic worm!

      Enjoy your mandate! \o/

      Also, congrats on the job! \o/

      Last edited 06/05/13 8:45 am

        I spose i would love you all less if you weren't all super sarcastic all the time.

      Things appear to be looking up, Rockets. *hugasaurus*

    Hello Everyone! It's chilly for those who haven't been out yet...and there you have my 'Amazing Comment of Observation' for today.

      Hello HotDamn!. I'm wearing a singlet. I know not of this "chilly" of which you speak. :P

        I admire your foresight, Strange. However, aren't you in QLD? It's 20 degrees up there and apparently on 14 degrees here. So....just sayin'! ;-)

      I had a runny nose all morning on the way in... bloody Melbourne weather

    Wow... so this is what these things look like before they hit the quadruple digits. What a sight.

      It's creepy isn't it. Like being in a shopping centre before it opens

        Hmm. I have done this before. LotR marathon at Burwood when the third movie came out.

        Though I think creepier still was going to a 24-hour Kmart at Casula for the Wii U launch at midnight. That was just friggen weird.

      If you get in on the first page, it's easier to stick around to the quadruple digit stage.

        *looks around*

        Nope, still too overwhelming and/or scary. Retreat!

          Come baaaaack! We don't bite.

          Oh wait...Mr. Taco you say?! Hmmmmm. :P

            What? I don't see any Mexican foodstuffs around here >.>

              That's funny...I could have sworn.....
              *goes off to search Page 2*

    At Junes, everyday is Customer Appreciation Day. Come see for yourself, and get in touch with our products! Every day's great at your Junes!

    Speaking of deviantart, noice

      meh (I can't see DA at the wurk)





      Whoaaaaaa! :O


    I saw your reply on the previous TAY. YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM ME! (Ugh, Ser Stalkulus). I don't recall ever having problems with the menus in WeeGee's Mansion 2. What specifically are you talking about?

      Just the way it looks, just seems super outdated and crappy. It's also pretty pixelated :/

      It still functions fine, I'm just talking aesthetically :P

        I found it very simple which I really liked. Usually when you start getting flashy / fancy menus you start losing practicality.

          An ingame menu should be practical, not pretty looking (That's just my opinion though).

            WHy can't it be both ? :)

              It should, but most of the time it isn't.

    Adrian Edmonson and the Bad Shepherds were so damn fun. You all missed out. Man, those guys can play. They opened with 'Anarchy in the UK' and managed to make that anthemic, ranty song sound beautiful and floaty. And it only got better from there.
    At one point it even sounded almost exactly like that bit in FFVIII when you have to organise the festival and you need to choose music parts and instruments for each character. :D

    First time I'd been to a non-metal gig fora while and I'd forgotten how chilled it can be. At metal gigs from the moment you go in there's always a bunch of people staking claims at the front but this show was funny because before the band came on there was just a big open space in front of the stage. There were a fair few people close to the front who obviously wanted to be right up to the stage but it was like they didn't want to look like they wanted to be, so they were all moving towards the stage inch by inch. :P

      If it's like when I did that bit in FF8 then it sounded teeerible :p

        It was like the guitar, flute and violin parts.

          a yootoob? D:

            Sorry,I know you can't youtube, the link was more for others who wouldn't know FFVIII very well. I realised as I hit 'Submit' I probably shouldn't have made that a reply to you.

              I forgive you...this time >:-(


    So here's some good news that I direly needed, my parents are going away for a whole month to tour Europe, I got the house to myself until then! \o/
    Downside: I gotta study to recertify my CCNA which expires soon /o\
    Hope everyone's having an amazing morning.

      All I read was party at Techie's, everyone is invited :D

        I have a lot of single player games, a PS3 with one controller, one PC and one laptop... I'm not good at this "hosting a party" thing. :P

          I'll bring boardgames.
          Either that or techie's plan is a party where we all study CCNA documentation

            Bahahaha :)
            Boardgames I can do, I got a larger living area

    Dear TAY, as I write this, I am very sad. Our president has been overthrown and REPLACED BY THE BENEVOLENT GENERAL KRULL. ALL HAIL KRULL AND HIS GLORIOUS NEW REGIME. Sincerely, Little B-Funk.


      I'll take ten

      Last edited 06/05/13 9:28 am

      Now, this isn't uncommon, seeing toys based around bodily functions.

      But those shifty eyes. Goddamn, those shifty eyes.

      The toy is much more poignant than it seems at first glance.
      Whilst not particularly physically strenuous, the mental steps it encourages the children to take set them up for a life of doing things they don't want to do, but are required to. All part of being an adult, making sacrifices and doing undesirable things (in this case, this will eventuate to the actions of picking up the fresh faeces of another living animal) for a trade-off they deem reasonable (the companionship of man's best friend, because cats are the worst). In this age of babying our children and telling them they are the best at everything, which when brought to the reality of life will expose to them how much you lied to them for years and even decades, this simple toy teaches one critical life lesson: At some point in time, you will have to pick up someone else's crap. Deal with it.

        Our text message conversations usually only last until you tell me what you had for dinner, yet you spill 200 words on dog poo toy?
        The worst.

    Hi @dc

      @jimu! Have you heard of this game called Ico! It's good! :P

        Yes! I owned it on PS2, got stuck and never finished it! /o\

        I liked it.

    Morning all.
    How is everyone?
    I've pretty much given up on being outraged about America's idiocy in regards to video games. We can't really do anything, it's the Americans who can change it, but the NRA won't allow it. =/

      "What are the positives of a bad talk show?" was what made me lol, such a burn

      As Blood Dragon has taught me: Anyone who thinks games make people aggressive is a fucking idiot. Fuck in this case meaning Failing to Understand our Capacity for Kindness.

      I love this game so much.

      Yeah, I feel the same way. It use to outrage me but we can't do anything about it so I've moved into the "meh" category.

        That's what I'm doing \o/

    We've had our car a scant 4 months and my wife is already agitating for us to get something else, something smaller, newer and sportier, since money grows on trees now. And of course the fact that I'm 6'3" and won't fit behind the wheel of anything too small hasn't stopped her dreaming about the Toyota Yaris and the Hyundai Getz. Her solution? "We can just keep the Sonata so you have something to drive too!"


    Pardon me. I needed to vent. I'm not actually mad.

    I also woke up with a nasty cold. The kind where your nose just runs and runs but blowing it accomplishes nothing.

    Last edited 06/05/13 9:57 am

      Has one of her friends just got one?
      Not much you can do unless it becomes constant nagging. People can dream and as long as it isn't putting pressure on you there isn't too much harm in that.
      You have a perfectly functional car that sounds like what you need. It's not like you have a young family and went out and bought a ute. That would be the blurst.

        Nah, none of her friends have cars. It seems like everyone around us (including her dad and aunt) are just learning to drive, but only her and her aunt have actually gotten to the stage where they're on their Ps and own their own cars. Granted, her aunt bought a brand new Suzuki Alto (another car I can't even fit in) but she earns twice what I do.

        I will admit that the Sonata is a bit big and kind of hard to park, that doesn't make money magically appear in the bank. /o\

    Morining TAY.

    I downloaded the Open Beta/Soft Launch for Neverwinter. Oh man, that's some game. It has a lot of what I thought were the "best bits" of a lot of different MMO's. Kinda glad that it is F2P, kinda disappointed that the $200 "Founder Pack" costs so much - I would like to play as a Menzoberranzen Renegade, but not going to pay for the privilege. I'll probably play on and off for a bit, but the economy already feels skewed towards the $$ store.

    If anyone else is playing, or is interested, I'm playing on the "Dragon" shard. You can friend [email protected], I'm a Half-Orc Rogue.

    Well I finally made the choice to continue with my xcom game knowing that I was in a dire position and wouldn't be able to win
    Had one last roll of the dice to save humanity

    It didn't go quite as planned
    Well have to start again now and see if the mistakes I made that time around can be avoided

    Sitting by myself in a VMax cinema with about 4 other people in it to see Iron Man 3.

    It's a little strange and creepy feeling.

      I did that, but two of them were friends. Also, in 3D.

      Are you sitting directly behind somebody?

        No you're doing it wrong, you should be sitting directly IN FRONT of one of those 4 other people and chew your popcorn loudly :P

      Sounds almost perfect to me. I love it when nobody else is in the cinema.

        I went to the cinema when everyone thought Brisbane was flooding again -

      You'll be fine as long as you don't see anyone at the back in a long coat grunting

    Morning all!
    Moved house on the weekend!
    Got HeartGold for $20, found the old DS, it still had charge from when I last plugged it in around 2009. Pip is now discovering the wonderful world of Pokémon, which likely means we'll be able to do a collaborative play through of X and Y later this year (if I get her a 3DS). I'm actually quite excited about that since I've generally done solo play throughs and just sighed wistfully at the gaps in the Pokédex.
    Also started playing Fire Emblem, seems like it will be well suited to 40-50 minute bursts on the commute.
    Hopefully should even have internet at home tonight!

      Pokemans! \o/

      collaborative play through of X and Y later this year

      Living the dream!

        Do you know if you'll get X or Y?
        I want X but am thinking Y cos X seems thr popular choice.

        At least I can trade online this time! \o/

          Really? I thought everybody wanted Y :P

          I haven't decided yet. I'll wait to see if the regions/stories are any different. Not going to look at version-exclusive Pokemon though, I want most of the new Pokemon to be a surprise! (plus I can just trade with someone in TAY if I want something exclusive so it doesn't matter)

            I kept hearing X, did you hear Y, really?

            I was just worried everyone I knew would get the same one and I'd be stuck.
            What about you @greenius @mawt @bish

              Y based on the cover legendary and I always seem to end up with the second one.

                Really? How do you get the second? Just cave in and buy it later?

                (but he still never played Platinum frickimfrackim)

                  No, I mean when I choose by legendaries I somehow always ended picking the second game in the title. So Silver, Sapphire, LG, Pearl, SS, White/2. Bit of a tradition :)

                If you get Y, I can get X & we can trade \o/

              I'll be getting both straight away. I'll base my decision of which one to "main" based off which non-legendary version exclusives I deem to be the "better" pick.

            My choice has been based on the colour scheme and legendary so far, who knows how I'll actually feel come October.

          X for me, Y for her. I listed off both options for each Gen and got her to pick one.

      $20? SO good!

        Pity Silver is still 50.

          Wait...there's more $20 HGs?

            I'm out in the sticks now so no-one buys the cheap games. There's still 15+ HGs at my local target. And same for OoT, etc.

              Woh! I want $20 HG, which sticks you at?

      I attempt playing Fire Emberu in 40 min bursts. 40 minutes quickly becomes 5 hours though.

      Also I know exactly what you mean about Pip and losing that solo drought. So good. My son got into pokemon in a big way, makes it so much more enjoyable for me to play along with him.

      Last edited 06/05/13 10:46 am

        3 more years!

          Ash was playing before he could read. Needless to say, these were the less enjoyable times of playing pokemon together.

            Just not keen on handing my son a 3DS til he turns 6 so i can still sue Ninty when he goes blind.
            He's been playing Sonic 2 on PSP & Guacamelee on Vita, kid's a natural :-)

            Last edited 06/05/13 11:43 am

              But... he doesnt have to have the 3d on jimjim

                Like he won't switch it on

                Oh wait, There's an option that switches it off forver yeah? Hmmmmmm

                  I believe it can be disabled with parental controls.

        Kinda funny that I'll break it at the point it would be getting advanced enough to break it online anyway. But yeah, definitely looking forward to it - I can pace my play through to about what time she has, no need to rush.

      Sorry I'm forgetful, where are you staying now?

        Ages away on the northern fringe. Decent train trip = games and was the reason for me to finally get a 3DS, so not all bad. Larger home, cheaper rent, reasonable prospects for buying in the area.

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