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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY @markserrels!

    In other news, To The Moon is $3.99. Convince me.
    (Also Dreamfall and Longest Journey for $3.99 and $5.99 @dc)

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      Happy birthday! (I am terrible with birthdays ._. )

        Me too. I just do what Facebook tells me! \o/

          You're friends with THE Serrels on Facebook? Dude, screw the writing career, you've made it already.

            The only way I can maintain my enthusiasm for writing is by convincing myself that he friended me because of it :P

      It's a good game.

      Also >>

      Convince you? It's $4. Don't be that guy.

        It's a day's budget for food. I need convincing.

        I will, I always am.
        Cheap doesn't justify a purchase.

          This is why we can't have nice things, Jim.

      HAPPY @markserrelsDAY

        Oh look. I ruined it. LIKE I RUIN EVERYTHING.

      HAPPY SERRELS DAY! may your porridge be ... porridgey

      I'm bad at birthday messages


      The Longest Journey/Dreamfall. There's two worlds. A world of science and a world of magic, that have been kept separate from one another. A few people have the ability to cross the divide into other world. April Ryan is one of these people in the first game, Zoe just might be too when she begins to hear voices through her worlds technology insisting she finds April Ryan, saves April Ryan in Dreamfall. Amazing games. To the Moon is just like a book. Instead of turning page, you click on hotspots. It's really damn good too.

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      Buy it or @blaghman will shake his head disapprovingly at you
      You wouldn't want to disappoint the blaghman would you

      To the moon is one of the best stories in a video game I have played recently. Even at full price, this game is more than worth it (Set aside 5 hours to play from start to end for full effect) :)

    I watched so much Alien on the weekend that nothing happened.

    Not even an Alien related dream.

      Man I had this dream one time about an Alien film written by Joss Whedon and directed by Jean Pierre Jeunet. It had the worst story of all time and it was a stain on the series as whole. It was the most retarded thing ever. Wait, that makes it a nightmare, right?

      Boy am I glad no one actually made that film.

        Better than Aliens


            There's only one alien film better than Aliens. It's called Alien.

              No Alien movie is better than Aliens, but the first is pretty close. :P

                There's a difference between your favourite and the best.

                For instance, Final Fantasy 8 is my favourite, 7 is the best.

                  Nope. *folds arms stubbornly*


                  @dc *wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink*

                  (Prometheus is my favourite this month even if itt's not really an Alien movie)

                Aliens is an amazing action film, Alien is an amazing suspense/horror. I guess I prefer suspense/horror, hence my favouritism. I like the slow burn over in your face action. Some of the imagery in Alien though is just sublime, the art direction and set design just bleed through the camera, so good.

                  Only saw it once. When I was sixteen. I like slow burn, suspense horror too. Maybe it's worth picking up on Blu-Ray sometime. XD Aliens I've seen about ten times.

                  @dc Honestly, for years I was exactly the same and thought Aliens was my favourite, and had also watched it tonnes. Then I saw Alien as an older viewer and my whole preference changed, and I've since seen Alien as many times.

                  Oh cool! Will make a point to rewatch then!

              There's two, the others are on par.

        Alien 3 is the worst Alien film and just a terrible film in general. The others range from awesome (Alien, Aliens), good (AvP) and average (Resurrection, AvP2).

          I refuse to even watch the AvP movies. XD

            I really like the first AvP. It's a great mix of action and horror like Aliens and the original Predator, and the Predator teaming up with the human and regarding her as a hunter is ultracool and adds a great layer of depth to the Predators as a whole, really showing them as having honour to what they do and that they aren't just evil hunters.

            AvP2 isn't great, but it has some decent action and the Predalien is sort of cool, which is why I consider it on equal footing with Resurrection. Neither Resurrection or AvP2 are great films, but there's enough about them I can like that I don't consider them horrible.

              Theyre no Blade Runner

                Except for all the replicants.

                (Had to be said. XD)

            This is a wise decision my friend. Very wise.

          I question the sanity of any sentient being that rates Resurrection higher than 3, no matter how bad you think 3 is.

            I really liked Resurrection. Had a lot of smart ideas behind such an awkward implementation.

            Sigourney Weaver and Winona Ryder did a really good job in it, and the human/alien hybrid was super creepy. The only redeeming factor 3 had was Ripley sticking it to the man at the end, but other than that the whole film was utter trash.

              Resurrection was completely out of place with the entire series, I felt. Jeunet is an amazing director, but he's an arthouse director. Whoever decided he'd be good for an Alien film should be killed. Sigourney Weaver and Winona Ryder were fine, but the story and the entire feel of the film was completely off-kilter for me. Ripley being cloned so they could attain a queen? A little farfetched, but OK. Ripley somehow becoming some sort of partial hybrid? Hngh, come on. The queen taking on human attributes like a womb and literally giving birth to some fucked up hybrid? What the hell?
              If the Alien series had a certain feel to it, I thought the first 3, while all totally different adhered to a certain atmosphere. Jeunet brought his arthouse-style direction and it just felt wrong. The entire film felt disjointed and messy.

              At least Alien 3 had the decency to follow the formula, and I feel even if you didn't like the film, you have to admit it felt more in sync with the series than Resurrection. I always felt Alien 3 tried to go back to it's roots. It was attempting to be a scary film in a similar sense to Alien. I'm still not entirely sure what the fuck Resurrection was trying to be.

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                I think having Ripley almost being gang raped was the very opposite of going back to its roots, which up until that point had been about Ripley being awesome and kicking ass. Plus the dog alien was mega doofy. I will agree with you though that Resurrection was a shift from what the first two films did.

                  I think that particular scene was more to do with fitting the rest of the movie. Ripley can be the baddest, most determined person in the universe, but a group of other not-so-very pleasant people can make that count for nothing, at least temporarily, if they so choose. I think it was trying to capture a sense of helplessness more than anything. The entire movie is about basically having no hope. I think it was interesting to see Ripley vulnerable and not in charge.

                  They have no weapons to fight a single Alien, they're powerless, hopeless. Ripley is hosting a new alien queen, and there's nothing she can do. They don't have the tech to remove it on Fury 161, and she's sure as hell not letting Weyland-Yutani get their hands on it - again, no hope. She's trying to warn everyone about the Alien and no one believes her. She's not in charge, and again, powerless. A bunch of rapists, murderers and generally bad men decide they're going to attempt to rape her, and she's powerless again. But she was saved by another prisoner - the flipside of the film is her trying to get people to work together to beat the odds.

                  As for the Alien, I found the 'dog' alien, as it's generally known to be, far more scary and terrifying than it's predecessors. It was smaller, sleeker, faster and more agile. Not only was it a cool evolution to see, it fit the movie's setting perfectly. The old style aliens were more of the sheer numbers and determination-type of terrifying. The dog alien was scary because it could leap out of an air vent and whisk you away in a heartbeat.

                  But I guess it's just a case of each to their own. The Aliens films are among my favorite films of all time, and I get quite passionate about them. I still puzzle as to why people hated Alien 3 so much, and my mind utterly boggles when someone describes Resurrection as anything but an abortion.
                  But that's my opinion, and it's actually not a common one regarding Alien 3, I've found.

    Morning TAYbies, how was the weekend? Mine was fun, finally got to finish a art type thing I'd been thinking about for a while, hammer through Blood Dragon after a few drinks which made it playable and then spend sunday getting the rest of the achievements for that, minecraft and most of deadlight, then I watched expendables 2.

    Today's probably going to be boring as all hell for me as the server at work's still down since friday and I've got a whopping nothing I can do.

      If id seen this earlier i would have replied as my day was quite boring too...alas..

        Well, you've found it now. We can be bored together because the freaking servers are still down here, I've had a whopping 3 things to do all day and that took half an hour

          Sounds a lot like my day. Majority of the higher ups are in Brisbane/Melbourne this week. With them gone theres nobody to do anything for. Most of the day i've been reading up on game of thrones history...accidentally stumbled across a massive spoiler too, heart broken.

          The rest of the day i spent compiling a list of all the games im going to finish before i purchase any more because my librarys gotten out of hand.

            WOO! my bosses are waiting on an image of the server so I can actually do things, most of my day's been trying to find a decent pdf shrinker for a client and watching some facebook groups I'm in explode because of a video that was posted ... fun times.

            I've managed to whittle down my lost of console games to finish before buying more ... but I don't even want to think about the state of my steam library

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              5 more minutes until home time!
              Hopefully your day is a bit more entertaining tomorrow. Until then.


    I am in you.


      (antifreeze pun)
      (and a pun about antifreeze)

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        Fun article in the Sydney paper (Think its the daily telegraph?) about Canberra, calling it A cultureless hell broth of politically correct compliance, useless academics and boring, work shy public servants.
        And that was just the opening sentence. It got more scathing from there.

          Yeah, our opinion of the place has really improved in recent years.

    Finally got around to playing Jet Set Radio HD which I bought aaaaaages ago.

    What a shit tutorial. It forces me to perform a series of mundane tasks but doesn't have the decency to tell me what button does what or anything.

    Wound up ragequitting, which just isn't like me at all.

    That's the closest I got to gaming this weekend, not counting Minecraft on the Potaku server, trying to farm some cows so I have leather for books. Finally found Beavwa's impressive homestead with it's giant wall.

      maybe @negativezero can teach you?

        Oh, I was able to figure it out, I just became so frustrated that I lost interest in playing.

          I see, damn.

            I always preferred JSRF a lot more than the original, but I wanted to give it a go anyway. I didn't spend too long with the original because I never had a Dreamcast.

              The original JSR isn't very fun. JSRF is miles better in every way except that its soundtrack has Birthday Cake.

                You're like the first person I've ever had agree with me. Whenever I say I liked JSRF, people are all like "YOU HEATHEN, YOU MUST PREFER THE ORIGINAL".

                Eff that. I have the JSRF/Sega Rally combo from the original Xbox which is thankfully backwards compatible, I might just pop that in tonight.

              I had a DreamCast and never played. Someone prolly gave me a pirated copy too.
              Nothing could drag me away from Shenmue (except Marvel VS CApcom 2, Resident Evil Code Veronica, Cannon Spike, etc etc etc)

                I only ever played Dreamcasts at other people's places during "parties" so apart from a few solitary hours with JSR after everyone else went to sleep, my only experience with the Dreamcast was limited to Chu Chu Rocket and Samba Di Amigo.

                  Ouch! Missed all the best stuff.
                  You needed your own DreamCast to really appreciate Shenmue though.
                  (Or you could've slept on my couch every weekend like @gutsoup I guess)

                I had a Dreamcast and I played it and I liked it, but it was always a game that was stylistically miles ahead of where the game itself was. The big thing that JSRF takes away is the time limit. This makes it much less frustrating and arcadey, requiring perfect precision on all your jumps and getting everything exactly right in a certain amount of time, and instead changes the game into a more open world exploration game where finding secrets and getting awesome jumps and tricks is far more important, and that in turn makes it a vastly superior game to actually *play*.

                Also JSRF has a better soundtrack, aside from Birthday Cake. JSR has some great tracks, but JSRF has a more cohesive style. JSR is the prototype, JSRF is the real game.

                Incidentally the fact that the AU Xbox launched with JSRF was what cemented my decision to buy it originally. Xbox was basically the Dreamcast's successor.

      I'm not a creative person, so when I can't think of anything to do, I just add to the wall. Haven't been on in a while though thanks to signing up to Telstra for ADSL at the new place.

        All I'm doing is mining to kill time while I farm cows for leather. I keep cooking steak and chicken and farming wheat even though all I eat is melon.

        I see all the epic builds and I think that not only am I insufficiently talented to produce good pixel art or cool buildings, the amount of resources needed is too darn high if you're not playing in creative mode. Someone put up a building made of gold blocks nearby. I've found enough gold for maybe three. :(

        That said, whatever modest builds I do accomplish in survival mode is made all the more satisfying - if I was playing in creative mode I'd be bored because I'm not smart enough for cool circuitry.

        I'm trying to stockpile some resources for a big-ass castle right now, so that'll kep me digging at the very least.

          Yeah, all my stuff is survival. The wall was a way to use the resources since I dig a lot of tunnels. Creative kinda takes away most of the point of just messing around and wasting time for me. Also why I moved far enough out that there wasn't really any creative near me - as Pip found out, people with creative can get bored and have unlimited TNT - there was a massive crater and subsequent secondary spread of exploding TNT uncomfortably close to her place.

            I have been tempted to make a big castle then blast away parts of it to make it look battle damaged, then put vines all over it so it looks all overgrown and abandoned.

            But as for huge amounts of TNT... I have learned my lessons.

    Where did all the good news go?

      It wasn't rating well so Ten axed it. I think people were getting sick of Paul mcdermotts smarmy grin.

    Hola Tayberinos

    I am in Puno, a small city on the shores of Lake Titicaca. Today I have been on a cruise to two places: the island of Taquile, the largest Island on the Peruvian side of the lake (local joke: Peruvians say they have the Titi part and the Bolivians have the Caca part, the Bolivians say the reverse) and also to an Uros floating island, a reed and root made platform that the Uros live on. Such a unique way of life.

    A Monday Morning (Sunday Evening) question: where would you park your floating island?

      *ring ring*
      Hey cousin... I heard you like titis

      My answer to your question: why would you ever want to park a floating island?

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      Near Sonic the Hedghog?

      Lake Kawaguchi.

      Uros are super interesting! Can they move around?

    Has anybody read Joker written by Brian Azzarello? Picked it up on the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it.

      Yeah, wasn't what I was expecting. Need to read it again.
      He and the artist also did Luthor which was in continuity so I was suprised when Joker was an elseworlds tale. :-/

        I didnt know what to expect when I picked it up. I liked that it was told through the perspective of an up and coming hired thug, thought it gave a good insight into Joker's crew. Also thought the art was great.

        How did you find Luthor?

          I preferred it, it was good seeing things from his perspective. You know, for him, Superman is an evil alien that has invaded Earth.

            Oh cool, i'll probably pick it up then.

    What was that brand of computers, the website featured a while ago where they showed how much the parts cost individually, and how much they charge and what you get with them with warranty and such? They looked like a good deal, but I just can't remember the site

    Having people look over your shoulder every 10 seconds is really annoying...particularly cause I can't get on TAY without looking like I don't care about their computer woes.

    @greenius/@strange Last Played Song Game:
    (Decided to shake things up a little. XD)

      I relistened to Superjesus' Sumo a couple of times over the weekend, so I'm pretty sure the last song I played was probably Sand Fly.

      Hersey - Uematsu - FF8 OSt

      (suprisingly* not Heresy - Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral)

      *not even a little

        Uematsu spelled Heresy correctly, I did not.

      Zeitgeist S02E16 opening theme. End theme coming soon!

      Fireproof - The National

      Go get it

        Maybe I will.

        Come release day. :P

    Aww this doco looks really cool. I like how it seems to be looking at human behaviour in a really honest and respectful way, despite the flaws of people

      I'm expecting that link will take me to a Troma Film or something even more nasty.

      Hey, just read about that yesterday and was going to give you the heads up.

      Foiled again! *shakes fist*

      Does look amazing.

      (Also have A Separation recording today on Foxtel after you and @bdkiaf talked about it last week. Won't be able to watch until the glasses situation is dealt with. Subtitles and all that.)

        Ahhh cool! Glad someone took the suggestion :D

      Holy shit, right!?

      Saw the trailer a few months ago and promptly forgot it existed. Looks great.

        I didnt realise that lass had got into directing too. She did the one with Michelle Williams potentially sexing someone behind Seth Rogen's back, or something. Away From Her, I think it was called? Too lazy to reopen imdb :D

        But now I'm curious to see that film, she seems to have talent. Interesting she made that away from her film now seeing that doco trailer.

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          Sarah Polley I think I've only seen in Dawn of the Dead remake. So cool to see her getting recognition for directing.

      New Paul Greengrass too, looks purdy gooooood

    I just discovered an account on Twitter called Best Youtube comments and was laughing so hard I cried. My boss probably thinks I am ill because I was silent laughing and...oh gawd.

      That started popping up in my feed too. What's going on?
      Edit: oh. You're retweeting them. *headdesk*

      Last edited 13/05/13 10:03 am

        Those are prolly my RTs, sorry, I was really laughing a lot and got carried away.

        I didn't even make it all the way through before forcing myself to stop.

      omfg that orbit one!

        I died on the
        That's what I look like after I take a dump and realise there's no toilet paper in the room

    So after getting my Learner licence 2 weeks ago I finally drove for the first time in over 12 years on Saturday. I don't know if it's just an issue with not having quite enough leg room or our car being really low, or maybe just the fact that it's something I just have to adjust to, but my knee was stiff as hell when I got out of the car afterwards.

    I think between even a luxury-size sedan still being slightly too cramped for me, and too low for my much shorter wife, we might have to consider an SUV. The issue there is that SUVs are double the price of any other car of a similar age. Even something from 2002 can be up to $10k. :/

      Is it a manual? Even with strong legs it can feel pretty weird after using a clutch for the first time in ages.

        Nah, automatic. I was learning in a manual back when I was 16 but it'll take longer for me to learn confidently enough to pass a test and I really just want to get onto my Ps ASAP.

        Plus my wife has a hip issue that prevents her being able to drive a manual on a regular basis, so us owning one would be pointless.

    Saw Star Trek on my stony lonesome.

    So young Spock is just, like, a cheat?

      I had my hopes up high, they werent met. First is miles miles better imo


        Way too much "homage" to the first Star Trek and the the old Star Treks.

          Agreed, lots of fan service. Being a fan I liked the little injokes and all that, but could tell it wasn't as accessible as the first one.

          Last edited 13/05/13 11:19 am

            It wasn't even the accessibility it just felt there wasn't a good script.

            I did enjoy it even though it sounds like I didn't.

            My biggest problem was the lack of danger since they introduced the Bendict Cumberbatch Patented Cure-All at the very start. That's why Kirk's death held no real weight for me. Spock's reaction, though, was amazing. That was probably my favourite scene.

              Why dont you just marry Spock then

              But yeah I found Cumberpatch to be really crass and pretty poorly written and overracted yah

              Last edited 13/05/13 10:27 am

              They've cured death forever too, huh. Not sure that's going to lend itself to dramatic story telling in future instalments. XD

            Also the whole volcano part was amazing and got me so excited for a JJ Abrams Star Wars.

              Volcano part? I need to rewatch this movie.

                Oh Dan...

                  I missed everything from the Native's planet up until Spock/Kirk going to Kronos. D:

                  @dc Aw really? How come? Was that because of your glasses or something?

                  edited because err thats not a spoiler I just got caught up with spoilers :/

                  Last edited 13/05/13 10:43 am

                  Left cinema for about twenty minutes, Freeze followed. Totally wrecked the movie for him.

                  Will definitely see it again, possibly in 3D at South Bank Cineplex sometime soooooooon.

                  @dc Ooohhh i had no idea. Hope everything was ok :(

                  I was a little bit drunk when we first went in, my awareness of things was quite low

                  Haha! No! XD

                  Was going home. Wasn't feeling the best. Freeze stopped me. Freeze is awesome.

      My problem was the story arc never went very far – it was one basic mission and the movie was filled in with overdrawn events. There was no real sense of adventure (something Hollywood sorely lacks lately).

      They could have fit so much more in if they edited the ship crash, Kirk dying moments and the ship standoff. With that added time they could have made the Klingon moments more interesting (this felt really rushed) and do a better build up earlier on (Kirk loses his ship and 2 minutes later he gets it back again).

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        Use < s > and < / s > for masking spoilers, only without the spaces. Be quick too. D:

        Spoiler tags:

        Type "<" "s" ">"

        I've just been spoiled. >:(

          Sorry man, believe it or not it's not a huge part of the whole story.

            S'OK. Only saw a few words before scrolling away in a panic. :P

        That's the problem with this one and the first Star Trek. There's such a turn over of who's Captain of The Enterprise it becomes a bit of a joke.

          If it had an impact and he learned something from it, I could have let it slide. Maybe.

          In the series you've got to earn the whole Captain thing. Came a little too easy for Kirk, I think. It's like if a new recruit was promoted to General in the army, just cause he does something heroic on his first day. :D

    Oh wow, lots of adventure games on sale too, apart from the ones @shane mentioned!

    @tigerion: Scratches is $4!

      Phew, good thing you've now got Tigs to try and convince to buy Scratches :D

        He expressed more enthusiasm. :P


    If everyone playing on the Minecraft server could look at this:
    That would be awesome. Also, please share it amongst any friends you invited in.

    I suck at remembering peoples @ handles :P

      What kind of monthly cost are we looking at?

        @Cakesmith would be the man to ask, but even if people could just donate a couple of bucks or something, that'd help.

          I'll hit it on Wednesday when money is a thing that exists for me again \o/

    Saw The Evil Dead at the weekend with @AlexPants, @ShiggyNinty, @Cakesmith, @Batgirl, @Blaghman, @Trjn, @Frejr, Holly and Patience. I enjoyed it but thought the "laughing at gory bits" kinda ruined any atmosphere. And the talking through the movie. Why is it not yet legal to stab noisy cinema people in the face? We then went for Mexican! Indian! Sushi!

    Stuff happened after that but it was 11pm and if I didn't leave then, I wasn't getting home that night.

    How are all you guys?

      Mexican indian sushi is where it's at.

      I'm going to see the evild ead on friday with some work fronds, was it just gory for the sake of gore or were there actually decent reasons for all the things?

        Well, The Necronomicon was the primary reason behind all the gore. It's pretty brutal though. I liked it, but wouldn't go see it in a cinema again. I'd watch it at home where I could enjoy it more.

        I think the film was making people uneasy, hence the laughter. Understandable, but I'm there for that feeling so the laughter kinda ruined it.

          The schlocky gory bits were pretty funny. Don't forget the original was a B-movie.


      Yeah, we had talking during the movie people a-plenty when we saw The Place Beyond the Pines! First time I saw Dawn of the Dead these two girls talked the entire time, it's like they just bought the tickets to sit in the air conditioning in the dark together to ramble. Saw it a second time with a packed cinema and it was so much better. Crowd reaction and all that. (In the good way. People jumping, recoiling back into their seats and all that. Not pointless conversation. Haha.)

      Last edited 13/05/13 10:44 am

        Yeah, I was getting ready to punch the dick behind me who was laughing ALL the time. Jump scare? AHAHAHAHAH! Character gets stabbed? AHAHAHAHAHA! Emotional moment? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! -_-

          I don't really get along with my dad all that well, but he totally yelled at a bunch of talking kids during The Impossible and they shut up for the rest of the movie. WAS AWESOME. :D Another guy did that when I saw Hugo too!

          Last edited 13/05/13 11:05 am

            I've gotten into telling people off territory. Wouldve totally told off the people in Pines if I wasnt in the middle of a Dan sandwich.

              I'm always too worried about making a scene/ruining their night. D:

              Last edited 13/05/13 11:40 am

    I finally saw Iron Man 3 on the weekend. I rather liked it.

    I think the twist with the Mandarin was pretty cool because I did not see it coming at all and Guy Pearce did a good job as the villain. The only thing I didn't like about it was that Ben Kingsley did an absolutely amazing job and his Mandarin pre reveal was pretty horrifying as a villain, which means I can't help but wonder what could have been if he had been the actual Mandarin.
    I wasn't to sure about the kid character Tony hangs out with for a bit. Kid characters are normally pretty annoying, but they managed to avoid this for the most part. I still probably would have liked him not to be in the film, though I will admit Robert Downey Jr had some great lines at the kids expense.
    Also great to see Pepper get in on the action a bit.

    What did everyone think of Doctor Who last night? I felt that like the rest of this season so far it didn't feel up to par with previous seasons. It was still good, just not the greatness I'd come to expect from the show. Given that they were using a classic Doctor Who enemy, it was doubly disappointing that it ended up just being an average episode. Also, that young teen girl was the absolute worst.

    To finish, because there was talk of dreams further up the page, I had a dream the other night where I was a Pirates of the Caribbean style pirate who boarded a massive Titanic style cruise ship and started to ransack the place. I eventually came to a room full of beautiful women who started to swoon over me because I was a sexy pirate, then I started murdering them with my sword and saying "I'm a pirate, what did you expect?". On one hand I hate my mind for taking the dream in that direction and not another one. On the other hand it was pretty hilarious.

      That kids gonna put on the armor in Avengers 3 after Thanos annihilates the team in Avengers 2. Mark my words.

      I liked the episode last night, probably second favourite of this season following asylum of the daleks.

      spoilers for latest episode below

      The whole thing of Clara just knowing how to command a group of soldiers, set up a defensive perimeter and blah blah blah kind of annoyed me. So did Moffats changes to the cybermen so they can now upgrade on the fly and the upgrade process not involving completely butchering the human body to encase their nervous systems in the metal shell. Now that I think of it, wasn't all this universes cybermen destroyed ... that was the entire premise of the doomsday episode? they all had to come through the tear? Screw it, moffat is bad and bleh. I really did like seeing Warwick Davis completely free of makeup and being able to emote properly

        Wait, Asylum of the Daleks is part of this season? Because of the delay in broadcasting and the Christmas episodes, I never have any idea when one season starts and the next ends. I thought the weeping angel episode was the final of last season, and the one where he recruits Clara was the start of an entire new season, with the Christmas episode being an inbetween season episode. Looking it up though, we've only got one more episode left until the season ends? Man, that sucks. I thought we were only halfway through a season.

          Oh, also

          The adapting on the fly thing made them seem a lot more Borg-like. And what was with that super speed? Did they always have that, or what? Cause it looked sort of stupid.

            Another also

            I'll agree with you on Clara being able to command a bunch of soldiers. It also felt a bit unbelievable that a military platoon could be so imcompetent.

              Well the idea behind that was they'd been sent there as punishment and hadn't actually done any soldiering in a loooong while ... you'd think considering how much the CO is all "the army is great" she'd have kept up the training.

                It wasn't just that they hadn't done soldiering in a long while, they were sent there as punishment BECAUSE they were incompentent.


                  Oh, I get that they were sent there as punishment, and was even going to mention it in my original post but decided against it. My point is, even if they're being sent their in punishment, their incompetence is just taken to ridiculous levels and becomes unbelievable that they're in the military at all. Either they should have been kicked out of the military, split up and sent to different units or sent back to training. Keeping a highly incompetent unit together and just shipping them to a far off planet out of the way doesn't make much sense, as they're going to continue to remain incompetent while also continuing to drain the militaries resources.

            he he ... cyborgmen. They never had the super speed thing, that's something that most of the classic villains missed out on. They were all lumbering clanking monstrosities that moved at a snails pace, but were damn near unstoppable. Kind of like zombies

            "looked sort of stupid" That's part of Dr Whos charm.

              But it didn't look stupid in the good, Doctor Who way. It looked stupid in the poorly done CGI trying to be cool but failing way. Plus the fact that it only showed up once sort of made the rest of their interaction with the Cybermen seem odd, because if they had that power why didn't they keep using it all the time?

                Because Dr Who ?

                Really, it's not meant to be Hard Sci-Fi, just tongue in cheek fun.

          Last year's episodes were the first half of season 7, this year's episodes are the second half of season 7. But at least we get the 50th anniversary episode in November.

            How do they broadcast them in England? Do they show them all at once, one a week until the season's over, or do they show half the season and then have a massive break before showing the second half?

              They get them the same as we do. This season we've got the episodes only a few hours after England though, which is a bonus.

                I do think it's funny that Foxtel went to all the trouble of grabbing the broadcasting rights for all BBC programming, but completely overlooked the current contract that ABC has with the BBC where ABC continues to air Doctor Who within a few hours of BBC on the actual channel for the forseeable future and they get the choice to renew the contract for as long as they want, except on the ABC iviewer

          Yarp, Asylum of the Daleks is episode one of this season ... I'm pretty sure the idea behind splitting this season in half was to accommodate for the 50th anniversary shooting, or the bbc just wanted to milk it over two years.

      I thought it was fine

      Good to see Warwick Davis not being used for comedy. It's been a while.

      Wasn't to impressed by the upgrade of the Cybermen, didn't we get an upgrade recently?

      That idea of them upgrading all the time has been done somewhere before.
      I expect more from Gaiman.

      But overall it was fine.

    Finish your assignments, @greenius?

      Yeah, but definitely failed the one for this stupid subject again :P

        That's the spirit! Haha! Hopefully it's like last time and you surprise yourself. Either way, must be a good feeling to have it done.

    @greenius @powalen @strange @sughly


    I haven't seen it yet...

      I totally clicked that spoiler, immediately regretted it, then I just felt a mix of relief and anger. It was an emotional rollercoaster. 5 stars.

        Phoenix should write games with David Cage! :P

        I clicked it too, realised what I did, covered the screen ASAP and closed the page, crisis averted!

    hey gentlepeeps how r we all this horrible monday morning?

      I sure wasn't ready for the weekend to be over but despite my groans and grunts I got myself into work. My last sick day was a Monday so I feel like I can't call in sick on a Monday again until I've called in sick on a Tuesday or Wednesday in between, and I try not to have any sick days closer than 6 weeks apart if I can at all help it. I have this weird mentality that I can't be sick too often or I'll get in trouble, probably a holdover from an old job where they seriously scolded you like a misbehaving child if you were sick "too often", i.e.: more than the boss.

      I slept through my alarm so thankfully my cat decided to communicate that her breakfast was late by clawing the shit out of the mattress next to my head at about 7am.

        I don’t think I’ve actually been sick at all for years (barring me throwing my back a couple months ago), but I still take a day off here and there for sick leave. Usually a Monday or a Friday, nobody seems to get upset about it though.
        Oh and yes, my cat does the same thing. She's slowly stopping it though.

          I occasionally get a mild bout of man-flu or an unspecified stomach complaint, but I would say 50% of my sick days are "blargh, don't feel like it today" or "I slept in so I can either rush to get out the door and only be a little bit late, or I can just not go in". That's what happened on Monday about 6 weeks ago.

          This is usually accompanied by crippling guilt when I wake up for the second time at around 10am.

          I'm jelly, I always get sick.

        oh man, i hear you. i got the flu over the weekend and had a pretty full on weekend what with 2 birthdays and mothers day, including the mother in law. have had no time for R&R.

        also my alarm clock is just set to vibrate only... it used to wake my missus up with the ringing, but i noticed that every time my phone vibrates in the morning , kitty comes, and starts rubbing her head on my neck. so i tried this one night about 6 months ago, and my kitty has been waking me up since. EVERY TIME! i think he is used to me getting up at the same time everyday. \o/

    floople doople zeebidy bob ... It's been 3 hours since I got to work and I still can't do anything, best case scenario I can do things at about 1 ... worst case is sometime on wednesday

    I have nothing to do at work, so I'm slamming down Zeitgeist as fast as possible, and am about to hit up the latest Potaku. @dkzeitgeist, is the missing episode [S02E15] a deliberately forgotten chapter for the hardcore fans to unearth after your death? I checked iTunes and Podbean's embedded player as well as the site itself - has anyone heard this one? :P

    Oh, and it looks like, after having done about half (edit: exaggeration) the contracted work ourselves (we won't be paying for those bits), the MAN CAVE might be approaching completion tomorrow! \o/

    Last edited 13/05/13 11:35 am

      What stuff did you do yourself?

        We're gonna do the floor today and tomorrow (I'm home tomorrow to help with that). Wife is doing some painting today (though we were always going to do this). Sanding down the plastering work that's was done over the weekend (original schedule had this being done on Tues/Wed last week).

        Except for the floor, just little stuff here and there, but it was holding the whole damn thing up :)

        Edit: OH! I forgot to mention the sandpit, which was also part of the original quote. I did that entire thing by myself.

        Last edited 13/05/13 11:55 am

      What the heck!?

      That's weird, it somehow got unlinked. Should be back up and ready to go.

        Thanks, man. I was worried I'd never find out your perfect porno!

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