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    Hi Friends!

    Does anyone have the Splinter Cell HD collection on PS3? Is it any good? I want to play Chaos Theory again but my PC version refuses to start up and I get sad.

      Does your PC version have the issue where it's all "Use the CD Key." And you start swearing at it, because you already entered the CD key, and so you spend three hours on forums, only to find out that it has a second CD key, that is actually ON THE FUCKING CD.

      Seriously, Chaos Theory. Go home, you're drunk.

        Nah, it just won't even boot up. I hit the play game button, screen goes black, then minimises back and does NOTHING forever. The process manager comes up and kills splintercell3.exe automatically when it hears my gentle sobbing into the keyboard.

      That's because they used *expletive deleted* Starforce on the PC version. And, yup, doesn't work on Vista/7.

    Morning all!

    DARK SOULS \o/

    Last night I took down Artorias and Manus in the AotA expansion. Really fun battles, both of them. I love that magic and pyromancy was effectively nerfed against them both (at least with my stats), pretty much forcing a melee battle. Black Knight Sword + 5 and Greatshield of Artorias are crazy strong though, and I didn't have too much trouble. Really glad I found the Silver Pendant for the Manus battle, though. Manus' magic was a one-shot whenever I missed the timing :\

    After that I got impatient, and killed a few NPCs, including one praying in the Artorias arena. I totally didn't mean to do that one, though. Got some wicked looking weapons, though. Then went on an all-sale slaughter in Firelink Shrine and the chapel, and went for endgame. Summoned Sunbro and took down Gwyn with no trouble. I HAVE DEFEATED.

    After sixty hours in my current playthrough (and thirty-five in the one I had to abandon on the PS3), I have finally beaten Dark Souls. \o/

    NG+ fought my way through the Taurus Demon, and leveled up in the Sunbro covenant to get the last two miracles I needed. I now have only TWO achievements to get: finish the game a second time to get the other ending, and get all rare weapons (for which I just need boss souls!). SO DAMN CLOSE NOW. :D

    Also, man cave is functional. It's pretty damn cool!

    Last edited 20/05/13 8:39 am


      Not an edit this time: Seriously though, good work. And hurray for the man cave!

      It's crazy how much faster you progress through NG+ isn't it.

        Yeah, really looking forward to racing through this one, see how quickly I can do it when I'm not fussed about all the sidequests and collectables.

    I finished the Lair of The Shadow Broker DLC in ME2.

    Maaaaaaaan, that was good, so much different gameplay mixed in and exciting and fun. Makes the normal games seem normal by comparison .

    So good though :D

      Yeah, Lair was easily the best piece of ME2 DLC. So good.

        I loved the car chase scene, do they do more of that in ME3?

        I was dissapointed when Liara said
        "Still better than the Mako"
        I love the Mako, I also tried the Hammerhead, it is better obviously. Did they do more Hammerhead in ME3?

          I don't think there's either of that stuff in ME3, which is kind of sad. Unless I'm completely forgetting something here...

            I bought some ME3 DLC, I grabbed Omega and the one with the Prothean that was free if you bought ME3 originally, shoulda really been free with Trilogy, I am angered *shakes fist*

            I also wanna get Citadel or whatver that goodbye everyone DLC is but I ran outta SonyBucks.

    Anyone else have this issue where Kotaku mobile's comment counter is hilariously wrong?!1831&authkey=!AFxWjFouuX5MwbQ

      You mean it isn't an RNG?

      ...there's a mobile Kotaku?

      Would've been helpful when I was trying to get on here on my mobile the other day >_>

    HI all

    @greenius is unsure if he should buy SUPER METROID for 30c.

    Convince him, please.

    Thank you.

      @greenius, it's 30c. Do you need 30c? I'll give you 30c.


        The 30c Maccas cone isn't even 30c any more.

          I thought so, and remember it going up to 50c but somehow it's back to 30c again.
          And to be honest I'd rather a disgusting yet delicious fleeting pleasure than the punishing, lingering frustration I remember of Super Metroid. But that's just because I have a junk food addiction and am terrible at games requiring co-ordination and timing. :P

            Co-ordination and timing? I think I played a different Super Metroid :p

            Don't you play Dark Souls??

              Hmm, I see your point. I guess I relate co-ordination and timing more to things like shooting and jumping than slashing and defending. I have no idea why in my mind there is a distinction, but I guess it's what makes the difference to me being able to do one and not the other.

                I'm with you. Anything involving jumping and platforms I generally really suck at.

                  Ahhhhh, I see. Yeah, I'm wired the other way around.


      If the prospect of Super Metroid for 30c isn't enough as is, he's clearly a shit person.

      It's Super fucking Metroid.

      It has 'super' at the start.
      That alone is worth at least 50c

      @greenius, I don't even have a Ninty console at the moment, and I'm considering buying it.

      It's 30c. Even if you only play it for two minutes, you've got your money's worth.

      Last edited 20/05/13 9:26 am

      The price is fine but I don't have a credit card so I'd have to bother my parents for theirs and it's just annoying for everyone :P

        It's not the price, it's the amazing game!

        Really, it's so good. If you like SotN & AoS I can't see you not enjoing this one! :D

    Good Morning ladies and gents!!!
    Birthday this week!!! Excite!
    Here's hoping for some blood dragon or mortal kombat action!!! I've dropped plenty of hints to bee... lol

    40K Stuff: Eldar are getting a new codex and a couple of new models next month. Rumors are the pre-orders will be up on the 25th (American time).
    Also, there are rumors of the annual GameWorkshop 'price change' coming at the end of the month - this means we could see costs going up YET AGAIN. Not sure how much more they can bleed their fans before things completely fall to shit.

    Last edited 20/05/13 9:07 am

      You almost had me rushing out until that last bit.

        The 'price change' bit?

          That's the one.

            Yeah... but Wraithknight...

            Also.. there is a VERY slim chance that it may not happen, and and even SLIMMER chance that it might actually be a price drop... but i doubt it.

              Affordable 3D printers are going to leave Games Workshop's metaphorical asshole in ruins.

              I wouldn't be surprised if the only reason they haven't advanced into widespread residential use is due to judicious use of the Officio Assassinorum.

                I don't mean this in a rude way - but you're kidding yourself if you think 3d printers, especially "affordable" ones could come close to comparing in the amount of detail any time in the near future. The whole 3d printing thing is being blown completely out of proportion at this point in time if people do enough research

                  No offense taken! The tech isn't there yet, but it will be. The current focus seems to be on large scale portability issues rather than fine-detail, small-scale disposable items which are currently already easily machined through existing techniques. But it's like the Internet. If enough geeks can get their hands on the guts of these things, I don't think it's long before the love of copyright-infringement will bring serious advances to the tech, and compensation for its shortcomings.

                  It'll probably start with some well-meaning individuals looking to work on fine-detail for the sake of moving parts for more complicated devices, medical-grade sterile disposables, or braille.

            Sorry.. here's a link where you don't have to be a member.

      Aren't the GW people looking to offload it to someone? Would upping the prices even more really help that cause?

        It depends.
        Thing is that they have a fanatical fan base in most respects.
        It's sort of like apple in a way, where a lot of people are willing to pay a stupid-high price for something that's not all that different from dozens of other offerings in the market..
        .... Then again, Apples stocks aren't what they used to be. lol

    Morning all!
    Stuck in the office today. On the plus side, I have a new phone and totally remembered I have a bunch of Humble Bundle games I can chuck on it \o/

      Is that in DosBox? Or is there a bunch of games that work onna phone?

        Humble Android Bundle, it's been run a few times in-between PC bundles.

        (edit) They're actual android games (download in-app or .apk)

        Last edited 20/05/13 9:21 am

          Yeah, grabbed the apk files. I should probably find the Humble app, but I think it's still in beta.

            It works really well. You can keep it there and download your apks from the Humble Bundle app. Saves you having to dick around with the webpage from your phone. I use it, and it's actually pretty handy.

        They have Android Humble Bundles as well as the regular PC ones.

    Morning all.

    I watched Eurovision for the first time on the weekend. It was actually quite entertaining.
    Nice to see the backstage interviews and lack of egos there.

      Greatest Eurovision winners EVER!

        Honorable mention to these guys:

        Although they never won :(

    New guilty gear. Looks.. quite ridiculously awesome, actually. 3D models looking almost perfectly like 2D sprites. I'm a 2d sprite type of guy when it comes to my fighters, but this is above and beyond what SF4 could'a hoped to achieve.

      Hey hey hey! SF4 was really good 6 years ago!

        Hmm, yeah, I think I worded it wrong.

        It was what SF4 should have looked like.

      Whhoooooaaaa... no idea how the game plays caus I never played GG (despite owning one fo them :3) but gosh darn thats pretty! But yeah like jimjim says, no need to diss sf4, I still think it looks dang purdy too

    So i've fallen down the youtube rabbit hole of old euro music.

    Why the heck don't they make stuff like this anymore?!?!
    The campyness alone makes it ohhhh so good!

    Okay, Canberra and Sydney people (and anyone willing to travel further).

    Possible meat in the mancave. Make of that what you will.

    Nominate dates. GO!
    @dc, can you tag people please?

    Last edited 20/05/13 9:59 am

      Pick a date and I can organise to be there!

      You live somewhere North, don't you?

          That's pretty much Charnwood.

          Sydney people, bring protection.


          Edit: I should clarify. I mean protection for penetration. From knives.

          Edit 2: Or broken bottles.

          Last edited 20/05/13 10:40 am

            Did you know there's no public housing in Charnwood anymore? It's actually one of the nicer suburbs now, and house prices are on the rise there?


              I did not. Mostly because I stay well clear of Charnwood since someone got stabbed outside the chicken shop.

              That said, the kebabs from Charnwood are the best in Canberra and are totally worth the risk.

          Yeah, 40km drive from my place to yours :P

            Big city people would consider that no distance at all. Country people too, actually :)

              Country people don't have the death gauntlet that is Canberra roads.

              City people don't reach faster than 50kmph.

              But most importantly, shut up.


                  That last bit was just... unnecessary. Why don't we leave it at shut up.

      Legit answer though, any date is fine for me. Playing shows most weekends, but I can make it work.

    So I made a game for that Lifehacker comp that's been going on, an American football RPG (complete with over the top turn based battles). Stayed up till 1am finishing it last night :s I just hope it gets onto the store in time for me to enter it. The last few times I submitted to the windows store the certification process only took about 7 hours, so fingers crossed it'll be done before tonight (when the competition closes).

      Looking forward to checking it out!

      Sounds pretty rad to me!


        MUTANT LEAGUE FOOTBALL was a great game.
        Speaking of which we really should try another match of blood bowl

      Please let me know when its out and I will check it out for sure.


    Doc Who
    (not really a spoiler but just in case)

    The serials The Deadly Assassin and Mawdryn Undead and the 1996 TV film suggest that a Time Lord can regenerate 12 times, for a total of 13 incarnations.

      However the big fan theory for getting around that is that the limit is imposed by the leaders of Gallifrey so now that they're gone the Doctor can just keep on regenerating.

        Timothy Dalton spits as Rassilon and after I saw that little gob of spittle, I was not able to take that character seriously.

        Yeah, I'm reading Wiki now.
        The MAster was offered more regenerations during the 5 Doctors, so there's plenty of established reasons to keep the Dr going :)

      An Actual Doctor Who spoiler (Season 7 finale)

      The season finale is hinting that there was another previous incarnation of the Doctor (who didn't use the name) that is possibly the real Ninth Doctor, making Eccleston no 10, Tennant is now 11th and Matt Smith Doctor the 12th. I like this idea as it implies that the reason there was no McGann - Eccleston regeneration was because there was a secret missing one all along.

        Yeah, it's pretty fun, can't wait for this 50th Anni Special in November (?)

        I think he did use the name, I think Smith just doesn't count him cos he didn't live up to the promise the name implies, such as kiling Time Lords and shit :D

        (John Hurt was named The Doctor in the credits)

          Smiths says that he is the 11th "Doctor" and that John Hurt's Doctor didn't use the name (presumably going by another Alias)

            But the credits!

              Well, he IS The Doctor, but he doesn't go by the name (And 11th Doc refuses to acknowledge him as such) due to having broke the promise he made to himself. If they credited him as something it wouldn't really make much sense. So it's 1st Doctor, 2nd Doctor, 3rd Doctor, 4th Doctor, 5th Doctor, 7th Doctor, 8th Doctor, Reggie McTime War, 9th Doctor, 10th Doctor, 11th Doctor. So even though he was credited as the Doctor, and he IS an prior incarnation of the Doctor, he went by a different name which probably isn't Reggie and probably WILL be revealed in November. Although, that would make Matt Smith the 12th incarnation and thus part of The Valeyard along with whoever takes over at the end of the year. I really hope, given the mention of The Valeyard in the ep, that there will be a future reference to the character or The Doctor himself becoming The Valeyard.

                I found out the great intelligence is actually an old concept (never seen those eps) so it's likely that Moffat is heading in that direction and trying to tie the new series more closely with the old.
                (Like the new awesome opening titles).

                I'm keen if this is the case.

                Can't wait for this 50th Anni Special :D

    D.C.'s sad story that you probably shouldn't read if you're in a good mood:

    On the weekend the neighbours dog killed my cat, while I could do nothing but watch. Truly was the worst moment of my life, which might sound strange to people who don't have pets. (But hey, I'm a weird guy with not many friends who loved this critter more than any thing.) Was feeling pretty down before hand and am kind of struggling. :'(

    Said I'd come back to TAY today properly, but not really feeling it yet and will probably just go back to bed. I miss you guys and I'll be back when I'm feeling better.

    On a good note:

    Up to Colossi 10 in SotC. Not sure if the game's getting harder, but it seems to be...

    Edit: I feel like I should edit this post away, but have already done that quite a few times across the weekend and keep posting it again for some reason. D:

    Last edited 20/05/13 10:14 am

      Ohhh thats terrible man. That doesnt even sound strange in the slightest, noone should have to go through that. Even when my pets have passed from natural causes its been so so hard, let alone like that. Hope you feel better :(

      Oh maannnn.. That sucks.. :(

      Hope you feel better dude, we're all here whenever you decide to come back.

      Oh man, I'm so sorry DC. Losing a pet is never easy at all, especially like that.

      I don't know if this will help but one of the things my family did when our last cat passed was to make a photo album, and it was nice to just look back on fond memories in a collected form like that. It's not something for everyone, but it can heal a little bit.

      Take your time feeling better. We'll all be here waiting.

      Man.. the exact same thing happened to us with one of our cats growing up.
      It's soooo freaking horrible. I'm so sorry man. :(

      Thanks everyone. Appreciate the kindness. You guys are awesome.

      There is nothing strange about feeling sad over losing a pet, especially when it isn't through natural causes. =(

      Take your time, dood. That's some sad shit :(

      oh dude, that is awfull. You hang in there. :,(

      Just remember, if you need to get away you can always come here, or I can meet you in the city for lunch or something. Just let me know. *hugasaurus*

        Thank you, Strange. I wouldn't be the best company and wouldn't want to make any one feel awkward. So damn kind, though.

          Meh, I'm always bad company and I inflict it upon you anyway...maybe it's time you inflicted your company on me in payback.:P

            That's crazy talk!

              I never said I wasn't crazy. I do prefer the term strange though. :P

                No, I'm pretty sure you've denied being crazy when I call(ed) you it :D

                  I don't think I outright denied it, I just told you off. :P

      You know we're always here for you, man.

      Just send me a DM if you ever need someone to talk to. I can't really do much but if nomming me for more anti-kudos makes you feel better, then go for it :-)

    Melbourne peeps.

    I need a place to stay in July that's either right near the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton, or within easy (weekend) public transport of it. I don't know Melbourne at all - appreciate any advice you can offer. Thanks!

      Pretty much anywhere around the city area is prime as trams take you just about anywhere without any fuss. Just staying in the actual city can be expensive.
      Bee's mum and her partner often stay in Carlton when they come over here, so i'll see if i can find out where they stay for you tonight.

        I'll be lugging 50kg of books with me, so convenience is must. Cost is primary concern, though. Don't mind a bit of distance, but the public transport has to be able to help me out. And the trains/trams aren't on Google Maps like Canberra and Adelaide are :P

          So in conclusion, I want a place right in the heart of the CBD that's convenient, secure, and cheap. And no, I don't want to pick just two :P

          50 Kg's?!?!

          I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be too costly if they stay there, but as i said, i'll look into it for you :)

            Hey man, thanks. I just booked a place, so don't stress about this :)

            Thanks again.

              Thanks for letting me know.
              How many public lice do you expect to aquire from the aforementioned booking? :P

      For PAX? This close to the date? Good luck.

        Nope, Oz Comic-Con. Is PAX in July as well? Uh oh, maybe I should just book something.

          I think I read that the Space Pyrates folk booked their accommodation and stuff recently. Should check with them or the expanded con group. See what they're doing...

          Last edited 20/05/13 10:52 am

      Something to consider is that the exhibition building isn't too far from parliament station
      So if you don't mind a long trip via train then finding something further out near a train station might save you a bit of cash
      As far as trams go you have a few that can drop you at the door. St Kilda Beach to East brunswick as well as the docklands to bundoora. Those a a bit further out and if you just want somewhere to stay without worrying about being close to the action (but still easy PT to the con) could be worth a look

      Maybe somethign like this
      You can catch a No.86 Tram to the City from directly outside the motel.

        Thanks man. You went to a lot of effort there - much appreciated!

        Sadly for your efforts, I actually found a private room at a backpacker's place only 400m from the Exhibition Building with an airport shuttle and for $88.67 per night! Think I'll just go with that, eliminate the "certainty of getting lost" factor from the trip!

          Sounds like a deal I would go with that
          Not problem actually didn't take too long. Do you know when you are free for a meat?

            Friday night! \o/

            And I'll be available for chats at my con table all weekend! :D




    Anyone ever stayed at a backpacker's before? Recommended experience or not? I found a place that's 400m from the convention centre. A private room will run me $270 for the weekend, and a dorm-type room just $120.

    Share your horror stories here!

      It's okay.. It has a roof and some walls. And a "bed".

      To be fair, if you're not spending much time in the room, it's fine. Otherwise, not so great.

      I woke up with blood on my pillow, it was my own...

      Make of that what you will...

      Get a private room if you have heaps of shit (I imagine you would).
      There's nowhere to put stuff in shared rooms, they're just a big room with lots of bunks, great if you travel light.

      Also, it smells like dirty socks.

        Actually, that's a point. If anyone else smells, that'd put me right off :P

        Thanks man.

          Agree with everyone here, my experience is they're smelly and often filled with backpackers / tourists that have no work commitments and will probably be in and out at all hours and wake you up.

        Yeah my thoughts on the stuff getting taken front. Cant leave anything there bascially, but if youre travelling light then sure.

      Never stayed in a backpacker's in Australia, but overseas they're generally okay and relatively cheap. You usually have a place where you can lock up your stuff but security is much lower than in hotels. That cost seems excessive considering the amount of time you'll be there but again, haven't stayed anywhere in Australia.

      I avoided backpackers largely though because I usually travel alone and am me, and paranoid :p

      Some curious stains and a place to sleep. That's the entirety of what I remember from my stay at a backpackers.

      They're not great but if all you're after is somewhere to sleep, you should be okay.

    Read @Rocketman 's megapost last night, It gave me the warn and fuzzies at a time a really needed it, so thanks man, when I see you, if ever, I'm gonna kill you with the beariest bear hug I can manage

    I just started watching a youtube video and I was wondering why I wasn't getting any sound from it. I could hear the music I already had on, but not the youtube video.
    ...and then I realised my earphones are plugged in to my phone not my computer...

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