Tell Us Dammit: Mobile Phones

Alright — I need your advice. Like many people I've been using iPhones for a long time. I'm used to OS, I'm used to the App Store, it's comfy, cosy. But I think I need a change — what phone should I get?

Or, more importantly — so it isn't just about me and my problems — what phone do you have? How is it working for you? Is it good for games? What is good for games? What is good in general?

Man that's a lot of questions. Let's focus it a bit. What mobile phones are good? Are you happy with your mobile phone? Which Android phone should I get? Should I stick with the iPhone?

Crap, I just asked a bunch more questions...


    Nexus 4 man. It's beautiful.
    Pure android.

      android no question. open easy to use. not very secure so just use it for personal stuff nothing too corporate.

      what is awesome is, if you don't like your setup. you can change it

        Android is only insecure if you make it insecure. It's no less secure than Windows on PC, and corporations have no problem running Windows on their workstations.

          Also, Jellybean comes with option data encryption of both the phone and the external SD. As part of a very large company we are considering the swap to Android as a whole.

      Nexus 4 is easily the best Android device to date... it has it all:

      - Speedy
      - Elegant
      - Beautiful
      - Fast
      - Simple
      - Fast Updates
      - Easy to root
      - Plenty of Custom ROMs and Options to choose from

      It's just the best
      and the camera is decent, it takes good pictures with HDR in well-lit situations :)
      And best of all, it's for $350 (8GB) -_- That's the cheapest I've seen a phone THIS good go for. You would be an idiot to not admit the value in this phone... the back sparkles MAN!

    Get a HTC One. Beautiful looking phone, and HTC (for mine) have it all over Samsung when it comes to their software.

    But, if you don't regularly use other iDevices, then stick with the iPhone. You will miss the App Store when it's gone.

    I have an HTC One XL, it's still chugging along nicely. Work are currently trialling the Xperia Z which is very sexy.


    I'm still using my HTC Desire HD.. Still going pretty strong if a little underpowered.

    Transation: I have no bloody idea, but i like HTC android phones..

    go to a store & play around with the phones on display until you find one that you like.

    apple vs android vs windows.... they're all pretty much the same now & it comes down to what you want to be doing with it.

    I've got an Xperia Play, which is great for games, but is unfortunately starting to get a little old now. I'm going to have a conundrum when it's time for me to eventually upgrade, because I don't want to give up the gamepad controller :(

      I have the same problem. Love the controller, sad that the specs started off a bit sub-par. I wouldn't really recommend someone buy it now, but it's been a great phone for me over the past couple of years.

      might i suggest a Xperia Z? thats what im repalcing my Xperia Play with in a couple of weeks, mainly because i dotn waht to give up the gamepad and Xpeira Z has native PS3 remote support

        Xperia Z may be a possibility but I still have a few months left on my contract, so it would be kinda old news by then.

          i guess your right i mean im waitng for my contract to run out aswell so maybe there will eb somehtign better then

          The Xperia Z is one of the best phones on the market right now.
          Waiting a few months won't change that all that much, and you might be able to get it a bit cheaper too.

    I have a brick-shaped Nokia. It has no camera, no internet, no games, but its battery life is truly excellent.


      And you left a crater when you dropped it out of a third story window. The phone was slightly scuffed.

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      Nokia oldschool represent.

      Except mine has a crappy camera and I found some dodgy java version of TETRIS for it.

    Loud and proud owner of a Nokia 808 Pureview. Bought it to use as a camera, because the hand-me-down I was using was getting kind of rubbish. But now using it as an actual phone, and completely don't understand why people complain about Symbian. It's rad.

    Edit: And seeing Shane's comment - awesome battery life too. The battery monitor's estimate of how long it'll last me just keeps climbing and climbing. The other day it reached 9 days. I usually charge it every night but the other day decided to just let it run, from unplugging on Saturday I made it to Wednesday night and still had 10% left.

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      How good is Symbian!? I've not checked it out in a while, but I'd be surprised if Android, iOS or WP8 have caught up yet in terms of built-in features. It's a damn fine system and Nokia could have made it work but ... *sigh* at least the 808 is a bloody awesome device.

    I like this question! I’ve got a similar issue.

    I’ve had iPhone’s for the past 3 years and they are good phones but I have such a moral dislike of Apple and the greedy, annoying sh*t they do to their customers that I’m thinking of changing.

    I think the final straw with me was when I realised the other day that I set my MP3’s to play as an alarm.
    You’d think that would mean it would be basic common sense that I could set my MP3’s to play as a ringtone right?
    NOPE! You can either mess around with an app and manually do it through I tunes, or you can re-buy the music that I already own through the App Store….
    They can f-off with that kind of behaviour.

    The other thing is I’m running an iPhone4, and while I have a whole bunch of changers and gadgets with iPhone ports…. None of them will be supported once I upgrade.

    Anyway, my contract for the iPhone is up and the only thing stopping me from getting a new Samsung has been the size.
    I’m concerned that it won’t fit in my pockets and that this will lead to me:
    A/ taking it out lots
    B/ losing it

    Anyway, any advice people could give would be appreciated.
    Is it worth jumping ship?

    I’d REALLY love to give Apple the finger and my contracts up so I could go out and upgrade tonight!

      Have a friend and his gf that have always been apple users since the first iPhone and they just went the Galaxy S4 and love it. I have a Galaxy S2 and would rather it over an iPhone 5 personally.

    I still love my Galaxy S2 =)

      Same here, since the day i bought my S2 i havent even looked at another phone, and im all about the best gadgets money can buy.

      There is nothing my S2 cant do as good if not better than anything released since, its beautiful and sturdy, light and just great all round.

      Same, although I've been living on my old Nokia E71 for the past week since the S2's been getting repaired (fried charging module, I think they said). That week was spent with no mobile email, no mobile internet browsing, no books in my pocket. So glad to have it back.

    Buy a mother-lovin pay phone!!!
    That way on those rare occasions when some asks to borrow your phone you say 'sure thing, juts put 2 dollars in here and i can give you 30 seconds of talk time!'

    I am a phone size whore and the Galaxy Note 2 suits my needs wonderfully.

    If you spend more time on social media/messaging/etc than you do making calls it might be right up your alley. The screen size is awesome.

    Despite what people say, as long as you have normal people sized pockets it's not an issue fitting it into your pants (giggity).

      I hardly ever make phone calls, I only use my phone for tweeting, texting, reading and music, so the larger screen seems like a no-brainer.

      I'm not as in love as I used to be with my apps and so forth that I have bought through iTunes/App store, but I still want to be able to listen to music, most of which has been bought through iTunes. Can a samsung Galaxy accept iTunes music in it's music library or equivalent?

        If it can’t then this is EXACTLY why you should be getting away from Apple products.

        They seem to think that by constantly treating their customers like sh*t they will be able to tie them in so they never leave.
        I’m getting off the Apple train, I’ll keep my iPhone 4 as an MP3 player for the huge amounts of gadgets I have that the iPhone 5 won’t support but my next phone will be from someone else.

          So I should flush my music collection down the toilet and start anew because the DRM is too restrictive? That's an ok idea in concept, but I'd rather be able to listen to music on the go without a seperate device.

            I don't know if music from the iTunes store will work on non-apple devices - might be worth googling.

            I do know that leaving the iPhone was great for me - such crazy restrictions on app/music usage it was immensely frustrating.

              Music I've bought from the iTunes store works on my Nokia. I don't think iTunes music has had DRM for ages now.

            I don't know how legal it would be, but as far as i'm concerned if you've gone out and bought that music over iTunes you're not the worst person on the planet if you torrent versions which support your new phone. The artist, publisher ect have all gotten their money and the only people you would be hurting were Apple (who've also already been paid and are just being assholes).

            It may be the case that Apple no longer puts DRM on their iTunes purchases, but I know they used too.

              You can upload your iTunes music to the Google cloud too!

        iTunes music is DRM free.

        Has been for ages.

        They did a plain white home page about it.

          Oh, well fair enough. Maybe I'll give the iPhone the boot. I don't decide for another 10 months anyway, but I have no actual complaints aobut the iPhone so far so it doesn't matter a whole lot.

      I'm amazed a dwarf has normal sized pockets, Pez..

      Sorry Pez. But you make some good points. Sounds like it'd be perfect for Serrels with what he does.

      The Note 2 fits in all my pockets fine too and it's really not that massive. Like a lot of Samsung stuff, the hardware is right up there, it's fast, smooth, can handle anything, has a HUGE battery as stock so it easily lasts out other smartphones.
      But, Samsung aren't as good at software as HTC. HTC are more intuitive and their stuff is prettier and smoother...
      In a toss-up between the two though I go for Samsung hardware.

    I have an iPhone 4S that I'm satisfied with and I'll happily upgrade to whatever the new iPhone is when my plan updates in March next year (probably a 5S or 6 I imagine), but if I were going to move away from iPhone, HTC has been increasingly popular as of late. I wouldn't mind a HTC One.

    I would suggest a Lumia 920, such a great phone

      I got a Lumia 920 a while ago. Took it back in a day and swapped it for a 42" TV for the bedroom and went back to my old phone. Best decision I've ever made.

        I got a *insert phone here* a while ago. Took it back in a day and swapped it for a 42" TV for the bedroom and went back to my old phone. Best decision I've ever made.

        Your comment has so much substance!

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          Okay. It's an insane muddled mess that tries to be everything while being mediocre at it all jacketed in an extremely nice piece of hardware that is completely wasted.

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            Tries to be everything? How so? It has the equivalent features of other mobile OS/ecosystems and doesn't really try to be more then that, in fact what more could it possible try to be?

            And what particular areas is it mediocre at?

            You didn't actually add any substance, you just follow up your hate comment with a bunch of vague generalized comments.

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              Just a wild guess, but do you happen to own a Lumia 920?

              Just a stab in the dark, really.



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                I just realized you were being facetious.

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                  Mate, I don't care about your phone. I find it fascinating that you place so much worth in what other people think of it though. I take it you quite like the Lumia 920, no? Will it be made worse by someone else's opinion? Will your enjoyment be somewhat lessened? I'm going to take another wild guess and say no.

                  Oh, and spoilers:
                  I'm not shocked.

              Why can't you just accept I didn't like the phone and carry on enjoying yours? Or does your user experience hinge on whether I'm correct or not in feeling that way?

                Listen chum, I use my phone every day, and my decision to do so is driven entirely by knowing that I made the best possible decision. If you think differently to me, it undermines my confidence, and every time I touch my phone, I recoil in horror. When I see myself in the mirror I am filled with hate, and just want to punch the mirror and use the broken shards to cut myself until I feel something other than disgust in my horrible decisions.

                You're free to do that, my issue was with you implying that these were issues with the OS and not issues with you.

                If I jumped into Android, without knowing anything about it, and was confused and gave up in a day, it would be absolutely wrong of me to blame the Android OS for that, rather I should acknowledge my shortcomings in lack of patience and ability.

                  Wrapping an insult in a statement about phone phone functionality is still an insult. Petty name-calling demeans your entire defence for the 920.

                  Personally, I think it was a poor decision on Nokia's part to exclude SD/microSD support in favour of a design choice. Considering that's a hardware issue, I guess that means I'm too stupid to use phones or something.


                  That's why I asked him to elaborate on those issues, because I understand it's not a perfect device. There are still imperfections and flaws, and I know what those flaws are. So when he says:

                  It's an insane muddled mess that tries to be everything while being mediocre at it all

                  It's quite evident that he doesn't have a specific issue with the device but has prejudice against the device.

                  It's an insane muddled mess that tries to be everything while being mediocre at it all

                  I think that "Jack of all trades, master of none" is a pretty reasonable issue to have with any phone.

                  Regardless, I still don't really get how you can decide, based on non-existent evidence, that Uncle Freeze doesn't know how to use a phone...especially considering it's a core requirement of current phone hardware and software to be intuitive and user-friendly. Would that not suggest part of the fault (at a bare minimum) lies on the phone itself?


                  To an extent. But I think you're kidding yourself if you're only going to give it under 24 hours before you call it quits. As great as Android is, if you were to jump into it for the first time and only gave it under 24 hours, I think it'd be reasonable to expect the same results.

                  The user must be accountable for something here, virtually nothing can be instantly picked up straight away, especially mobile phone operating systems. Even then, WP8 is pretty intuitive and basic, which is why I wanted him to elaborate because I don't see how one could struggle so much with it.

                  So your approach get him to elaborate is to use sarcasm, insults, and passive aggression?


                  I asked him very nicely to elaborate on particular parts and he responded with

                  Why can't you just accept I didn't like the phone and carry on enjoying yours? Or does your user experience hinge on whether I'm correct or not in feeling that way?

                  Even though his original statements were that the phone was bad, not that he didn't like the phone (note: they're two different things). In the same way that I'm not a fan of using Android/iOS, but I don't call them bad operating systems. They're just not for me. I wouldn't have bothered engaging him if he had this attitude which he's trying to say he does, but very clearly shows he doesn't.

                  Please note that differences in the following:

                  Okay. It's an insane muddled mess that tries to be everything while being mediocre at it all jacketed in an extremely nice piece of hardware that is completely wasted.


                  Well yeh I used WP8 but it really wasn't for me, it didn't have a lot of the apps I enjoy and was heavily favored for syncing between Microsoft services and not the services I use.

                  One is a legitimate complaint, one is an outlandish lie.

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                  ...asked him very nicely
                  Speaking of outlandish lies...
                  You're still avoiding the issue I'm bring up. You chose to be rude and offensive to defend the honour of...a phone.
                  Ignoring your sidestepping, he has every right to call the phone "bad". From his perspective, it is. If you want to keep telling him his opinion is wrong, go for it. In the mean time, maybe look up the definition of an opinion.

    i was in much the same situation... loooong time iphone user... i've gone with the HTC One... LOVE IT... highly recommend it

    I got a Nokia 820 winpho...I really like it but it's pretty rubbish in terms of what games are available, but it is quickly getting better.

    I have a HTC legend and its awful, touch screen is borked and the processor is useless. Im typing this on my work phone which is a HTC Wildfire S. Its much better.

    Last night (coincidentally) i ordered a replacement for the Legend, i will be getting an iphone 4 which is now the same price and a damn sight more reliable.

    Nokia. They know the way of the samurai. :P

    Anyway, more seriously, if it's games you want from your phone, iOS is probably still the best way to go. Everyone seems to still target it first (which is odd when android has a larger market share), so there's stuff you'll miss out on if you go Android or Windows. Although Android gets humble bundles/ports of indie games every now and then.
    Windows Phones have got Xbox Live, which is rather ignorable right now, unless you really like achievements. It's got plenty of potential though. When the next Xbox comes out, MS will have all the pieces in place for their three screens and the cloud strategy, so expect to see greater integration between Windows Phone, Windows and Xbox (rumours are they'll have a unified marketplace, like iOS, between all three platforms, or at the least Windows and Windows Phone). Windows Phone in general has been picking up steam recently too, getting usually one or two new Xbox Live games per week, plus Unity can now export to it, so expect an even greater influx of games soon.
    So yeah, the gaming side of Windows Phone has heaps of potential, but it's a little bare bones (although still adequate) at the moment.

    Non gaming wise? Android feels like a desktop OS in a phone. Great if that's what you want I guess. Heaps of customisation you can do, although that does slow your phone down/use up more battery. And then there's things like manufacturer skins, and the fact it takes ages to get updates, if you ever get them that is. Personally, I don't like the visual design of Android at all, although they're slowing fixing it. Like I said, it feels like a desktop OS in a phone. I much prefer Windows Phone because it's more streamlined, and I quite like the metro design language. It's still missing a notification centre (arguable if it's needed or not, but apparently it's coming in a few months) and custom ringtones for messages (That one's odd :S). I find them negligible issues though, especially compared to the ones I had on my HTC One X, which looked horrible, ran slower than my Dad's single core WP7 phone after only a few months of use, and was as buggy as (all the browsers I tried, including Chrome, had issues that were extremely irritating, I had to keep switching between browsers depending on what I was doing).

    So if you want a phone that could be potentially rather great in a year, but is good (and looks great) now, go for a Windows Phone. Otherwise just go with an iPhone, cause it still gets all the games and then get a Windows Phone later if it does realise it's full potential.

      I'll tell you why Android doesn't get good games: itunes cards.

      If I'm going to spend cash on a phone I'm sure as hell not going to hand over my credit card details, but buying a prepaid card (just like i do with XBLA) is fine.

        Oh! This! I forgot about this. Why on earth don't Google/Microsoft do something similar??
        Can't you use PayPal for buying android apps? I know you can with Windows Phone. You have to add the details to your Microsoft 'wallet' though, which is tied to your account so if you lose your phone you can just go to the MS Wallet website and remove the deets from there, so the phone snatcher can't use it to buy apps and stuff.

          You can certainly do this with Google Wallet.

        Pluuuuuus the handsets that support Android are too varied for it's own good, so it's hard to build software when there's no hardware standard.

        I specifically got a prepaid credit card so I could buy Android apps. Works wonders when the best place to buy something has something against Paypal.

    Possibly wait for iOS7 to come out?
    From what I have heard it is meant to shake up the iOS space quite a bit.
    Otherwise, I have an HTC OneX. Had some teething problems with it but works well now. Other then a GPS issue that I need to get looked at.
    I have had two HTC phones and always had some issues with them around battery life though.
    So I am reluctant to suggest HTC, Although the HTC One does get very good reviews and is a nice looking bit of kit.
    Otherwise, if you want something with a gigantic screen HTC Note II would be the way to go.
    My fiancée has one and loves it. And it would have been my phone of choice if it had been out when my old HTC died.
    The Nexus is great from a pure android perspective although it may not be up there with the SGS4 and HTCOne spec-wise. However, the price is also good.
    Realistically, if you want a new top end Android phone it comes down to:
    HTC One
    Nexus 4
    Galaxy Note II

    So I would say go in a shop. Play around and see which one bests suits your needs.

      Shame about the Nexus 4 not having (functional) LTE. Thats the one thing that really bothers me (the issues with the glass cover breaking is a distant second), since I want to get a new phone and keep it for a while and also going to move into the city soonish.

      Have had an HTC Incredible S for the past two years and have very mixed feelings about HTC based on that. Choked with Sense (though the One is supposedly improving on that), touchscreen and overall system performance laggy as hell since last update (yeah never change a running system, but its not so simple obviously...) etc. HTC sure makes some decent phones, as far as finish and overall appearance is concerned, but the software issues make me want to have a Nexus. Or leave Android completely...problem is I detest Apple and the range in Windows phones isnt exactly mindblowing.

        Yeah if you are buying a new phone now on a 2 year contract LTE is pretty important to have I think.
        I understand why Google didn't have it in the Nexus 4 but I think it's an oversight.
        Given the way it is mean to drain battery life though maybe they were right.

        Hah! Funnily enough my old HTC was the Incredible S as well. It was really loathe to go back to HTC after my experience with it. However, when I compared the OneX to the SCSIII at the time I really preferred the way the OneX felt in the had to the SGSIII. It just seemed to be such a nicer phone. And the reviews I had read were split on which was better so I went the OneX.
        I found battery to be the main issue. The update to 4.1.1 helped with that. Also interestingly enough I recently did a factory reset and that actually really helped the battery life. Not sure what the deal is there.
        Overall I am not dissatisfied with the OneX. Not like I was with the Incredible S which I was trying to find a way to get rid of 6 months in.
        But I would still be cautious next time as to whether to go HTC again.
        I would definitely be looking at the next Nexus phone as an option.

          Yep, the Nexus 5 (or whatever its going to be called) would probably solve my dilemma, but I want to renew (and get a good deal, I am with Optus) in less than two months and the Nexus would not be available on plan anyway. So that means buying, which with a new Nexus probably means lots of money up-front (nice thing about the Nexus 4 is its very decent price).

          From what you say on the OneX vs Incredible, it sounds like I should give the HTC One a shot. Heck, it seems like I was more patient (or more masochistic) with the Incredible than you, so chances are, my experience can only improve. The One on Optus has overall very good plan-conditions, I think.

          Never really looked at getting anything Samsung. I have a Samsung tab (Christmas present), and its so choked by their software, it is completely absurd. A phone with these kind of issues would be a complete nightmare for me.

    The day you want to watch a movie and you simply plug your phone in and copy/paste it, you will realise that iPhones have their limitations.

    Also I have a NAS drive at home and I can wirelessly control the NAS while sitting on my couch and copy/paste movies/shows to the phone for the following day.. thats pretty sweet.

    Finally, I have an app that lets you copy an MP3 (or the whole video if you want) directly from youtube clips to your memory card, all without the use of a PC.. It's when you start finding these things making life so much easier it starts to become tempting.

    iPhone is still a better phone overall if I had to talk about complete simplicity and cohesive design.. but if you are willing to sacrafice just a little, you get a whole lot more. Don't think I'd ever go back to apple. (Ive got a Samsung S3 btw)


    I've been with Apple since I got a Smart Phone (only 2 years ago,) but on Monday I decided I too needed a change.

    I got the S4 and my gosh is it refreshing to move to Android. Yes, there are certain annoyances like the fact that I spent close to a $100 on apps on iOS that I can't get on Android (Clash of Clans, GarageBand to name a couple) and it performs best with Gmail which I don't use.

    However, positives so far: Hardware is superb (13mp camera for a start,) insanely quick at navigating around different apps, can run two apps at once (only specified apps,) Play Store (App Store) is really well designed, some of the Apps are far better than iOS (LinkedIn looks good so far, I prefer the Email app.)

    I'm sure I will continue to find lots more exciting things to play around with, but if you are at that stage where you need a change, the S4 is one of (if not the) newest phone on the market and it has really, really impressed me.

    I'm not too sure about the Windows phones, I've heard some of them run really well, but I can safely say I will be staying Android for the foreseeable future.

    Good luck with your choice!

    If you want games, iPhone or Nexus 4. Much as I love WP8 and Symbian, games are more plentiful and cheaper on iOS and Android.

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