Tell Us Dammit: Most Played Games

The other day ex-Kotaku editor David Wildgoose tweeted that he had spent almost 500 hours with Civilization V. It got me wondering — what games have burned up the most time in my life? I thought I'd ask you all the same question.

In terms of raw hours, I think I spent the most time with Halo 2. I think I probably pushed that close to the 500 hour mark. I was never really sucked into any MMOs, so I've never had that true time sink game. Halo 2 came closest I think.

Outside of multiplayer games, I'd say possible Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge? I've played through that game a terrifying number of times. Maybe over 15 times from start to finish. Same with Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Super Mario World as well. I think all those games hit at a time when I literally spent all my spare time playing video games!

Anyway — what about you guys and girls? Let us know in the comments below.


    the METAL GEAR SOLID series! Particullarly Metal Gear Solid 3!!!

    The X-Wing, TIE Fighter and XvT trilogy. Probably XvT in the lead. Can't imagine how many thousands of hours I spent on that game, playing and developing and sharing custom missions and campaigns.

    Haven't had that kind of free time for generations, though. Current gen: probably Dark Souls, actually (70ish hours in total).

    World of Warcraft probably. Been playing it on and off for over 7 years now. For non MMOs, I've sunk a few hundred hours into L4D2, as well as about 180 into the original L4D.

      Same here with WoW i think my total play time was something like 110 DAYS into it over 6 years, a lot of that is probably AFK, used to sit in areas overnight and bot MIne while i was at work.

      But the most for actual play would be Counter strike, i've hit over 1000 hours easy from CS and C:SS.

      Yeah, I had a look at my /played time not long ago, which only records actual time in game, and was horrified to see that it was actually years.

      I think that's how it pans out for any MMOs, though. Steam tells me how many hours I've played some things. Defiance I've somehow managed to get 107hrs in. Fallen Earth was 212, Rift 377hrs. It's not surprising that even MMOs I've considered to have played incredibly little still streak ahead of non-MMOs for 'hours played'. 21hrs in DCUO, for example. A look over the 700'ish other games in my library indicates an average of maybe 10hrs for the ones I've actually played.

      A few stand-out entries, though:

      Plants vs Zombies: 197
      Zen of Sudoku: 168
      The Sims: 111
      Skyrim: 86hrs (I wish I had a way to include the dozens of hours I've spent browsing, installing, tweaking mods.)
      Borderlands 1 (68hrs) and 2 (79hrs).

      Nothing else breaks 40hrs.

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    Most hours overall would probably have to be World of Warcraft, back when I played it hardcore and did raids.

    Most hours in a single player game? Hrmmm, I can't really remember from the top of my head but it would have to be between Fallout New Vegas or Dark Souls.

      Oh wait, what am I thinking? Most played Singleplayer game would have to be BG2 & the expansion.

        I just bought that on gog. On my first play through. Amazing game.

        For the BG Series, I'm looking at about 4000 hours or more. And i still play it. Started in Candlekeep again last night, in fact.

    Multiplayer Goldeneye and Mario Kart 64. Oh to be young again and on summer holidays.

    200+ hours on each of Oblivion and Fallout 3. Probably similar numbers on COD4, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3.

    Pro Evolution Soccer doesn't record how many hours you put into it as far as I know, but I'm sure every version of that I've owned would be right up there, too.

    I'd say scarily enough, Grim Fandango... Completed that game more times then i can remember... Just loved the crap out of the universe

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    Diablo, Quake, LttP, and ChronoTrigger

      Man, I think I've finished LttP at least 10 times across different platforms starting with the SNES - I LOVE it.

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    Halo, Halo 2, Morrowind, Monster Hunter Tri / 3 Ultimate, and World of Warcraft jump to mind.
    World of Warcraft being the most insidious, naturally. Spent quite literally a month or more worth of cumulative time on that game. Probably a couple of months. Can't quite remember, as it's been a while since I last played.

      I'm pretty sure my wow played time was over a year! how i did that, I'm not sure.

      Most played game because it was aweso me, not addictive like an mmo? Master of Magic. I was so excited when elemental was released, a supposed sequel. But it had none of the fun of the original.

    Easily Team Fortress 2. I still fire that up occasionally, especially over Halloween and Christmas for the special events.
    Outside of multiplayer, I've played through the Monkey Island games multiple times and Full Throttle about a dozen, followed closely by The Dig.
    I've put a fair bit of time into the new Xcom, FarCry 3 and Lego City Undercover, but unless I have enough motivation to play the again, they're not exceptional.
    EDIT: Special mention goes to the Commander Keen series, my favourite series growing up and, as I've recently learned, still very playable. (Thanks, Steam!)

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      the valve guilt counter tells me i have over 1500 hours 'invested' in TF2. but hey, don't I need 10,000 to be an expert? still a way to go.

      second would probably be nethack.

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      Yep TF2, but hows this... the 360 version, there was about half a year there where I couldn't enough of it. If I could get it together enough to get a 360 controller adapter for my laptop then I'd have more time up on the steam version.

    Trials HD/Evolution in recent years. Always scares me when I see the comparative number of hours I've put into Evolution.

    I know for a fact that I've spent 500 hours in Halo Wars and 37 days in Halo: Reach (complete opposite to Halo 4 which is 6 hours). But most of that is multiplayer though.

    Games like Fallout 3 or Skyrim have an easy 100 hours in them.

    Diablo 2 on LAN. Super Mario world. Doom at Uni. Dr Who pinball The dungeons and dragons gold box series, Airborne Ranger as a kid. Though I reckon Sid Meirs Pirates on various platforms would top them all.

      Oh God, you just reminded: Quake III at university. Spent so much time playing that over the course of 4 years that it really should have appeared on my transcript.

        LOL. You jusy reminded me of Quake 3 too and Unreal tournament! Yeah I spent many a night on Quake 3.

          Damn, everyone at our college was playing Unreal Tournament on the college network. Even the girlfriends who weren't normally gamers. (This was the late 90s, early 00s. Being a geek wasn't cool, like it is now!)

    TIE Fighter.

    Mechwarrior 4 and Halo ODST more recently.

      I've spent all the time since ODSTs release looking for players!

    Guitar Hero 3 holds the crown on my Wii with over 200 hours played. At some point I worked out that I'd probably spent 500 hours across the series (3, 4, 6, Metallica, though not sure if it counted my custom version of 3 featuring the songs from 2).

    On my 3DS, I think RE: Revelations is the top contender with about 120 hours now.

    It's hard to say whether I've spent more time on other games in my younger days, back before timers were such a common thing. But I'm fairly confident in saying nothing's sucked up the hours like GH has.

    I think the game I'd spent the most time in was Dead Island with a measly 90 hours, the game I've finished the most would either be Yoshi's Island or God of War

    I'd say Halo 3 multiplayer. I had a LOT of games played between 2007 and 2009 when I became obsessed with MW2. I don't know the stats anymore because no longer exists, but I had probably more than 5,000 games played, at a conservative estimate. If we assume around 10 minutes/game, that works out at about 833 hours. It's probably really up around 1,000.

    Next in line would probably be my aggregate total of playthroughs of Fallout 3, which I estimate to be around the 300 hour mark.

    I spent a lot of time on Oblivion - probably 250 hrs. I spent about 125 on Skyrim, and about a hundred on FO3.

    I've played through Final Fantasy XIII and IX twice. Both games took about 80hrs on the quicker play through, so at least 160 hrs for each of the games.

    I finished Metal Gear Solid on the PS1 probably ten times. I also finished Metal Gear Solid 2 six times: Five on the original release, and again on Substance.

    I think I've played through the Donkey Kong Trilogy on the SNES probably 20 times.

    My most time spent on a game was probably Goldeneye or Perfect Dark. I couldn't tell you which, but there was a three year period where three mates and I would play Goldeneye and then Perfect Dar when it was released for about 20 hrs EVERY weekend.

    It just struck me how little time I spend with games these years, partly because online multiplayer does nothing for me...

    I spent a lot of time with Pokemon over the years, I've realized. I play it whenever a new one comes out, and when one doesn't for awhile I'll probably pick up HeartGold or Emerald down the track.

    I wouldn't consider it to be one of my top games or anything, I've just played it a lot.

    150+ days logged on my main character in World of Warcraft. Not sure how many logged in my other characters it would top 200+ days though easily. Though I quit back in November last year, it was time the game was dead, it was a pure grindfest at max level and my friends had started to quit, so I was over it.

    Other than WoW; 200 hours logged in GTA IV, and another 60 in The Episodes from Liberty City. Then+ the usual few hundred hours in TF2, then there's Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, Saints Row The Third, L.A. Noire all with 50+ hours logged and then Driver San Fancisco & GTA Vice City which both have about 40 hours.

    I love all those games, mentioned and have played them all through twice (where there's a main single player story)

    Final Fantasy XII probably, my playing time was like 130 or 150 hours, can't remember.

    685 on skyrim, 285 on fallout new vegas, god knows how long on the mass effect series.

      Christ, I'd forgotten about the Mass Effect Series...

      Roughly 40 hours per game X 3 games X multiple playthroughs... damn.

        ha. yep. had to do paragon and renegade. mercifully ME2 had less sidequests than ME1 to dig around for.

    I'm sure this topic has come up in TAY before.
    For me it's Pokemon. As a series, hours would be uncountable. As for individual games, I maxed out the in-game clock (999 hours) on Pokemon Blue, Sapphire & Emerald.

    I don't really look at times, just how much I enjoy it. Though, I'd probably say WOW, because MMOs are huge timesinks and that's why I stopped playing. Outside of it, I'd have to say that it's probably Final Fantasy VII or maybe Shadow Hearts by dint of number of playthroughs. Or possibly Borderlands 1/2 given that I play it regularly with friends.

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      The Shadow Hearts games are awesome :)
      I get depressed whenever I remember that there won't be any more of them :'(

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