That Advanced AI In Call Of Duty: Ghosts Sure Looks Dated

Peculiarly, one of the things that was highlighted during the Call of Duty: Ghosts presentation last week was fish AI that moves out of the way when you get close. And as SUPERMARIOGALAXY13 highlights here, fish doing that is not exactly a new innovation — or hell, even an exciting one. It's nearly 20 years old!

I'm pretty sure Super Mario 64 isn't the only game to have done this in the past either, although I'm blanking on more at current. What I do know is that unlike these fish, at least Call of Duty Dog is rad.

"Next gen technology" [SUPERMARIOGALAXY13]


    I personally thought that was a strange thing to use to describe advanced AI since that is a behaviour I've seen in many games before.

    I gotta admit though, those are sum ugly ass textures in Super Mario 64 and that flat water bed. How far we have come hey.

    Nothing is new these days and perhaps we no longer can be surprised.

      Plenty is new and surprising, just not in COD!

    Call of Dudy is completely out dated, full stop.

    That's hilarious.

    The fish have an AI - nice, but really, who cares?

      and they forget what they'd meant to do every 3 seconds :p

    They've already stated that this is just an improved older engine - meaning the engine they have always used, but with a few modern day features included. Their argument was they don't have time to make a new engine due to the 2 year turn around. I think activision is big enough to build a new engine while these guys push out the biannual version, OR here's a thought instead of heading for what will be franchise fatigue, go away and build a new game from the ground up - even if it takes a little bit longer. I for one am over the series, and won't be getting the game.

      Totally agreed. Activision has the resources and the time, yet by the actions of the average consumer there is no motivation.

      Also, there is a biennial rotation between IW and Treyarch. Biannual would be twice within a year.

      Good point, but in the end they're a business and for some strange reason that franchise sells stupid amounts of copies.
      I'm fairly sure they're going to milk it for as long as they can, like some sort of (final) fantasy - it's too popular to stop right now.
      Besides, how many game releases on new IP simply flop these days? Quite a few :\ Too big a risk for how well they're doing right now.

    I bet CoD still doesn't have bullet drop. Skip the fish AI and add some smarts to the bullets.

    Did you just 'Super Mario 64' and 'nearly 20 years old' ...

    Right in the old age.

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    Single player will be same old chaotic bullshit. But let's face it, we don't buy CoD for the campaign, we buy it for the multiplayer.

      Wow. I am the exact opposite. c.c Ohwait, unless you're talking about those 2-player co-op missions...

    While I 100% agree I can't see it happening because of how much all the COD kiddies will complain.

    I'd expect to see a lot of "wah this isn't battlefield wah" (albeit with more profanity)

    Give the fish a facial expression like "oh my god! Human!", then Queen Brahne will be impressed.

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