That Australian Call Of Duty Reaction Video? It Makes More Sense With Commando In It...

When I showed Lifehacker journalist Chris Jager the Call of Duty: Ghosts reaction trailer, he, like me, thought it was a pretty weird piece of marketing. I wrote about it and promptly forgot about it. Chris, on the other hand, made the above video.

It's brilliant — interspersing the reactions to Call of Duty: Ghosts with footage of Activision's Commando on the Atari 2600.



    Are these guys in the video not video game players? I was seriously let down by the CoD reveal. Looked rather average actually. Maybe on par with BF3. Maybe.

      on par with BF3 in what way?

        Visually I am referring to. All the CoDs, imo, have been a long way off the graphic fidelity that came with BF3. Ghosts looks on par with. Certainly no where near as good as BF4. And I am fan of neither.

    Add me to that list. I have never enjoyed one 'Calladoodie' game.

    For some reason i thought they meant Commando from Biggest Loser which probably makes me a big loser

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