That's One Way Of Interpreting Supreme Executive Power, Saint's Row IV

Yes, that's the President of the United States of America, kicking a guy in the nuts and punching an innocent-seeming woman into a car. Don't blame me, I didn't vote for him.

Coming to the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 on August 20, Saints Row IV weaves together two completely ridiculous storylines into one. First, a member of the spectacularly well-marketed Saints Row street gang becomes president. Then aliens arrive and trap the gang in a virtual version of Steelport, where they have superpowers. It's the leadership of the free world meets The Matrix.

It's the Matrix of Leadership. Arise, Ridiculous Prime.


    Uncle Gary for President!? Stock up on the cocaine and let the good times roll.

    Sooo... it's basically Prototype now? :P
    Not a bad thing.

      I figure Prototype and Saints Row are like high school plays.

      Saints Row knows it's a high school play, so it does a re-telling of a fairy tale/Grimm story and takes the opportunity to send up the teachers.

      Prototype forgets the 90s are over and tries a serious, 'edgy' modern-day take on one of Shakespeare's works.

      You end up snickering at both of them, but you get the feeling only one of them actually wanted you to.

        So Prototype 2 is then the 'shakespearean spiritual sequel to Macbeth' the Drama teacher wrote that everyone is told 'WILL BE INCREDIBLE', yet on opening night, finds is more painful than having their asshole surgically sewn shut and force fed hot mexican chilli con carne?

          There are days I wish I didn't have such a vivid imagination. This is one of those days.

    What... the shit, Volition? This series peaked with SR2 for me. I dunno, but I definitely preferred the gangsta theme over this bullshit.

    Last edited 08/05/13 12:44 pm

      Have to agree, SR3 spent too much time being silly and 'fun' and forgot to pull it all together into a polished storytelling experience like the 2nd game. The mini games have virtually no context (and even some of the missions) which really took you out of the experience.

    You wonder how they can make Saints Row get even more ridiculawesome with each new version... and then you see this. This shot the game from "pretty much interested" to "instabuy" for me.

    looks cool and all but.....not going to get hyped again. saints row 3 was boring.

      The only thing boring about Saints Row 3 was the side missions. SR2 had ridiculously fun missions i.e Bodyguard duty, Sceptic Tank.......

        Insurance Fraud. :D

        Nah, there was plenty to love about Saints Row 3. The soundtrack was great, the missions were fun, the sense of absurdity was off the charts and the finale with Bonnie Tyler playing 'I need a hero' was insane! The side missions were excellent too! Saints 2 was good but repetitive as shit.

          And full of bugs, if Saints Row 2's multiplayer had been quality tested it would've been a much better game. I agree though the side missions in the second game leave the Third looking a little barren.

            Yeah there was definitely more to do on the side in 2. Something I really loved in 2 was buying music from the stores. There was just *something* about it I liked. Having it all from the getgo in 3 felt a little 'cheap'. lol.

    Looks like amazing stupid fun.
    Will buy!

    If it's as fun as 3, I'll buy it. That's the only game I finished in one sitting because I had so much fun with it.

    But... This does look like it's kinda approaching Prototype territory like @chuloopa mentioned. Not too sure how to feel about that.

      I'm hoping for Crackdown's level of over powered players.

    have preorder items been announced yet?
    gawd i hope its something cool like the cigar box

      they have in the USA at least:

        i saw that and was afraid that it was actually legit, still waiting on the announce of the physical preorder content cause that 'digital' stuff sux

    Will the male cockney voice still yell "America! Hell yeah!"?

      The real question is... will the ZOMBIE VOICE yell it!

    Even something as simple as the insults make it fantastic :) just standing there randomly, someone walks buy and you flip 'em the bird yelling 'F*$K you'. Never gets old.

    Im glad the developers still know how to make a game fun! nice work team, now shut up and take my money!

    Ahhh I dunno how I feel about this. I LOVED SR2 and SR3 (never played 1 unfortunately), but weirdly one of my favourite parts of the games was the whole concept of being the head of the gang, gaining territory, unlocking properties and upgrading them. I hope they'll still have that but I don't know if they would since it's in a virtual world. That said, the super powers mission in SR3 was awesome fun, but I don't know if I'll love it as much if it's the entire game.

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