The Ballad Of Modern Video Games

Kyle McInnes made this clip for the upcoming Ottawa Games Conference. There’s a pretty good rap in there about the state of modern gaming! But let’s be honest, I just like seeing them smash SimCity to little pieces with a sledgehammer.

So cathartic.

Make Better Games. Ottawa Game Conference – May 29 – 31st. [YouTube]


    • Somehow I think Plunkett was making reference to the “SIMSHITTY” background on the laptop’s screen before they start beating the hell out of the laptop – and considering it’s obviously a rap dissing the modern over-use of DRM and “always-online” rubbish, the laptop is simply being used as a physical object to represent the software being loaded onto it… a video of 3 guys trying to beat the hell out of some lines of code with a baseball bat just really wouldn’t have the same impact…

      • I decided once I was pointing out the lack of sledgehammer, I’d point out that it wasn’t SimCity :p

  • No idea where he got the sledgehammer from but the laptop does say ‘simshitty’ at beginning of the video

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