The Ballad Of Modern Video Games


    But that's a baseball bat...? And it's a computer, not SimCity...

      Somehow I think Plunkett was making reference to the "SIMSHITTY" background on the laptop's screen before they start beating the hell out of the laptop - and considering it's obviously a rap dissing the modern over-use of DRM and "always-online" rubbish, the laptop is simply being used as a physical object to represent the software being loaded onto it... a video of 3 guys trying to beat the hell out of some lines of code with a baseball bat just really wouldn't have the same impact...

        I decided once I was pointing out the lack of sledgehammer, I'd point out that it wasn't SimCity :p

    No idea where he got the sledgehammer from but the laptop does say 'simshitty' at beginning of the video

    Nice homage to Office Space

      After all these years.....I still haven't seen Office Space.

      Let the flaming commence.

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