The Best Star Wars Cosplay You'll See This Week

Reader Jules is from Ireland. He's cosplaying here as Old Republic's enormous Darth Malgus, which might seem ambitious, but when you consider Jules stands 1.98m himself — 2.03m in the costume — you start to realise how perfect this is.

He built the costume entirely himself; the other people you see in the video below are only there to help him get dressed.

While we're talking about the video, isn't it awesome? Cosplay photos are great, don't get me wrong, but a video like this really helps you get a sense of how complete and detailed the costume is, because you can see it standing up to his range of movement (and looking good from all angles).

Darth Malgus Costume Test [YouTube]


    Very cool indeed. The character of Darth Malgus is actually really cool if you read the novels. Shame about the game >.>

    its good, but you cant tell me its the best I've seen all week.

      Oh? Then show me the one you saw that was better!

    Awesome work!

    The design of Darth will conceptually haunt Star Wars forever.

      I presume you mean Vader? Darth could be any of them ^^; If you do mean Vader, then you say 'haunt', but I think it's important to have a strong visual archetype to go with. Sure, this guy looks a lot like Vader, but why is that a bad thing? I don't think it would do any franchise a favour to have the thematically-linked villains look like a Cirque du Soleil extras cast, completely disjointed.

        Whoops. I did mean Vader. There's nothing wrong with Vader, his look is timeless. But it gets flogged a bit too much in Star Wars.

        When the prequel trilogy was announced I wondered how they craft a villain that matched Vader's iconic status and when I saw Maul I knew it was possible. What a shame that a potential new generation of Darth Give Kids Nightmares was killed off then replaced twice by dud antagonists.

        My point is that lacing Star Wars villain design with Vader vibes it's a bit of a design-crutch with that franchise. It's a safe design choice when there is the potential for something more.

        Either way this is amazing, professional cosplay.

        I don't mind it, but I can understand why people would be a bit tired of Sith being so heavily influenced by Darth Vader (Darth Malgus in particular looks like they've just done a slight Darth Vader redesign and kept the helmet off).
        I'm more of a Darth Maul fan myself. He has that simple apprentice sort of look but still makes it his own. Granted half that is his skin/horns. I like the idea of the Jedi all looking very similar, while the Sith carry a certain dark theme but ultimately all have their own personal look to them. The Jedi are all brothers and equals while the Sith consider themselves unique.

    Wow, pretty amazing effort, is it just me though or does some of it almost look CGI? Now that's a weird thing to say "It's so real it looks CGI!"

      That would be the extreme makeup and the fantastic lighting work. Almost certainly some postproduction done on that video to make it look so good!

    This is a prop designer off the rpf. Very cool. Followed his build thread, so much work put in.

    Am I the only one thinking this could be an Audition video for a Makeup/Costuming production company? Not saying this as a bad thing, but with J.J. about to ramp up production of the next Star Wars film it makes sense to get some viral marketing going to put your talents out on front of a fanatical audience.

    Love every detail of it , from the lines in his face, to the chips of paint in his armour. Looks amazing.

    Cheers guys! Just make it clear theres not a single pixel of CGI in that footage. It's just old school practical real world effects.
    If you read the vid description on YouTube it should answer most of your questions. :)

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