The Consoles Of The 1980s Are A Little Too 1980s

Having lived through the '80s, it's always weird when I see people associating the decade with BRIGHT PINK and BRIGHT PURPLE and neon lights and sparkles. I remember it being pretty dull. Lots of brown everywhere. Lots of bad plastic.

So it is with video game systems. Well, except these ones, by artist Rik Oostenbroek. These are the kind of video game systems you remember if you spent the decade inside the nightclub from the first Terminator.

Rik Oostenbroek [Site, via OTL Gaming]


    This only existed if you lived in MIAMI VICE, everywhere else didn't look like this, thats for sure.

    Well, maybe it looked a little hot pink, but thats about it.

    Lots of pink and purple is what I recall from the early '90s in Europe. The '80s...definitely Nintendo-grey.

    Also that "Tech Noir"-song from Terminator just started playing in my head...seen that movie way too often.

    I love that there is an ad surround for Farcry 3 Blood Dragon appearing on this page when I read it, with nearly the exact same colouring and theme as these renders. Coincidence or well planned?

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